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Psalm 94

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Do you think training to fight because you believe civilizational collapse is imminent? I'll probably be a pensioner before it gets too bad but hard times causes an increase in violent crime and I think we should all put the effort in to not be fat sad sacks of shit that get choked out immediately.
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uhhh i can't edit and i meant
>do you think training to fight is worth it
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Yes. Absolutely. It is a neccessity in the face of the inevitable impending collapse of society that you train, and train hard and long. Make sure that wherever you go you make it clear and explicit that you're training because you believe civilizational collapse is imminent. It is important that you do this otherwise no one will take you seriously nor give you the training you need to withstand the imminent collapse of civilization. Get guns, also, and lots of ammo. There is no such thing as too much ammo, just like there is no such thing as too much training. It's almost worrisome that you've wasted all this time considering whether or not it's worth it. Get on it today. Remember: You have very little time.
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I already train strength and fitness but it just occurred to me that I might not want to run if they enter my home and rape my wife or something
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Dude, stop wasting your time. Get off the internt and go get your training and your guns. You've got NO TIME. Do you even know what "imminent" means?
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This sounds like prep shit but I'm not American and can't get guns, I just see a lot of blacks in my previously all white neighborhood
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You're fucked then. It's too late for you.
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Ur my American friend right, America always saves the day right ?right? Don't leave me here with these feral piss in the bus stop outside my house beasts
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It is The End. It is the end for everyone but the shadows. You have done what you could, and will fare for a while, but collapse will be total and unstoppable. The inevitable impending imminen collapse of society will fall upon us all, starting with the United States and reaching the ends of the world. There is nothing anyone can do. Training and ammo are just a way to postpone fate, but fate will prevail. Good bye.
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That post is the best post I read for years. I gotta write a metal song now
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Suddenly you don't seem too preoccupied with your impending doom and the doom of those you care about. This is serious shit, and it is already underway. Bleak doesn't begin to describe it. Violent won't be nearly enough to encompass the fate of those who still uphold the ways of civilisation. We are now, today, at a stage where the ammo and the training would be put to better, more pious use if it were used to put our loved ones and ourselves out of our misery and to avoid the harrowing scenes soon to develop all over western civilisation. Darkness has already begun to fall, and we have been defeated. But by all means go write a metal song.
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