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Psalm 94

i have a friend from the USA who is
atm flying to china for the purpose of setting up and running a Tor node for 30+ days 

the end goal is to not be imprisioned by the authorites while proving that it is indeed possible to have safe and private communication no matter your location. 

this all started due to a thread on 4chin's /g/ board. 

i am in contact with him and i will be posting updates
I'm one of the mods for 8chan and I noticed some brewing war between these sites and I was wondering why everyone here is so hell bent on destroying 8chan?

Anyway can you all explain the crazy amount of 94chan pysop going on there's been over 50+ threads about how hotwheels is going to die and why 94chan is winning what's going on can we have an honest discussion
Primal urge to look at teeth.
blorp sheelp plap popl leb shlaborb blomb. blomb shlorbelb blarb blep
I know it was relatively dead and primarily populated when it was linked to the discord, but i'm gonna miss it.  It was a fun experiment to message people through my old blackberry and other legacy devices but I understand, with degeneracy ramping up online it'd only be a matter of time until they exploited irc's vulnerable infastructure
Has the last few years made you more or less antisocial /b/? Speaking personally, I just don't like gay people
Yo, can you guys make a cooking board?
Remember when Nick Fuentes fans tried to colonize 94chan for the pedophile catholics?
this person has hurt me so much and it has even caused me trauma, she deserves to die! send her all the death threats and harassment you want, the more the BETTER.
her instagram is

Do reply with screenshots of what you sent to her!!
Have fun!! ^__^
Dogisaga has become pornsick
Does anyone else wonder how they manage consistently the most annoying, contrarian, henpecking creatures in all the internet?
Snorting cocaine off a dead hooker's ass is not only a better experience than snorting cocaine off a midget's dick, it is also a more sanitary experience. The dead hooker's ass is not alive and carries no pathogens, while the midget's dick may have bacteria or other health risks. Furthermore, the dead hooker's ass is more spacious and the cocaine can be spread out more evenly, providing a better high than snorting from a smaller surface area. Finally, the dead hooker's ass is a more interesting and visually stimulating experience, providing a unique and memorable experience.

Also, snorting cocaine off a dick is gay as fuck
I have to say, I love Linkara. I was watching... I was watching various places and I saw Linkara, The Great Linkara. He did Atop the Fourth Wall and he talked about the famous Power Rangers rant, right? And he said: "it will be out when it's out". And we like that, "it will be out when it's out". Great work ethic, so good. Iron Liz was there, the Great Iron Liz, right? It's okay.
whats the purpose of this site?
Something that sounds big, not nsfw, massive content
Irish phenotype
What will you give me if I get a 94chan tattoo?
Kiwi farms has been down for days and i'm starting to get concerned about this.
How do u fix screen like tiz

Insted of smooth its full of linez
I fell in love with someone I can't have. Now I am filled with joy and sadness.
Agent tr00n will never be a woman
i didnt know we had a music board lol

if these guys still perform, id go to their concerts
Is Patch still creating new chans every week?
idk if im just tarded but i was not aware there was a alleged female-only image board named crystal cafe. 

kind of an interesting concept, i read their FAQ. 

i wonder if its a right-leaning imageboard or not. that would be interesting. 

i wonder how many trannies try to post there, i feel like either would have to put up with that, or they would have to kick them out. the latter meaning the board would prolly lean right.
So who should the whites pick first?
You guys eat right, what do you cook? I've been eating noodles and chicken forever now but money just got even tighter, what you eat? How you cook it?
just realized ive had a job for 11 months

ie i havent been fired or laid off or goofed up enough to be promoted to customer 

i could only keep a job for 5-6 months previously

im wondering if ive grown as a person, or if i just work in such a disorganized shithole that its hard for managment to see what a ADHD crackhead i am
Thoughts, niggas?
The Internet is so fucking sanitised now, there are like maybe 10 big sites and they're all moderated to fuck. Google search is garbage, anyone remember when if you searched something niche you might find a chan thread (probably fell off the bottom of the board but at least you'd find a community) or you'd find some forum posts 30 pages deep. Now you search for something and you get list websites and reddit at best.

Wtf happened and where are the good communities of old now? Surely not chans cause by 2010 metrics every chan is beyond dead.

Anyway sorry no good image I'm on my phone, I hope this chan strips exif data
Is 'zellig acceptable here ? >.<
Greetings from ptchan, your friendly software cousin, not an english speaking chan tho but feel free to visit board, you can talk in english there!

((( ptchan is ok I'm just having a meme luv Homocide )))
my name is non of your business, buddy. and i am not your friend, pal. i am here for goku onwy!
Oh wait it's just the same faggot.

Isn't it fun to just sit it out and go nuts after 5 seconds of thinking or so?

At least chatgpt uses abit more brain power than you.
How much programming skills do i need to be software engineer. With the so called 6 digit income i guess.
Hypothethically how to make 6 cocks cum in my ass at the same time
Where to find complete coding practices for like, all programming languahes; from basic to c#, like all the solutions one xan use to maybe make apps or to deal with cloud engineering, and finally maybe make factory much learning do i need and where are they so i can do all the above
Honestly, I want to "debug" Flat Earthers and attempt to understand why they believe that the Earth is flat. Clearly, something bad happened to them to cause them to think this way. Does anyone have any insight of how someone becomes a Flat Earther?
Post random photos or random videos
Why you delete my post about complaining the 4chan, ???
Would you have sex with this thing for 10 grand?
Hey there staff and serfs, I'm looking around at imageboard softwarez and leaning towards jschan, but don't want to regret my decision like last time, so could you please tell me:

>waz goooood?
>What do you hate most about jschan?
>What moderation tools are most useful, and what is missing?
>r8 it

I'd test it myself but the required MongoDB version won't install on my mini-computer (ARM, missing a hardware requirement)
how do i stop being so full of hate all the time? not trying to be emo its a real problem of mine
Found an archive on of spinning food gifs. I've seen people sharing these of 4chan but this is just a collection without sifting through all the garbage on 4chan.
Hi Brittany, just wanted to call you a cunt and tell you that you are one special little retard. You, are, a, CARNT. Absolute bitchy, simple brained, retarded, bitch ass dumb nigger faggot douche dum retard BAGINA. CARNT.
I love hot choclate
I'm banned from 4chan. Can somebody please post this image in this thread?
I'm gay and take it up the ass
Needs a gimmick
Jole is gay
Laugh with us while pol cries
/b/ HQ
soy j  ak . party won
Check them
I’d like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as Linux is in fact GNU/Linux or as recently i have taken to calling - GNU+Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself but rather another free component of a full functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
3chan died so restarting this thread here
So the stupid Janny turns this place into a hellhole and then insults me, I tell him to fuck off because he's a huge fag and i'm the bad guy? What absolute fucking horseshit is this? I shill for the site, help moderate chat and the boards and some fuck who has made all our lives hell is better than me?@?@?@??!?!? I'm so angry I can't even type in English. FUCK
Why are anons on 4chan such a fucking loser. Cant you all tell between projections and fucking transformations?
Fucking useless morons
Not only theyr all jews, guess you are all also stupid fags.

Keep roleplaying your politics

Fucking bàttle royale fans morom
I need art themes to do. Like a hundred or so

And the last guy is a jewish so why do we bother.
Kill millenials. Behead millenials. Roundhouse kick a millenial into the concrete. Slam dunk a millenials baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy millenials. Defecate in a millenials food. Launch millenials into the sun. Stir fry millenials in a wok. Toss millenials into active volcanoes. Urinate into a millenials gas tank. Judo throw millenials into a wood chipper. Twist millenials heads off. Report millenials to the IRS. Karate chop millenials in half. Curb stomp pregnant millenials. Trap millenials in quicksand. Crush millenials in the trash compactor. Liquefy millenials in a vat of acid. Eat millenials. Dissect millenials. Exterminate millenials in the gas chamber. Stomp millenials skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate millenials in the oven. Lobotomize millenials. Mandatory abortions for millenials. Grind millenial fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown millenials in fried chicken grease. Vaporize millenials with a ray gun. Kick old millenials down the stairs. Feed millenials to alligators. Slice millenials with a katana.
App or some free website. Or 6 books of foreign language kindergarten? 
Please recommend me
Gemjaks won
How to learn languages like japanese,mandarin, korean, hawaiaan,inuits or samoan? Any online (free) resources?

Looking for its most basic, like alphabet constructors or strokes, voicings and then slowly go to grammars? Basically a free,complete, course(s). All in the same formatting maybe.
I'm stomped I haven't seen any threads about it so I decided to make my own. 
So when the countdown stopped nothing happened, so I emailed the email back with my keys and I got the strangest puzzle??

"The Cipher That Shall Unveil the Future Quest"

A solution to the yearning heart's plea,
I reveal what was obscured in secrecy,
A universe beyond the mundane's boundaries.

With intuition that penetrates the guise,
I am the scribe of a life in disguise,
A saga of love, loss, and integrity.

In the annals of "Jane Eyre" I reside,
The tale of a governess and her dignified stride,
In the lessons of "The Professor" I reside.

Within the chaos of adolescence I reside,
In the pages of "The Catcher in the Rye" I reside,
The reflections of a troubled mind.

From the depths of Eastern Europe I emerge,
In "A Time of Gifts" I emerge,
A journey of wonders, fears, and urge.

Decode the enigma that I keep,
And embark on a journey, a leap into the deep,
To solve the cipher that I seep."
hehe haha
What are the more lucrative career to do or learn these days
As an anime fan I find it uncomfortable that whatever community I am in there will inevitably be a creepy man defending age of consent or l0licon.  I just wanna enjoy action scenes and a good plot, not be in a place with middle aged men who look like vaush
This is a serious question, I'm trying not to miss out on heaven
WHAT A SHIT WEBSITE you assholes think its funny to post someone elses pictures of their hard work and laugh and call it horific? ILL SHOW YOU HORRIFIC MOTHERFUCKER I bet none of you have EVER made anything creative plus most of the fursuits here are made pacificly by CHILDREN and other furry folk who are doing nothing wrong and should be treated like everyone else cause their human to and you still bully them for being themselves. Literaly what do you gain other then showing the world your all toxic and gross sons of bitches that bully furry folk for expressing themselves. Websites like this are why children are depresed and suicidal because of hateful bullys like you.
who tf is valentines btw
henlo pls acept dis cordal spinvitation to dab owl dis vary weekend
Where to find sites thst contain complete list of words/sentence/phrase in a languagr like dictionary used to be and not typing search query like damn google search

Basically also how to learn.

So this car, imported with 950k km on the odo is being resold  in Poland with only 221k on the odo is epic place with little to no rules and events every week so come aboard the boat (:
So here's the game. We have been tapping into demonic energy since the large haldron collider was created. They claim they get responses from the other side and are being given instructions to open a portal to a new dimension.

This Dimensions is literally hell.

Why do you think all this evil shit is happening in switzerland?

It is luciferianism and although we cannot stop it, we must be prepared.
what is the point of this website?
What's the name of that superhero
Anyone who says old 4chan wasn't fucked up wasn't there, that's all I can say
does anybody know the source of this gif
4000k is on the line.
IHM may the games begin again


/pol/ is the cancer killing imageboards
throw em to the fucking curb and restore our former glory as Anonymous
where's my weekend bros?! i hate phone shit so twitter and telegram can fuck off. discord wants wants my phone number (ask glow niggers... im not giving it to you) and irc is nerd shit i cant comprehend. im stuck here. how the fuck you gonna have your own chan and chat on other platforms?! baffling.
im almost 25, i have adhd. i cant focus on anything, i mess everything up all the time.

im numb all the time, to the point that im not even aware im numb. im so used to it that it is the default for me.

every time i get instrospective i get suicidal.

i go through life, i dont feel like ive gotten anywhere. i have nothing to show for the effort ive put out. i still rent, i pay out the ass in insurance for 2 sub $1k cars that are in poor shape.

i feel like a akward teenager all the time. i dont feel like im an adult. no one treats me like an adult.

i cant hold down a job, every 6 months i get fired or laid off.

im married to someone, and we fight and argue a lot and it sucks. our personalities are too differnet and it makes us miserable. we have no commonality between us. i end up being too blunt and hurt her feelings constantly.

idk what i was thinking to think that i could be functional enough to be in a long term relationship with another person, when i lack so much self awareness, and the point if i wonder if im autistic or a psycopath or some shit.

we had 2 misscarraiges this summer and it sucked.

i quit smoking pot and drinking heavily years ago, and i dont know how because every time i think about it, i feel the need to escape. every day i think about and marvel at how i made it another day that i didnt get blackout the previous night, untill i realize i couldnt afford it anyway.

i struggle with porn, and then i feel horrible horrible guilt and disgust after. i quit it but idk how. its such a struggle.

everything i do is done poorly, everything i do seems to go better when someone else does it.

i hate the goverment, and these hypocrytical monsters destroying everything and making my life harder on a daily basis. fuck trudeau and these stupid pieces of shit finding new ways to fuck everyone over in this stupid country that im stuck in and cant leave.

i just want to disappear and leave it all behind sometimes, but where can i go? its all fucked
am I exiled to this forgotten bunker full of dead anons. ghosts. this place is full of them. i am one. no where to post on a saturday night but a dead board. what happened to us bros? the red pill got lodged in my throat and its turning black with rot. i cant post anywhere else... what?! plebbit!? be a faggot discord tranny? wtf. i hate twitter posters. 99% of the internet is ruined for me and i refuse to suck ChanPass cock. wish this place wasnt so dead. is there not one anon who just wants to shitpost? what ever happened to "do it for the lulz?! ill take a schizo at this point im so fuckin bored.
How much dya study to be considered Excellent in programming? Computer science?
The internet is becoming less degenerate
How would you study these many codes
 to the point you can code out a single uh
Wolfenstein game idk

Like how many (lines) will you need to code out
And what are they?
infinite money hack
Liru loves us and wants us to be happy!  😊
me when my testicle starts hurting
how do i get mid Hawaiian gf?
i have a problem but i dont
Board infighting is not allowed. Carry on.
Never Forget
Would you rather live in a city or out in a small rural community?
We love IHM and Homicide 

Post nothing by party content we love this website let's show some love
I'm tired of myself.
I wanna die but i know is painful anyway.
I'm still alone every friday/saturday night for life.
What the fuck is life expecting for me?
post cats RIGHT MEOW
why are all you people now trying to "expose" me? It seems every other month some random Q people or anonymous detectives are trying to out me for something I never done.

I can see that IHM is yet again angry with me because I blocked her. stop being petty and grow up there's nothing you can say to convince people I'm certainly evil or trying to orchestrate some wicked plan to takeover the internet.

I personally have no more involvement with 8chan and they hate me you would have known that if you just do basic astute research about me instead you all are just making up more theories about me that borders on fan fiction.
In this channel, liberals flip out on street preachers. I think they’re in Canada.
lol true.
This is what the liberals want.
why are all you people now trying to "expose" me? It seems every other month some random Q people or anonymous detectives are trying to out me for something I never done.

I can see that IHM is yet again angry with me because I blocked her. stop being petty and grow up there's nothing you can say to convince people I'm certainly evil or trying to orchestrate some wicked plan to takeover the internet.

I personally have no more involvement with 8chan and they hate me you would have known that if you just do basic astute research about me instead you all are just making up more theories about me that borders on fan fiction.
This place used to be fun? Its just constant drama about some fat furry faggot or 8chan like come on

IHM why do you even care about these people so much?
In honor of ihm coming on the show I'm releasing our comic strip. Here's some of our work.
Honestly its time we screw them
any retarded faggots online rn
Is Patrick Star Satan because he's a pentagram?
I have collected a list of over 300 cases of people dying from the COVID vaccines. It's time to spread the truth and finally expose the COVID Vaccines and try to save people's lives! I've posted the cases to my personal blog at I SHIT IN THE STREETS
why did they discontinue these tasty little fucking niggers? Piece of shit, I HOPE THE OWNER OF STAUFFERS DIES
My new 4chan life is just so based! Because I am a stay at home mom, I can get out of bed whenever I feel like, then sip on some wine "Whooopsie! Hihehe, I meant coffee ;^) lol" And AWOO for hours on /ptg while my husband is at work. We have plenty of money because my husband got hired directly into his dad's company and into a senior position ( Wow, I just love family! ) During the day our kids are all being taken care of at a child care home where he will pick them up after work. After posting in /ptg all morning, I will have some hot coffee with our mailman Pat. He works so hard... I just adore him. And he hates those beta males just as much as I do. But whatever. I just LOVE my conservative lifestyle, it just really turns me on. So does my husband, of course.
Make a sacrifice...
We are prepared to settle this war and give you 5000 dollars 

If you sell out one of your moderators: Nick Coleman#2590

Proof this is the hash of the amount of money we sent your address
Favorite Drinks?
I'll start pic rel
thoughts on kiwis? I mean the bird. they're the only good thing to come out of new zealand. also animal thread. post your favorite animals or pets here
how many do i order anon? i have 3 in shopping cart just for myself a couple for the cat to play with. do you think you'd want one?
Merry Kipmas, faggots.
I'm tired of posers. Answer.
the admin on this site is a pathetic Incel faggot loser Virgin who in his late 40's and still lives with fat ugly toothless meth head of a mother who's been with so many inbred redneck shit kickers I'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of world record made from how much of a filthy skank whore she is, fuck the admin of this faggot site and fuck this faggot site all he does is have to  complain and moan like a little faggot whenever someone makes a thread on this faggot site that he doesn't like the guy is a fucking pathetic fucking loser.
Have a collection of autistic christmas mudkip videos I found.
hi guys
Who is Master?
What did Homicide and IHM do with these donations because they are so "poor?

Ask yourself this Homicide can get a job and IHM, this site isn't even this active either hell I can afford it 

Why do people hate 8chan / where did this hate come from?
I would highly recommend disabling tor posting, that’s where all the pedo posters come from
Need. BIGGG IDEA. Like alottttt.
Why the userbase of that website dissolves too fast? I remember having cool activity on 17-18 and in question of two days all people dissapeared of internet
How? It's some sort of IA shitposting on every board?
Anime sucks ass.
Good evening 94chan.

I was just stopping by to wish you all a merry Christmas and formally invite you to attend to our christmas event on! From December 17 to 18 There will be music starting with various game lobbies and cultural exchanges between imageboards along with several movie nights organized by anons. I hope you all can have a wonderful time with us this weeked.

Best regards. Anon.
Also when are we going to kill 8chan they keep posting here and its getting irritating
I have been looking everywhere now for the last two years for her Leaks and have no luck on the clearweb well from the usual places and have no idea where else to look for them and I know they are real cos I've not nor have I ever seen the picture used for the sampler teaser anywhere online like any of her social media sites and like to ask if anyone here has any ideas where else I could look for them.

I want to fuck a biblically accurate angel guise
Post old stuff relating to 7chan, stories, screenshots, and other things relating to 7chan.
River says post cats, it's caturday!
wut a dump. does anyone even poast here!? wheres the feels threads its friday night. every other chan i fucked by captcha. i just wan to shitpost. who knew the internet would suck so bad in the future?! i hate this place.
What would you like for christmas, 94chan?
Homicide was a drunk faggot that was saved by a woman that can't produce children
lol fed
m m m mmm
Someone who can help me, how can I kill myself fast?
Does anyone here like Taylor Swift? I'm addicted hahahaa  (>‿◠)✌
We are a team of professional hackers. Our expertise is programming, running exploits, and setting up DDoS attacks, database, SEO and web design, hosting & server management, marketing, hacking and we like the challenge of doing things where most others give up. 

Spear Phishing Attacks to get accounts from selected targets. 
Recover account passwords of most social networks easily, remote control smartphones. 
Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, the Twitter account hacking. Criminal record expungement, Credit score increment, Change of a school course grade, tracking live location, etc.

Full package deal, getting access to personal or company devices and accounts and searching for the data you need.
Hacking web servers, game servers, or other internet infrastructure. Economic espionage. Getting private information from someone. 

Contact via 
Bty I am a agressive Canadian ominsexual and I will not be stopped. Long live Buttsec! Trannie hacker demon gang represent!
How to make list like this which also have hyperlinks
Into a single compact notes
Thats not just copying them all one by one
any idea how do i compile a list like this into  a more simpler A4 sized page or so
How to memorize a big list of names like african ideophones when you only use maybe a single smart phone and not want to scroll over

Basically a compact list
Any advice making comic book that can attract 600k traffic/sales

Like how good or what should it contain
We also hate niggers. Join us at the hot new discord alternative.
What's going on everyone?
The 90s Outer Limits is being aired on Comet, channel 11-07.
Why is dogisaga such an obeast now?
Everyone let's discuss how she thinks her own users are 8chan users because she can't get over her massive lost to some fucking trannies
Be honest 94/b/, are you homosexual?
Give me a JEW!!!!

Miggers: "YOU!!!!!"
I've been a user on this chan and Kiwifarms and mastermind keeps appearing over there and here.

I know they hate 8chan and Liz are they really trying to help us?

Should null know?
Should we start an investigation?
Sup guys I found this Playstation somewhere and I want to get rid of it, do people still buy these on craigslist?
Made this thread for everyone that didn't get to see it
Too afraid to share my music tastes in the chats, so making this thread instead.
Come the fuck on B we can't miss out on the action /pol/ /i/ and /cow is beating us
lol, 8888th post

Tired of faggots arbitrarily posting whatever they want?
I can't read

pic unrelated but i endorse it
moloch or da baal

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