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and nothing of value was lost

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Psalm 94

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Is there anyone know about crypto? I need a favor very badly
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yeah man who doesn't know about crypto? It's basically a digital pyramid scheme mixed with money laundering and loan sharks and it's designed to capture the attention and titillate the need of low-level opportunists so that they can be gruesomely exploited by swindlers, racketeers, and hardware company sock owners, mostly chinese, while allowing said gullible bastards access to a whole caché of new words, ways, attitudes and pre-made speeches to make themselves feel that a) they're better than anyone else, and know better, too, and b) they cannot, will not be cheated, are not being cheated, no, on the contrary, they're coming up on top, if you would just lend them a quid until friday when the big trade is happening. That, of course, never happens, or if it happens it does in a kinda cheap lotto way where one schmuck every once in a while hits big to maintain the illusion of possibly becoming the next big name in Forbes 500 or whatever and to mask the fact that the money that goes in eclipses that which went out to this scapegoat by a power of a million or so. That's crypto: Digitally powered art auction sales by big companies who then throw out alms to whoever licks their dusty leather shoes the fastest and most devotedly when leaving the event. 

What more do you need to know, if anything?
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oh also there's something about politics and systematic oppression but you'd do good to ignore that, right ol' chap swell grand regal good good
I actually need a help very badly
>>9200 (OP) 
Blessings for dubs.
I am short to pay for my university semester exam fees. Can anyone help me with $100 worth of crypto? Please
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Holy shit, you are actually retarded
just drop out, it's clearly doing nothing for you
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But I need to survive.
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you really don't. No one needs you to survive.
sent ;)
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