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Psalm 94

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Look, I fucked a 54 year old methhead bitch, but I wouldn't fuck you. You are not attractive and are delusional to think that. You just have desperate men, men more desperate than me, around you giving you false feedback. You are nothing special. Get rid of this nonsense idea you're "attractive". You look like a mentally disturbed person with inferior dark eyes and dark hair. Yeah you're not a nigress or a chinkess so you've above these subhumans but for a white person you're really ugly. And the sad thing? It's an ugliness that can't be fixed; it's not like obesity or something is causing you to be ugly. As far as I can tell this is a good as you'll ever look. My 54 year old gf is better looking than you, she has prettier eyes, red hair, freckles, is tall. You are just… mediocre. If I was married to you I'd have to get you to wear a mask so as not to publicly embarrass me as people would taunt me for having an ugly girlfriend. I don't know what is worse; having an old girlfriend or an ugly one… ah I think I'll stick with my old lady. A woman's value usually comes down to her looks because women don't have anything else to offer in terms of character, virtue, intelligence, etc. so if you don't even have that then you are just nothing but a miserable femcel who will only be pursued by the most bestial and subhuman of "men" that would fuck anything. The best you could do is get a sperm donation from a real man like me because I wouldn't stick around to raise the child with you, you're too ugly to have around, hopefully my superior genetics would be an upgrade for your lineage else the child might curse me forever for having given you my seed.
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>>7833 (OP) 
stale pasta is stale
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you sound like the kinda fella to take shit out of a person and place it in the toilet before leaving without flushing
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How DARE you, I would NEVER steal a turd, I would NEVER put my whole hand up someone's shithole, grab that stank cigar and push it out of them without their permission, I would NEVER. That's IMMORAL, sir, and I resent the accusation.
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i didnt imply theft

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I only take my own shits, as God intended.
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colloquially, or via conquest?
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Well, for someone as chronically constipated as I, successfully taking a shit is something of a conquest, so I suppose both. I took one today, by the by!
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okay shittila the hun calm down
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I can't get them out if I calm down, dude
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Those Who Give Shits (To Toilets)
>>7833 (OP) 

fuck me harder daddy
Most obvious fed
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fuck off and get your own thread
I hate fucking niggerrs
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Then fuck someone else you absolute failure
“ I'm incel because I'm not a big tall oily space jam basketball nigger with a comically large gorilla dick hanging from my basketball shorts ready to impregnate prime age fresh white tiktok egirl pussy” - Paul from Australia
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Nice to meet you, Paul
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