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and nothing of value was lost

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Psalm 94

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Never Forget
Holy shit my sides
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Yeah I was here during that was fucking crazy I hope that wheelchair bound faggot get's ran over by the short bus
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I love that has became an never ending inside meme here
Hope the admins see this but the Tor browser bundle pretty much doesn't work with 94chan.

everytime you try and connect theres an issue and it says wide ban no matter how many nodes you use? not sure if anyone else has this issue?

also love the site
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The wide range bans should be cleared, thanks!
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Different anon here. Its still fucked it keeps redirecting to cloudfuck or saying something like this 

	Global	spam	Wide	Hidden User	
3 months ago
94 years from now
	Hover to view	✓
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also pol is hating on us hard
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the beginning was rough because the software was still new. a bunch of nodes got banned for shit like cp, dead niggers, etc and nobody has really mentioned it en masse until now.

if there's still common nodes blocked post the ip of the exit node and I'll sort it out

that was enough to work off. fixed.

pol is retard containment, let them chew on their elbow pads all they want

edit: Cloudflare has been dialed back a notch. Let us know if anything else is fucky
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Irk? They have been going crazy about how b is shit when most of them are complete retards
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