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Psalm 94

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yeah i know its a plebbit screenshot.....

with this "missing" f-35, people in various communities across a wide range of platforms are all postulating that this jet was being piloted remotely by some sort of AI controller software, while others are saying it was hacked and taken over. 

i dont see anything in the msm that says anything that i feel would make people think it was AI or a hack afaik.

other people (schizos prolly) think this is related to mh370....

so whats the psyop? and whats making people think its AI or a hack? 

guy in picrel makes several claims, not implying if these claims are true or not, i have no way afaik of difinitvly knowing.

i wonder about there being gps locators/beacons on USAF planes....wouldnt this be a massive security risk if a foriegn government hacked the USAF and had access to all this data???

afaik there isnt gps beacons on commercial jets, or they could have found mh370....
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>>7964 (OP) 

I kinda....

don't care

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are you specifying "beacon" as some different kind of signal from piloting GPS because apparently all planes have become heavily reliant on GPS. interesting but even if we find the answers we'll probably just be saying "wow that's wild" realize there's nothing we can do and move on with our lives.
but here's a fun fact, GPS jammers are illegal, but tin foil is not.
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interesting article. sounds like a massive attack vector. 

based on what i know about gps and most planes, most planes just act as a client for a gps signal, not a whole lot more. 

there is a difference between a standard gps and a gps beacon from what i gather. 

guy in picrel said that they can allegedly track USAF aircraft (insinuating that there is a gps broadcaster/beacon on their planes) which tbh i find a bit unlikely

the US gov gets hacked decently often by foriegn powers, would suck to have the CCP have access to all that location data. 

the AI and the hack theories have me very interested.
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