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Psalm 94

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I'm tired of myself.
I wanna die but i know is painful anyway.
I'm still alone every friday/saturday night for life.
What the fuck is life expecting for me?
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>>5271 (OP) 
Life is not an anthropomorphic entity that expects something from you. That's a copout. And whoever said that suicide has to be painful?
Also weekends are overrated. You can get whores any day of the week. And if you're looking for a meaningful emotional relationship I've got news for you: That's just your lizard brain lying to you, to coerce you into creating life. Don't do that: It's a crime.

tl;dr: If you're gonna mope about, do it right.
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>>5271 (OP) 
Don't say that, there's still so many things for you to experience. I'm 32 and feel like I've been through a lot until I compare it to the time I have left. Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely, either. Find value in yourself anon. Try a shift in perspective, positive thinking yields positivity. Know that you are never truly alone and there are people out there that you might not even know that love you. You're important.
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don't do it.

but if you do, stream it and do a flip faggot.
>>5271 (OP) 
elliot rodger is that you
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