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Psalm 94

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I have to say, I love Linkara. I was watching... I was watching various places and I saw Linkara, The Great Linkara. He did Atop the Fourth Wall and he talked about the famous Power Rangers rant, right? And he said: "it will be out when it's out". And we like that, "it will be out when it's out". Great work ethic, so good. Iron Liz was there, the Great Iron Liz, right? It's okay.
can someone translate this from Retard please
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It's literally just a screencap from a video and a line from said video. Might as well have posted "I like turtles" with a picture of the face painted kid.
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So, what was the point in making this thread? Are you banned from 4chan or something?
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yeah chief not clicking that, i have better things to waste my time on
this is random retard....its for the lulz
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fine, it's "random retard", I can accept that. Where are the lulz, though?
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it's not even that, it's "heehee yoochoob 'personalities' hoohoo"
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So this is what became of the animation scene
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all scenes must die
this ain't August '69
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that's when i got my first real six string
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summer of 69?
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Those were the best days of my life 🎶
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I got my real first six-string
hey since this thread's pointless, I'll just say it here: Did y'all know Brian Peppers died back in 2012? I'm only finding out about this now. There go my dreams of a ChrisChan x BrianPeppers final showdown
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oh no not Brian Peppers the guy with the big eyes he's gonna molest meeeee
this is the dude who created smiling friends. hes not an orange man bad sorta guy he just does good impressions
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