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Psalm 94

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ok so let's be a bit more organised I guess: Post what you fucks are listneing to at time of reading this. If you're not listening to anything-- why? What's wrong with you?

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The Bananas has gone bad!

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Would you ever paint a figure? If so what would you paint? If not idk you socialize too much.
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im trying, anon.
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Funny you'd say that since "anon" means "shortly" or "soon" in (not so) old timey english. Are you indeed trying anon or are you procrastinating your git-gut sessions, boy
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this boards is the most dead out of nay on this sight. we gotta save it!
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>>217 (OP) 
it's dead because of subpar trash posters like you, though
Also I think you meant "nigh on", which still isn't quite right in the context of your sentence, but hey
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it was originally supposed to be "out of any".
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Ach, still an inaccurate statement. Tisk tisk.

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average texan
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how dare you, but that was a flawless northern irish accent it was
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i beg to differ
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you can beg all you want, pig, it's not going to happen

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>>8987 (OP) 
haha you poster the bad word now what haha what are you going to do now you absolute madman haha
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keetee katt
Don't know, as im writing this I'm taking a shit or something

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>A meta-analysis published online in JAMA Psychiatry in September found that Black individuals are at higher risk of ADHD diagnosis than the general population, a finding that “challenges generally accepted statements that Black individuals have a lower prevalence of ADHD compared with others,” the authors note.

How do we solve the negro sperg question? Education doesn't affect them at all because they can't read due to lack of focus and attention span. Do we need to build special sperg camps?
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don't mind if i do
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Ha! You’re a negro.
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>being a negro

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Exactly. It's laughable.

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So you've posted this. What's the plan now, namefag?
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I dont think he thought that far ahead considering where he posted.

Hello weirdo
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I hope he ends up being an irredeemable wankstain. Non-staff tripfags make my blood boil.

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do you guys play the best game ever made, blue archive?
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The ocean?
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Don't reply to a great joke with a shit joke, son. We don't do scat here.
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What ocean?
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the one with all the motion

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If all you consume is what you enjoy and agree with, that is confirmation bias. I like to get the views from a wide spectrum whenever possible. This puts me at odds with many people because we aren't a banana republic yet, but we're getting there.
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and the shit you agree with is low-IQ gypsy bullshit, aye
Uh yeah sure, nigger
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Aim your responses before we all make fun of you
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excuse him, he's got the gyppoisom

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How do we advertise this place without it becoming a tranny-fed shitfest like 4cuck?
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speak on that
>>5801 (OP) 
you don't
Censoring troon-niggers is based and effective. We don’t need their subhumanity.
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That's a weird way to ask to be censored. Do you have a humiliation fetish or something?

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To join, post your favorite mudkips.
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Thread from /94/

does anyone have a list or just know all the boards that have ever been on this site? even if they were taken down or no longer accessible?
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You are beyond fucking retarded with your incessant bullshit. This is a serious board and you can fuck off or get banned and learn how to READ.
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I'm honestly just biding my time until he does the inevitable and gets banned (again)
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lmao I knew you had it handled
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Thread from /rx/

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dude just OD'd on sass
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he was utterly disintegrated with a ray of pure ionised COOL
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I bet he did a kickflip afterwards
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I bet he twitter about it

Thread from /b/

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Remember Longcat? I remember Longcat. Screw whatever we're supposed to be talking about, I want to talk about Longcat. Memes were simpler back then, in 2006. They stood for something. And that something was nothing. Memes just were. “Longcat is long.” An undeniably true, self-reflexive statement. Water is wet, fire is hot, Longcat is long. Memes were floating signifiers without signifieds, meaningful in their meaninglessness. Nobody made memes, they just arose through spontaneous generation; Athena being birthed, fully formed, from her own skull.

You could talk about them around the proverbial water cooler, taking comfort in their absurdity: “Hey, Johnston, have you seen the picture of that cat? They call it Longcat because it’s long!”

“Ha ha, sounds like good fun, Stevenson! That reminds me, I need to show you this webpage I found the other day; it contains numerous animated dancing hamsters. It’s called — you’ll never believe this — hamsterdance!” And then Johnston and Stevenson went on to have a wonderful friendship based on the comfortable banality of self-evident digitized animals.

But then 2007 came, and along with it came I Can Has, and everything was forever ruined. It was hubris, people. We did it to ourselves. The minute we added written language beyond the reflexive, it all went to hell. Suddenly memes had an excess of information to be parsed. It wasn’t just a picture of a cat, perhaps with a simple description appended to it; now the cat spoke to us via a written caption on the picture itself. It referred to an item of food that existed in our world but not in the world of the meme, rupturing the boundary between the two. The cat wanted something. Which forced us to recognize that what it wanted was us, was our attention. WE are the cheezburger, and we always were. But by the time we realized this, it was too late. We were slaves to the very memes that we had created. We toiled to earn the privilege of being distracted by them. They fiddled while Rome burned, and we threw ourselves into the fire so that we might listen to the music. The memes had us. Or, rather, they could has us.

And it just got worse from there. Soon the cats had invisible bicycles and played keyboards. They gained complex identities, and so we hollowed out our own identities to accommodate them. We prayed to return to the simple days when we would admire a cat for its exceptional length alone, the days when the cat itself was the meme and not merely a vehicle for the complex memetic text. And the fact that this text was so sparse, informal, and broken ironically made it even more demanding. The intentional grammatical and syntactical flaws drew attention to themselves, making the meme even more about the captioning words and less about the pictures. Words, words, words. Wurds werds wordz. Stumbling through a crooked, dead-end hallway of a mangled clause describing a simple feline sentiment was a torture that we inflicted on ourselves daily. Let’s not forget where the word “caption” itself comes from: capio, Latin for both “I understand” and “I capture.” We thought that by captioning the memes, we were understanding them. Instead, our captions allowed them to capture us. The memes that had once been a cure for our cultural ills were now the illness itself.

It goes right back to the Phaedrus, really. Think about it. Back in the innocent days of 2006, we naïvely thought that the grapheme had subjugated the phoneme, that the belief in the primacy of the spoken word was an ancient and backwards folly on par with burning witches or practicing phrenology or thinking that Smash Mouth was good. Freakin' Smash Mouth. But we were wrong. About the phoneme, I mean. Theuth came to us again, this time in the guise of a grinning grey cat. The cat hungered, and so did Theuth. He offered us an updated choice, and we greedily took it, oblivious to the consequences. To borrow the parlance of an ex-contemporary meme, he baked us a pharmakon, and we eated it.

Pharmakon, φάρμακον, the Greek word that means both “poison” and “cure,” but, because of the limitations of the English language, can only be translated one way or the other depending on the context and the translator’s whims. No possible translation can capture the full implications of a Greek text including this word. In the Phaedrus, writing is the pharmakon that the trickster god Theuth offers, the toxin and remedy in one. With writing, man will no longer forget; but he will also no longer think. A double-edged (s)word, if you will. But the new iteration of the pharmakon is the meme. Specifically, the post-I-Can-Has memescape of 2007 onward. And it was the language that did it, you see. The addition of written language twisted the remedy into a poison, flipped the pharmakon on its invisible axis.

In retrospect, it was in front of our eyes all along. Meme. The noxious word was given to us by who else but those wily ancient Greeks themselves. μίμημα, or mīmēma. Defined as an imitation, a copy. The exact thing Plato warned us against in the Republic. Remember? The simulacrum that is two steps removed from the perfection of the original by the process of — note the root of the word — mimesis. The Platonic ideal of an object is the source: the father, the sun, the ghostly whole. The corporeal manifestation of the object is one step removed from perfection. The image of the object (be it in letters or in pigments) is two steps removed. The author is inferior to the craftsman is inferior to God.
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rip you... whatever you were to me
if MilhouseNotMeme = true then
        Print ("MilhouseNotMemeIsMeme") ;
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Fuck the swedes, that is all

Thread from /m/

The """"Indie"""" """Rock""" Playlist:

2011: crap
2012: garbage
2013: rubbish
2014-2015: sticky residue
2016-2017: medical waste
2018-2019: actual radioactive material
2020-2021: liquefacted dead grandma on a tub
2022-2023: chris-chan's crotch on a summer evening

Sneed and enjoy!
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>>583 (OP) 
spam your trash elsewhere
>>583 (OP) 
What was on it
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a bunch of torrents

Thread from /m/

Dance with me.
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>>555 (OP) 
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are you having a stroke, son?
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I am a transexual homosexual pedophile
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cool I guess

Thread from /b/

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12 angry men but they had to decide whether chris chan really fucked his mom or not
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>>8949 (OP) 
it definitely fucked its mom.

Thread from /ck/

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dead ass board.
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It's quite easy if you just read the readme
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how tho
Replies: >>150 >>151
like this, look:
1. Read README.md
2. copy from README.md 
3. paste into terminal
4. unfuck your non-standard software environment
5. congrats, you're a server admin; otherwise proceed to give up and install some crappy forum software

Thread from /pol/

Back when we had funny shitposts whilst having a variety of topics to discuss while having a hands-off approach to moderation. And of course, no kids or trannies roaming about to poison the community.
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>>7254 (OP) 
That means you won't be bothering us anymore, right?
>>7254 (OP) 
That's nice, fuck off.

Thread from /m/

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>>558 (OP) 

Thread from /pol/

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Congratulations, IHM.
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you dont gotta pay for sex, man
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>Not only does he still obey the Symbolic Imperative, he also thinks "no money exchanged" = you're not paying for it
lol how primitive; enjoy the middleman monkey dance
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wow your such a brilliant, intuitive, red-pilled, little incel, aren't you?
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worry not

Thread from /b/

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testing the weeb detector? it works

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hi yaaro
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>>8932 (OP) 
the fuck does that even say, mdiaa aaaaik?

Thread from /b/


my buddy is literally buzzing with horniness and im fucking dying.

but i know it's good. in fact i enjoy the energy, this power, of being horny and not giving in, so good for my spirit

help me stay strong.

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hi IHM
Replies: >>8919
Replies: >>8930
what is bro yapping about
Replies: >>8931
you tell us

Thread from /vg/

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm using a PS5 controller to play this shit on my phone but I don't remember Sonic 3 & Knuckles being so taint-punchingly difficult.

Took me like 4 hours to get all the damn emeralds because Special Stages 5 6 and 7 are made of concentrated fuck and even moreso at 60fps.

Anyone else tried to go on a nostalgia trip lately only to get kneecapped in a dark alley?
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Don't forget some actual rental exclusives like Clayfighter: Sculptors Cut
Replies: >>362
I don't know why I'm surprised to learn that was a real thing
>>266 (OP) 
I remember SOTN being alot easier then it is now on emulator but perhaps it's just been years since playing the game I'm rusty
Replies: >>364
I've found with SotN that i probably bruteforced my way through the game way back when, lol

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