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Thread from /rx/

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We have had bad trips - what was your worst?

Mine was with nitrous ironically, I fell into a portal and it felt like years for me to get out all the while I'm being singled out by demons who taunt and provoke me. Terrible stuff
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>>79 (OP) 
I did nossies a few times. 
Once fell over and cracked my head on the ground, then laughed about being able to see up my mate's mum's dress.
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I was hoping more of you fags would share. Come on it's story time!

Another one of mine. My mates and I were hitting this "spice" outside of a party, we all take a puff and start walking over to the area where there's dancing and ladies and all. But before we get there my mate starts freaking out saying he's caught in a time loop like on Groundhog Day.

So we had to go back to our car and spend and hour coaching him into feeling okay again. Some ladies come by to chat us up and they seem like they're admiring the fact we care about this bloke and didn't ditch him but they get scared off as soon as he pokes his head out of the car looking like a Frankenstein monster.

That was pretty bad.
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Oh man i smoked so much spice from like 2010 to 2014, I wouldn't even consider it a 'trip' but it's deffo a good way to take 2 hits and then become ((( uncomfortably high )))

I remember one time I was just outside on my own at a picnic table suckin down a half j of the shit and when it was done I was basically stuck sitting on the table trying to convince myself to stand up and go back in and being a little worried it would never happen

It was fun at first but after the 3rd or 4th ban the shit just got unpleasant unless you could find the one brand (Scooby Snax) at that one Racetrac in town
There were some heavy brands of it, sometimes you would get a batch that was more potent than the batch you bought the day before and it would hit ya like a truck. There are more stories I have about the stuff.

One time my mate smoked it and decided to lie right down in the public hallway where people were coming through. No one even stopped, everyone just walked right over him. Kind of like a Twilight Zone moment there.

Thread from /b/

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Debating of posting my cock to start a cock thread however my morals are blocking me and I'll probably get banned lol


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LMFAO I don't think I'll comeback after hearing that.

It's called an irish curve
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Nether bends
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Oh well excuse me you're a real Dick Connoisseur aren't you?
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no i just like wordplay :3
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This is a dick thread sir/madam not a poetry club. Show or rate cocks or gtfo

Thread from /b/

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who is the craziest mtf you know?
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>>1284 (OP) 
easily CWC
>>1284 (OP) 
I know a ton of Discord trannies who don't pass but they're admins and mods of ther servers so everyone kinda plays along if they're not in their LGTB+ circle.

The craziest mf I know is ME
There's this insane guy I know who decided to me MTF because he wanted attention, money, and the ability to get in on "affirmative action" safe spaces and whatnot. Guess it's a legit career path for clown niggas

Thread from /b/

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Why am I banned from the Telegram?
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>>1285 (OP) 
Because u a crab
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dunno man, you sound a bit *crabby* yourself
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just /b/ee yourself

Thread from /b/

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Scully, men can become women.
It's not rocket science. Just basic biology.
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>>1301 (OP) 
<Troon Want To Believe
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Thread from /b/

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Thread from /b/

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==HEY LADS!== Take your time and immerse yourself into Shayism! An ideology that emphasizes the well-being and prosperity of the people! Although originally targeted towards Southerners, it has since became an international ideology for the sake of improving the people's quality of life!


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>>1295 (OP) 

Thread from /b/

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bread door
I wonder who the lemonparty men were, and if any of them are still alive.
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They are lemonpartying from beyond the grave

Thread from /rx/

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i think there's something wrong wiht my sandwich
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>>92 (OP) 
Mmmmm extra Shroom Dust!

Thread from /rx/

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DXM - Love it or hate it?
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Sizzurp/Purple Drank/Tussin is for degenerate niggers who actively choose to become more retarded

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LOL! Look at this KKK faggot inbred over here.
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read rule #4 please.
Replies: >>91

I haven't touched the stuff in close to 2 decades and I really don't plan to do so again but sure, go off
I was just stating a fact. But I digress.

Thread from /vg/

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GTA V is currently down because Take 2 wants to promote the GTA trilogy, all of which are offline games
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solo public lobbies have always been a thing, i recommend it. just don't afk too long or you end up back in a regular lobby
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hot take I like the trilogy. Playing it on Xbox Series X

u mad?
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kek you really dont like human contact you incel fuck
i liked them when they came out already
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Thread from /vg/

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PC or console? I play on PC as its thr superior choice, emulators are fine too. However, the best consoles are sega genesis and PS2. Discuss.
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>>67 (OP) 
ps2 does what Nintenesis denesis
>>67 (OP) 
I stick to PC gaming but I do like having an older console too. Always kept a PS2 in my room up until 2015.
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PC for open world games, need them mods

Console is good for everything else. Open world games on console miss out on a lot of good stuff. But fortunately Microsoft allows mods for its games. So fuck Sony.
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dunno, I'd prefer not having shitty shovelware paid mods all over the place.

then again, Sony does have a bit of a complex when it comes to how much control they want over software. That's the reason the console ports of 7 Days to Die got fucked so bad (and probably will remain so for eternity)
Replies: >>77
If you're a poorfag then yeah the paid mods is a bitch, but hey, let us who have the money for it enjoy.

Like I said before PC is always go to for open world games because there's bound to be a mod community and competitive play is easiest/cheap since you're paying for internet anyway

Thread from /94/

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We can do movie nights at midnight on Saturday.
Replies: >>142
I love this idea actually.
Replies: >>107
Well put it on cytube and sythtube.
I'll talk to you more about it more on telegram.
Just talked to IHM; were getting our own cytube; the URL will be up and running soon.
>>105 (OP) 




Thread from /94/

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no gay shit.
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Then pay my fucking server bill and then you can make the rules.
Whats the point of being an annoying faggot with your "huehuehue gib board" shit without telling me what the board is supposed to be about? I made the cooking board the same goddamn day it was requested.

Sucks to suck, I guess.
Replies: >>139
I was just funposting. I am sorry I upset you or anyone here.
Replies: >>140 >>141

shitposting is fine, but try and keep it to /b/, the sfw boards are pseudo-serious :)
Its just bants, you're welcome to stay πŸ’–

Thread from /b/

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Jesus Luvs U
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No italics?
Replies: >>1249
Sounds like you're in the right place.

Only true Pastors of The Lord will have an open conversations about those who call themselves Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelations 2:9 for reference)

try the fucking faq you retard
Last edited by Hidden User
Dang, I need to find a church like that. It seems impossible to get away from liberalism.

Thread from /x/

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We're in the endgame...
Replies: >>50
I have heard people mention that we are in the 7 years of the rapture.
Replies: >>50 >>51
This is the 2nd time I've seen this picture in the past 12 hours
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>>46 (OP) 
Get right with God, for the hour is at hand.

There's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to The Rapture. Which is when Jesus takes all who are faithful to him to be spares of God's wrath. Tribulations has to take place before then, as it is prophesied. However, The Sorrows (Tribulations) will be upon us this year. The biblical calendar (what the you know whos use to plan chaos) states 2022-2023 is the beginning of a new Shemitah Cycle begins, which lasts 7 years. With every 1st year of each cycle massive shifts and events happen. I think the last one had something to do with Global Chaos and the world hysterical over Trump, in 2008 it was the housing market crash and the decline of Global economies, in 2001 9/11 caused massive security state infrastructures to be established, idk before that but the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (caused by you know who) happened in the 1st year of a Shemitah Cycle. Prepare your anus, these next 7 years are NOT going to be easy.

But he who shall endure to the end shall be saved.
I'd believe it. If not, we're certainly getting closer and closer. I'm not sure how people deny it at this point.

Thread from /b/

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The piss collectors arrived that night. They were mostly in their mid- to late twenties, clean-shaven and wearing yellow suits, yellow hoods and yellow boots. They had a number of piss collecting devices, but only one was necessary.

A long-dead man wearing a yellow suit of armor with a plastic tube protruding from his groin attached to a machine that was sucking his urine out.

β€œOh, it's him,” said the first man in line, β€œThe Master of Piss. I haven't seen him in a while.”

β€œWhat's his plan?”

β€œHe needs to get rid of all the pee, before it dries up and starts to stink.”

The third and final man in line started to feel increasingly alarmed. He was worried that the Master of Piss could die of old age.

β€œThat's why we've been collecting his pee.” said the second man. β€œWe're making a golden statue of him.”

β€œHe's a great guy, that's why I keep him around.”
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Replies: >>1274
Replies: >>1274
this is a pissthread and you're not pissposting gtfo
Replies: >>1275
Watch the video retard

Thread from /b/

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People who make a big deal about other people liking meat cooked well done are the most insufferable cunts on the planet. Starting beef about it over dinner or making fun of someone who orders well-done meat is a ridiculous macho meme circljerk and needs to go away. Who the fuck cares how anyone else likes their meal cooked? It's completely subjective. Live and let live, don't impose your taste on anyone else. Donald Trump himself orders his steaks well done and he owned a huge steak business. Even if you don't care for his politics the man surely knows a thing or two about steak. 

I don't even like my steak well done, I'm a medium or medium rare guy. But I will give my life to defend your right to cook your steak however the hell you want it without harassment from validation seeking jerkoffs who don't even actually care but feel the need to play into this King of the Hill meme as a desperate grasp to pump their shriveled masculinity. 

Fuck all well-done shamers.
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The nostalgia of sailsbury steak tv dinners gets a plus.

They use thinly sliced ribeye for philly cheesesteaks, dying to try one someday

Elaborate of what is blue rare nigger
Replies: >>1259

i'm not the one you asked but it's basically just seared on the outside, think of it like extra rare.
Replies: >>1261
Ahh okay. Where I comefrom we call it

<Extra Rare
Replies: >>1265 >>1269

ye its a whole fancy way of saying seared outside, warm inside
The only people I know of that eat it that way are oldies that went through the depression. Gas was too expensive so they could only use it for a short period
>meat was cheaper than lpg
What a wild world it was.

Thread from /b/

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Anyone know anyone that could help me get a cock.li account?
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ur mom is gay and you came in to the world as a gigaturd
Replies: >>1266
i think .li is a registrar but cockbox is a web host, if you're loose with the definition
I mean u rite
buy 94chan.li
Replies: >>1268
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Thread from /pol/

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Post videos, articles, social media posts, and infographics about the vax and the people who are pushing it.
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>>44 (OP) 
Replies: >>134
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propaganda works both ways anon
Replies: >>137
What vaccine are you on turbovax?
Here is work done on manufacturing most of the virus' proteins, which would be necessary in developing the vaccine. 

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