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Psalm 94

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Would you rather live in a city or out in a small rural community?
>>4623 (OP) 
city, small town people spend more time minding everyone else's business than their own
>>4623 (OP) 
Middle of nowhere so I don't kill people.
city, i like the idea of living in a forest-y area but i would get bored real easy and would miss my friends
Anything other than suburbs; SUVS and HOAs disgust me.
>>4623 (OP) 
Neither, put me in a small area away from neighbors in the outskirts of civilization.
>>4623 (OP) 
If I had money I would move to a 3rd world city.

it may suck but you can do basically whatever you want because you are rich.

you can have a mansion for a fraction of the price and can own crazy cool stuff like rpgs.

also no alimony so marriage is a safe bet.
>>4623 (OP) 
idk nigga inna woods
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