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Psalm 94

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why are all you people now trying to "expose" me? It seems every other month some random Q people or anonymous detectives are trying to out me for something I never done.

I can see that IHM is yet again angry with me because I blocked her. stop being petty and grow up there's nothing you can say to convince people I'm certainly evil or trying to orchestrate some wicked plan to takeover the internet.

I personally have no more involvement with 8chan and they hate me you would have known that if you just do basic astute research about me instead you all are just making up more theories about me that borders on fan fiction.
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Just so you all know I survived worse so whatever you all are planning it doesn't matter. Hate me more I guess if it makes you all feel better I hope some of you can get help.
Slawd says hello.
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>>5151 (OP) 
Go fuck yourself you piece of shit cripple. Best regards, Kingofpol ala the guy you threw under a bus and lied about you sack of shit. Josh shouldve taken you out back.
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Hadn't even opened it yet and knew what it was going to be lul
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>>5151 (OP) 
nice get. Can you tell me the difference between these two photos?
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You sure about that? You've only been using the same tactics for years now against sites and people you disagree with. Or let me ask about why you're most actively contributing to articles related to Kirtaner, 8chan, and the Watkins on Wikipedia. You don't have an agenda, surely! That's why you got Kirtaners Twitter reinstated (after sending him 8k+ ETH for his rent no less) and Rons too, how much did you pay Ron to let Kirtaner pretend to be him on Parler? No surely you're just a victim of Q and the big bad evil internet.
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I want an explanation.
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In conclusion: You are Q.
C'mon Freddy, let's talk about it. I know how much you profit off of it. Kirt has a very loud mouth.
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Who the hell is slawd
Replies: >>5180 >>5227
Yawn pointless drama moving on
He has friends? Not sure why he would need to explain to you.
Replies: >>5171 >>5173
Like I said all of this is just drama with you and him why drag all of us into it? Most of those kiwifags wanted this this war
Replies: >>5173
A furry pedophile has friends? You mean Kirtaner?
Coming to my website is an action I'm going to engage in, especially when I'm mentioned. This little cripplekike has a lot of explaining to do. You are not involved, I am.
Replies: >>5177
Could just ignore this faggot I guess your ego is hurt by him even existing pretty sad honestly
Replies: >>5181
Also who's is Slawd? Like >>5165 asked
Replies: >>5181
Slawd is the former boyfriend of Jara, the groomer pedophile abusive virgin fetishist that took kikewheels virginity. Lurk more, don't question what I do here or who I address. Could have just as easily ignored you too.
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internet drama is so 2008
Replies: >>5183
So is this chan. Did you miss that memo too?
Replies: >>5240
Sounds like more pointless retardation did they kill themselves because that would be funny
Replies: >>5186
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Go praise pedophiles some more
Literally no one in this thread is praising this faggot
Obsessively stalking a wheelchair bound furry faggot is just sad really it couldn't be me and 8chan is so fucking irrelevant and hasn't been since 2017

every thread on there moves at turtle speed just retards on there talking about Q endlessly
Replies: >>5191 >>5192

say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens
Replies: >>5194
Then tell 8chan to stop coming here you daft sped they come try to raid us all the time now quit it with your inciteful rage inducing autism word salad and samefagging this thread for attention like your pedo god Fred
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I thought you could have easily ignored us KEK
Replies: >>5198
that doesn't even make sense you are also saying shit online wtf
Replies: >>5195 >>5198
Replies: >>5196
>You do have a reputation of posting people's IP something most chans don't do
Replies: >>5197 >>5198
>im gonna layer my dick in onions and go wave it on a website like the admins wont know it's me samefagging durrr hurrrr

Cope seethe mald dial 8
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Most people do use tor on chans what are you susspose to use our real IPs? I could use i2p if you like kek
Replies: >>5200
ok fed
Also did you post a tor ip omegalul
Replies: >>5202
Yes. That's the joke.
>posts tor IP
>IHM's gonna dox tor!!!!11!!11!!111!!!!
>tor is so secure even the 3 letter agents can't track it

Pick one.
God you are so retarded when did I say posting a tor ip is wrong? I said that you have a track record of posting people's real ips 

thus people use tor because who cares if you post that
Replies: >>5206 >>5208
>implying people can do fuck all with your ip address


Replies: >>5209 >>5211
They can actually learn some basic networking dude
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oh look now you've gone and ruined that node for everyone like a typical torfag
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Not involved, but if you think someone can't do something with an IP then you are chronically retarded
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Its all fun and games until all these dumbasses get tor banned for the rest of us and all of us are using 4 nodes 

big f most of the kiwi people use tor so large range of our new members erased
Replies: >>5213
Torposting will remain enabled.
Replies: >>5214
Cool why doesn't most nodes work here anymore before I use to could easily connect now its just a few that work mainly in the US and Europe
Replies: >>5215
I'm not sure what error you're receiving when trying to post, I assume it says it was blocked or not allowed. Anyways, the only nodes banned are narrow range from a soyjak raid we had and certain CP bots.
Replies: >>5216
It either says something broke or it just says this user has been banned so I have been force to pretty much use the same nodes and its irritating because these jackasses keep getting more nodes banned and I love this website
Replies: >>5217
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I'll just lift the bans from the raid and see if that improves anything. Also thank you anon.
Replies: >>5218
thank you
I don't know if this is actually Fredrick, but I wouldn't have a problem with you if you didn't try to fuck with 8chan/ Kiwi Farms. You have remorse, I get it. But leave it at that, this crusade to bring these places down just screams vanity more than anything. Even Josh doesn't want to badmouth you from what I've seen, he's just like "yup, its Fredrick being crazy again." You're not impressing anybody with this shit, just people that would be happy to throw you under the bus the second you were caught slipping. Even Keffals wanted nothing to do with you and thought you were poisonous to his plans.
Replies: >>5224 >>5229
Unfortunately he craves the notoriety/attention that 8chan garnered him, that's why instead of becoming something useful he's running around with Kirtaner, abusing drugs (self-admitted), and picking fights with people. You'd think someone with probably 10 years left of his life would do something meaningful, and maybe at one point people would have encouraged it. But knowing how disgusting of a person Fred really is, I'd say his fall from grace into the epitome of everything we ever mocked online in this circle couldn't have happened to a more deserving genetic mishap such as this fine specimen here.
Last edited by ihm
>>5151 (OP) 
We know everything Fred, you're a shithead
Turkey in the slaw.
faggot jamie cuj
I missed the memo but you missed this dick eyo lmao
Replies: >>5241
Of course I did. It's tiny and the jews stole your foreskin.
Replies: >>5251
Fred, you're a giant fag who hangs out with pedos and shitheads and has over 9000 fed connections. Isn't your uncle ex-cia or ex-fbi? Or is that your father? Maybe go fuck yourself and tell the rest of the 8chan idiots to back off and we'll stop making your midget glass bone ass look fucking retarded.
>the jews stole your foreskin
I'm not from the U.S., sorry.
Replies: >>5252
still a jew
Replies: >>5253
Quiet, Moshe
Replies: >>5257
go back to africa
Replies: >>5258
I'm probably whiter than this entire website, Shlomo
Replies: >>5259 >>5262
No chance, subtropical mud hut denizen
Being albino doesn't count
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