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Psalm 94

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So who should the whites pick first?
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>>6277 (OP) 
they should pick a hobby, like gardening or fishing
Replies: >>6280
nobody cares about your wignat fag shit
Replies: >>6281
Ok so whites don't draft a person and instead become gardeners. Who do the Asians pick with their selection in the draft
Replies: >>6282
You do not understand my intentions work the racial draft, just play along
Replies: >>6289
zen gardeners
Replies: >>6283

Ok, now who do the blacks pick?
Replies: >>6284 >>6326
c o t t o n
Replies: >>6285

Alright now who do the jews pick
Replies: >>6286
an old, bent, grey haired tailor, best in the country
Replies: >>6287

ok and who do the latinos pick?
Replies: >>6288 >>6290

Guacamole it is
i dont enable faggots, faggot
ochlocracy and paternalism
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Replies: >>6292
that too
ok so a gardener, a zen gardener, a bag of cotton swabs, an old, bent, grey haired tailor, and a plate of chips and dip are in the middle of a 25 square foot octagon, ala the ufc. Who wins?
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the zen gardeners, because they have emancipated themselves from desire, which is the root of all suffering
Replies: >>6295
emancipation is for niggers
Replies: >>6296
it really isn't, and having gotten it is why they're the way they are
Replies: >>6297
ok but if the niggers hadn't been emancipated then we would have been the ones emancipated ergo we would be the niggers
Replies: >>6298 >>6299
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Dear nigger, 
A nigger niggers niggers. Niggers nigger, nigger. Nigger nigger, niggers? Niggardly.

Nigger nigger,

The jews were emancipated from egypt
Replies: >>6300
jews being slaves in Egypt, or even being there at all in any significant number, is a jew lie
Replies: >>6301

No it fucking isn't. The significance of passover and the scapegoat pointing directly to Jesus must just go straight over your head right?
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Replies: >>6303

So you deny Christ?
Replies: >>6304
I deny jew lies, and I deny you. What's this thread about again?
Replies: >>6305

If you want to be a fag and derail the thread by being a moron who denies proven events because modern Jews who have no Abrahamic lineage are lying sacks of shit, be my guest. At least play along with the game instead of just being a nihilistic edgy faggot
Replies: >>6309 >>6313
No no you're supposed to call him a nigger
> modern Jews who have no Abrahamic lineage are lying sacks of shit


good thread
>now who do the blacks pick?

Morgan Freeman. Duh. Who else but the literal voice of God. Wyitefags will suffer his wrath.
Replies: >>6327 >>6328
>Who else but the literal voice of God
lol just like in my internet meems xD

This is the first good pick in the racial draft
Replies: >>6337

Now who will the whites select?
Replies: >>6338
random, because whites are boring
Replies: >>6341 >>6343
LaQuisha, you're ham sandwich that you ate in prison doesn't count as white people food
Replies: >>6342
bitch u
Any special draft for defectors????

If so I would like to negotiate the selection of Matt Hardy, Tom Holland, and Shaun White. 

In return you can have Kanye West
Replies: >>6344 >>6348 >>6350
defectors of what?
Replies: >>6345
>defectors of what?

Replies: >>6346
you can't change races, you race tranny
Replies: >>6348 >>6351 >>6381
Race mixing lowers human genetic diversity. Homogenisation of human genetics is the problem of tomorrow
Replies: >>6349


You can defect races in a trade, yes.  Therefore it appears the blacks have traded Kanye West to the whites for Matt Hardy, Tom Holland, and Shaun White. Now all of them are niggers
Oh no, your numerous contributions!

Dumb nigger.
Can I politely decline
its like nascar but they turn right
this is now a tranny thread
Replies: >>6355
manual or automatic?
Replies: >>6356
Replies: >>6357 >>6358
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shit, forgot my pic
Im out, I only know how to drive a stick
Why wouldn't you learn manual drive, more control, easy as fuck, wheel spins and pussy
Asians draft.... Jack black was he was kung Fu panda
jews draft Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild; the game has been cancelled and the Mossad is on its way
Replies: >>6370

But wait, in a surprise twist, the latinos draft Alfredo Hitlero to come up with a solucion finale
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Silence Wyitefag. They are honorary niggas now. 

Additionally, as retribution for your insolence the council of niggas has informed me that they have selected Cody Rhodes; who henceforth from now shall be referred to as Cody X.
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fuck off, nigger
Replies: >>6383
Kill yourself faggot
Replies: >>6384
>tranny calling others faggots
join the 41%
Replies: >>6385
>tranny calling others faggots 

What a sad bushwacker you are projecting your failure of a dad unto me. Do yourself a favor and get back on the shortbus moonshine child.
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Replies: >>6387

what a surprise, the moonshine child cant read

now lithen here daddy, duthdy didn't raise no nigga under hard times.
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I'll show you dominance
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