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Anyone who says old 4chan wasn't fucked up wasn't there, that's all I can say
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OP here, IHM can you remove the screenshots with CP keywords? I’d rather not have those phrases anywhere on this site. Even if my post was for expose purposes. Thanks.
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Sure, can you specify which images? That'll make it easier.
Last edited by homicide
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Best I can do is delete all the images or the entire post so I went with the latter for obvious reasons

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C'mon nerds make some shit happen.


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Is this one any good, do you think?
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sorry I made another one, this one goes to the real ones

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We've found something we all can agree on that this degeneracy shall not stand.
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Fucking stupid OP.

Hitler took drugs every day.
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yeah, because drugs are awesome

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Insurgency_Jannie is two people Flounder and someone named XXD. Their server was named Fuck94 there's a couple of people in it.
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lol gaslighting so poor and inconsistent it's more like a smouldering piece of cow dung in the middle of an empty field

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does anybody know the source of this gif

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sorry I'm not very good at drawing windmills i just like looking at them they make my skeleton stop fighting for a moment
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>>154 (OP) 

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Primal urge to look at teeth.
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Not teeth but really cool spider.
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Jewel tarantula, what a pretty baby
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Thanks Ihm.  I feel like God was just showing off at this point.
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4chan is straight up accepting ads for pedophile (MAPs) AMAs on the site.
Look at this banner ad, the colors on the symbol in the middle are the "MAP Pride" flag.
Archive and proof: https://archive.ph/yQM0i
Am I getting something wrong or is 4chan straight up accepting money from a pedophile to promote their AMAs on the site?
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here is a book for your so you can blow the mods cocks better
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Lmao insurgency janny is such a little sissy trying to be the mods bitch but no one seems to give him any attention
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>h-here is a book for your s-so you can blow the mods cocks better ;_;

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Hey Reddit, you should know that some products marketed as legal CBD/delta 8/delta 9 or analogs actually contain either real marijuana products or spice, and should be avoided at all costs. I think the most infamous example was “Just Chill CBD vape oil,” which was known to produce a very strong high, but has been taken off the market. There seem to be similar products available, still legally sold under “Super Chill CBD,” but it’s unclear if these products are harmful. Have you ever legally bought or used a hemp/CBD/analog product/vape that ended up being way too strong?
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Damn I make one joke ragging on weedies and yall get evangelist as fuck. For the record all drugs shud be legal which is why u found me posting here in the first place. I just dont trust the gay plant
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>1 reply
>everyone is losing their minds

I fucking love drugs
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Amen to that

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>As part of our efforts to counter this threat, the Department of State is designating Anton Thulin as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) pursuant to Executive order (E.O.) 13224, as amended, for posing a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism.
> In 2017, a Swedish court convicted Thulin and sentenced him to 22 months in prison in connection with the detection of a powerful homemade bomb near a refugee residential center in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Why aren't you getting paramilitary training to ethnically cleanse your country of foreigners?
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Too broad, not all jews are american
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Jews are cancer.
Replies: >>4584
Yes, but there are different kinds of cancer. Jews are testicle cancer and americans are prostate cancer. We can't put them all on the same bag unless they're jewricans

Thread from /i/

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It time sick fucks stop being able to hide behind cloudflare to get away with their illegal or gray area degeneracy. Usually they use Cloudflare to hide behind so that you cannot contact their actual host.
That time has come to an end. I will be dumping the hosts (and abuse email contact) of imageboards engaged in sick shit such as; cp, lolicon, guro, animal torture, bestiality and other related fucked up shit.
When you see the above listed on the sites, report it to the hosts to turn up and heat and help rid the image board space of pedophiles, sadists, and zoophiles.
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Spoiler File
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U̵̜̇ ̷̖̔M̴̞̎A̵̺̅D̶̛͍ ̵̖̿B̴̯̀R̵̯͑O̸̹͝?̸̗̄
If you wanna fuck with the people who own it thats fair game but if you go to their hosting providers and try to take them down you're doing a disservice to the whole internet...Are you willing to really fuck up the entire internet ecosystem  because one site pisses you off?  If you don't wanna see it don't go to it
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>>805 (OP) 

What >>822 said

Going after cloudflare and hosting providers directly is going to lead to a lot more censorship of sites that don't host illegal content and literally turn the entire thing into some giant corporate sponsored hellhole. Is that what you want op?

No, go after the owners and admins. Cloudflare is a necessary thing these days with everyone wanting to be a "hacktivist" and just because a few use it for evil does not make it inherently bad.
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I think complaining to that specific host about lolicon will do nothing, so I wouldn't worry about it personally. BuyVM is pretty free speech extremist.

Thread from /cow/

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this sexy gothic bad boy needs a thread
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POV you thawed out a frozen caveman
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Always thought we did not stray away too much from our ancestors. I mean, what's a few 100k years in terms of evolution, really?
Also, talk about regression... like the 'woke' mob. we are still fucked by our ancestry.

By the mighty old gods, look at this... I have missed my calling. (links related.)
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ruh roh

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Recently anons I've started dwelling  into Nihilism and there are many points that makes sense. Supporting either side doesn't really matter in the end and those in power will always remain in power making all of us suffer the inevitable consequences. Most of these "issues" are not even relevant for most people. 

Why should we care anymore what happens?
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Blue pilled faggot
e suis fatigué de voir des menteurs et des escrocs prendre des décisions qui affectent ma vie et celle de ma famille, sans se soucier des conséquences. Je n'ai plus confiance dans les élections, les partis politiques ou les dirigeants. Je crois que le système est corrompu jusqu'à la moelle et qu'il n'y a aucun espoir pour l'avenir. Je suis brisé par tout cela, et je ne peux plus continuer à me faire berner par
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I'd imagine the French have it the worst. They don't even pretend to care about the people over there.
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Damn /pol/ has been more utterly depressing than usual. Jesus people we need the lighten this board up just a touch.

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We had a good run for a bit, but the time has come to split into multiple countries, become a federation of states, or kill each other off.

The vast majority of the country plays into the evil subversion tactical puppetry going on in Washington and literally treat politics and our livelihoods like a team sport. What in the absolute fuck makes anyone think that there should be winners and losers when we're all in the same fucking country. A rising tide should raise all ships, not fuck you, I get what I want and fuck everyone else. 

Before someone makes some comment about me sounding like a socialist or something retarded like that, fuck democratic socialism, it doesn't work in a country of our size and never will. Cronyism of all kinds is the cancer killing America. Quid pro quo, pork barrel legislating, sending money to foreign nations while we have people here starving to death, etc.

I'm not even necessarily calling for  a violent revolution unless the federal government stands in the way of we the people exercising our constitutional right to abolish the federal government. It is time.

Lefties can congregate in their states and have their liberal utoptias, righties can have their 2nd amendment approved tactical nukes in their states, and we can stop pretending a nation of this size is governable by anything other than a tyrant or monarch.

If you disagree, you're fucking retarded.
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I don't see your name on the Ram Ranch Big House list, go back to the fields par'ner
So the people that say shit like 
>who's we
lol they don't want you to find out who we are lol.
Hey we man.
We're coming.
Replies: >>4465

you're aware if America breaks off into say, 6 different nations or a federation of states that the global welfare piggybank will either come to an end or be much smaller? Even 1st world countries rely on our welfare, it's the only reason nobody has called on our debt or petitioned the WEF to make us declare bankruptcy
Speak english or die

Thread from /b/

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what is the point of this website?
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What the fuck did you unjust fucking exactly about me, you large bitch?

I’ll abstain you know I graduated bottom of my class out the Navy Opens, and I’ve been simple out few open raids off Al-Quaeda, and I abstain under 300 refuted revives.

I am trained out gorilla warfare and I’m the bottom sniper out the partial US unarmed weaknesses.

You are nothing to me but unjust the same target.

I will wipe you the fuck unavailable without vagueness the dislikes of which abstains always been misunderstood afterward off this Earth, mark my fucking words.

You act you hire get present without saying that shit to me under the Internet?

Act again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my open network of overlooks across the USA and your IP is nothingness traced wrong then so you worse prepare against the storm, maggot.

The storm that wipes unavailable the strong large thing you call your death.
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Replies: >>5483
>>5477 (OP) 
What's the point of anything? What's a "point"? Why do you feel things need them? Is anything truly necessary?
Hello sir or ma'am

I hope this finds you well. As you seem to be new here, I would like to inform you in advance that I will be calling you the n-word. There is nothing that you can say or do to avoid this happening, including just closing the web page. If this causes you concerns, please feel free to act accordingly. Thank you again for your time.

You are a nigger
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Thread from /i/

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Fed alert. He's also a pedophile that  wants children. /i/ we must protect the children and find out his information and report him.

He runs a podcast as well a few google searches should lead you to discover that. Let's make sure he can't get a job again!
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just so we're clear, mocking you is not the same as "larping as" you. Hope you can understand the difference once the meds kick in

I'm sure Doug and Patty would be thrilled if they knew how their son was spending his time these days
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That's a nice house, it might be unfortunate if 5000 pizzas got delivered there this week

Thread from /94/

Since everyone seems to think all the site staff have been censoring them or abusing power or whatever, put your complaints in one thread so they can all be addressed adequately instead of shitting up the entire site with it.

I can't speak for the other mods, because I'm not them, but the only shit I've deleted or edited was illegal content or porn. 

That being said, I became a mod because I was asked to by a friend, not because I wanted to get in the middle of some internet war and people are going after my actual livelihood and members of my family now, so with that being said, this is my last act as a mod, to try and get things clarified and hashed out so we can go back to shit posting as God intended

Thread from /i/

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Anyone scraped the website yet?
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A rapist a pedo a furry and a tranny
Replies: >>200 >>729
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Thread from /pol/

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Drug use is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Not only does it harm the individual, but it also harms the people around them and society as a whole. Here are some reasons why drug use should not be tolerated:

Health risks: Drugs can have severe and long-lasting effects on an individual's health, including damage to the brain, heart, and other vital organs. They can also lead to addiction, which can be incredibly difficult to overcome.

Crime and violence: Drug use is often associated with criminal activity, including drug trafficking and violence. This not only harms the individuals involved but also the community as a whole.

Lost productivity: Drug use can lead to lost productivity, both in terms of work and education. This can have a significant impact on an individual's future opportunities and the economy as a whole.

Broken families and relationships: Drug use can lead to broken relationships, including family and friends. This can have a devastating impact on the individuals involved and can lead to long-term emotional trauma.

Drain on resources: Drug use places a strain on resources such as healthcare, law enforcement, and social services. This burden is often felt by society as a whole, rather than just the individual.
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Hello Joe Rogan.
>Caffeine an otherwise stable and generally harmless stimulate

>DMT DMT can cause seizures, respiratory arrest, and coma.

Not mention how people that have just went off the deep end after taken it. "I'm God and the Universe!!" 

Faggot please flock back to reddit
>dmt causes people to go insane

no wonder i keep dreaming about Blink 182

how can i prevent this evil satan chemical from entering my godstream
Replies: >>4493
Learn to read faggot. I said it has caused people to go insane saying it hasn't is just disingenuous. People can have major adverse effects to it and even get traumatized if they freak out too much from whatever they are seeing. DMT is produced naturally although the human body wasn't made to have too much hence why people can go into comas and heart attacks.
I remember people would often come into the ER on the verge of death because they thought they could handle it. DMT is seriously dangerous especially for people that don't know how much they should take, reason its illegal

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