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Psalm 94

Thread from /m/

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ok so let's be a bit more organised I guess: Post what you fucks are listneing to at time of reading this. If you're not listening to anything-- why? What's wrong with you?

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ew why'd it do a watermelon nationalist flag
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The music you listen to is a reflection of what you are or want to be

Thread from /b/

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what is the worst imageboard website you have ever browsed?
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Probably GUROchan. NGL that shit kinda disturbing.
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Thread from /b/

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>mr bean
>but mexican
>mr beaner
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>>9953 (OP) 
>>9953 (OP) 
did I wake up in 2003 again
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Thread from /b/

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Is this website dead?
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>pwease wead my powst ;_;
>>9815 (OP) 
seems like so in spirit
feel like this site was made to be added to the post-8chan webring but not because of petty interpersonal drama no one cares about
also the cloudflare progression gate is some real goofy shit
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you're dead in spirit and also some real goofy shit
>feel like this site was made to be added to the post-8chan webring 

This place has existed for over a decade. Fuck the degenerates, we do fine on our own.

>cloudflare [...] is some real goofy shit
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Thread from /i/

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This is screenshotted from his LINKEDIN PROFILE.

Director of information security is an unabashed furfag. Ancestors forgive us for how far we've fallen.

I bet he leaves all his passwords on a textfile called "passwords.txt" on his Desktop because that's the kind of big-brain move these freaks do while being paid 6 digits to sit around and wank.
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it's the righteous indignation that matters, silly, not ever being even remotely accurate in anything
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They're both yiffing in hell
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>They're both yiffing in hell
Not really.
The type of company head to use a catboy avatar is more likely to either be circlejerking alongside tumblr-fujo/fudan fandom churn or the latest seasonal anime or manga. Weebs and furries already diverged decades earlier despite a nonzero amount of those early fansubbers being both. Which group is more likely to post about 'glomping'?
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Every single group of people you mentioned either is or will be yiffing in hell. There is literally no distinction between them.

Thread from /b/

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>leap that wall, if you're so great
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the restults are in: ur a gay
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>>9744 (OP) 

Thread from /b/

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No one gives a shit about your drawings
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fucker cant even keep his scribbles in one thread

Thread from /m/


Thread from /vg/

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any1 of u /v/iggers play Minecraft anarchy? No better place to troll troons and make them overdose on SSRIs.
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OMG so nostalgic ΒΊoΒΊ
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we can be gangsters together
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but can we?

Thread from /pol/

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There must be formed and renewed a union of the Celtic and Germanic peoples. This union must be spiritual and societal in nature, inviolable while sill maintaining the sanctity and sovereignty of each people. Unlike the ancient Etruscan and Hispanic faiths, ours was not fully extinguished by the millennia of tyranny, though it was gravely wounded. To end Romano-Abrahamic ambitions to see us destroyed, the culture of our ancestors must be restored to the public consciousness. This must not be construed as Pan-Europeanism, it is not. The Celts, Gauls, Germans, and Norse are all peoples free and separate, but only by their union in purpose can the very concept of freedom be saved. The swarthy legions of the Latins, Hispanics, Hellenics, Balkan Slavs, among others, have proven time and time again their eternal enfeeblement before the architects of that so wretched tyranny they call the Great Work, the world's end for which the ((( Legacy of Rome ))) strives so passionately.

More to follow
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>>7577 (reluctant check)

>jewish sounds 
>yo yo yo sounds based and goated w/ the sauce fr fr no cap sware 2 g dawg

Just saying
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>not only do I make jew sounds, I am also retarded
that's great, now fuck off
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Does someone have a case of the Mondays?
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get better material, Seinfeld

Thread from /i/

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Neal Rauhauser is a proven fed collaborator. He has trolled, harassed and snitched on various anons over the years.

H4X0R5, frens, my fellow Steves of this fine /i/nsurgency, I beseech you. 
Let's troll the troll.

As an aside, his ED page 403's for some reason. I'm assuming tor is blocked instead of just being read-only, which is, frankly, retarded. 
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who's "you", schizo?
He'd have to stop illegally harassing and stalking people in order for that to have any sort of the intended effect you think it'd have. Why don't you fuck off and come sue me about it.

Thread from /vg/

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i am bad at fps games, but i like playing them. bad as in ur girlfriend could prolly kick my ass in a 1v1 fps session.

i own both cs1.6 and cs:s but im not sure which one i should install and play. 

i prefer tdm style online multiplayer. 

my potato laptop cant run cs:go/cs2 so thats off the table.

picrel is said potato faptop
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>less video games than PS3
I remember way back when, I went to this schoolmate's house who was kinda middle-upper class and had just gotten a PS3. All we did was play this boring as fuck basketball game. Granted, the graphics were mind-blowing at the time but holy shit what a bore.
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The only games on PS3 are Infamous and NBA 2K10
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>NBA 2K10
That's the fucker. It doesn't help that I hate IRL basketball
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oh yeah nah I played some of that on xbox 360 in 09 cause it was the only fuckin thing around to play. i just got lucky that the Magic were pretty good that year

Thread from /pol/

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How do we advertise this place without it becoming a tranny-fed shitfest like 4cuck?
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euros dont get quietness
You can't and you don't want to 
You just have to hope more but not too many anons discover here
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as long as the fucking swedes stay gone it'll be alright
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>fucking swedes
them and poet-posting faux-ebonic-speaking 4chan-brained tweens like the rest of /pol/

Thread from /m/


Thread from /b/

this 4chan mfer on the site just being shitty thinks hes the shit
like idc abt day of defeat
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bend over so i can open this jar bro
Replies: >>9860
Replies: >>9861
hey i don't remember touchin dicks being a part of helping a bro open a jar bro
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>doesn't remember the dick-touchin' jar-openin' ritual
that's not very dudebro of you, dude

Thread from /m/

i think 2pac wins with hit em up and california love
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what's that? the retarded poet has shit taste? no way
wdym retarded poet
Replies: >>809
what do
u fuckn


oh fuck you

biggie didn't even sell as much as Bone Thugs or DMX and he died like a bitch

Thread from /vg/

does anybody still play it
the servers have little to none players but the gaem is epik
i still like it
its cool but pretty dead
samefagging in a slow imageboard is pathetic

Thread from /b/

counterstrike or day of defeat
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CS, also >>>/vg/
>>9825 (OP) 
get fucked

Thread from /rx/

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Post your favorite packs

easy enough?
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Sir that is not a pack of cigarettes
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lucky strike cryptofascist trad wifey schizo propaganda peddler confirmed no wonder my incel brother smokes two packs a day

Thread from /b/

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We also hate niggers. Join us at the hot new discord alternative.
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don't fucking lie to us, you put that lizard there you cumguzzling degen
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what the fuck is this shit don't answer that question

Thread from /b/

Spoiler File
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bad thread
>>9792 (OP) 
appropriately saged, this is gay shit

Thread from /i/

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muta being based once again. 

the exposure of lucas roberts aka keffels is going mainstream.

lets go!!!!

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You would have better luck at this point asking Bing AI
Replies: >>1432
better luck at what
Replies: >>1433
Replies: >>1434

Thread from /b/

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 meme thread meme thread meme thread meme thread meme thread
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still waiting for actual memes btw
if you change that comma to a semicolon you get some wild imagery
Replies: >>9766
some people pay good money for that kind of visual imagery
where are the memes, bozo

Thread from /b/

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i know, its boomerbook

i started following this account a few months ago. ive been paying attention to what this account posts. a part of me is starting to think that this may be a glownigger-run account used to spam random crackpot conspiracy theories and muddy the waters and confuse people.

we know that glownigs have intentionally created conspiracy theories and hired people to spread them in order to frustrate people and obfuscate the truth under a layer of crackpot bullshit.

i ofc have no way of knowing if this is a fed op or a legit person but my shizo induced paranoia due to zoomer brain rot makes me suspicious. 

i just find it odd a chick that looks like picrel is running an account like so. 

makes me wonder if these photos are AI generated, i can see what appears to me to be heavy IG filter use, but i dont use IG so idk.

>inb4 im shilling and trying to grow this account. 
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who cares what bots care about
to be fair his post is better than yours
Replies: >>9758
Replies: >>9764
yes, excatly: that's what you and your posts are

Thread from /b/

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i want to start printing laineyball comics on pieces of paper and putting them up in random spots in town, especially close to the womans shelter. 

perfect irl shitpost. just have to buy an old printer, and instead of connecting it to the internet, just print off of usb
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>>9706 (OP) 
Replies: >>9717 >>9732
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why tf would anyone want to live in bongland?
the future is digusting. I am appalled

Thread from /m/

Spoiler File
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I'm two pounds shy of a bomb
I'm one shade short of alarm
I'm too past wrath that I'm calm
Got two last laughs in my palms
I'm three degrees west of a hurricane
Four wheel drive with a ball 'n chain
My five foot seven is irrelevant
I'm six six six if you threaten my development

Thread from /b/

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fucking slipped a spanish-exclusive word there smh
wait a tick, huezilian ain't OP mais entΓ£o cala a boca menino belicoso, 'ta mΓ£e caralho, fuck's sake
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Thread from /b/

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happy today er1
I kid you not, he turned himself into a piccolo. funniest shit I ever seen
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oi Gohan I turnd meself into a piccolo I dids

Thread from /94/

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Starting now, we no are longer accepting or allowing board requests for the following reasons:

/fringe/ was a shitshow and made >>>/x/ redundant, so please take your schizoposting there.

>>>/k/, >>>/ck/, were requested and barely used
>>>/m/ is a fucking ghost town back on the board list
>>>/vg/ feels like the Epic Games store (but with worse deals
>>>/rx/ is comatose and I know half you fucks aren't sober just fine as it is

Expect some rejiggering of the boards.

Any blogging or butthurt about this goes in this thread. Anywhere else and I range ban your entire country.
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One of those cheeks is way out of proportion then. Do yours look like that?
Replies: >>411
it's called being slightly tilted you mongorongododongo

Thread from /b/

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will you niggers stop trying to revive year-old threads
Replies: >>9704
it wasn't bumped til you did it
Replies: >>9705
how dare you point out my mistakes

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