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Psalm 94

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mods are gay
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>>7049 (OP) 
you wish, gat rarted

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i have a friend from the USA who is
atm flying to china for the purpose of setting up and running a Tor node for 30+ days 

the end goal is to not be imprisioned by the authorites while proving that it is indeed possible to have safe and private communication no matter your location. 

this all started due to a thread on 4chin's /g/ board. 

i am in contact with him and i will be posting updates
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Here I put all your dumb gay shit in the same pile
>i am too busy being wildly intelligent to bother to appear to be of average intelligence
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I'm one of the mods for 8chan and I noticed some brewing war between these sites and I was wondering why everyone here is so hell bent on destroying 8chan?

Anyway can you all explain the crazy amount of 94chan pysop going on there's been over 50+ threads about how hotwheels is going to die and why 94chan is winning what's going on can we have an honest discussion
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your banned, faggot.
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>>4649 (OP) 
Fuck off 8chan glownigger, Jew Watkins ruined the site
everyone with a brain hates pedos
8chan is gay

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Primal urge to look at teeth.
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nice cock
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blorp sheelp plap popl leb shlaborb blomb. blomb shlorbelb blarb blep
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Nice trips
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I cheated it just to be an ass :3
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good, we've been getting shitty gets lateky
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I know it was relatively dead and primarily populated when it was linked to the discord, but i'm gonna miss it.  It was a fun experiment to message people through my old blackberry and other legacy devices but I understand, with degeneracy ramping up online it'd only be a matter of time until they exploited irc's vulnerable infastructure
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I mean it still uses basic ssl, hasn't that been decrypted as an algorithm for years?
The irc setup wasn't great to begin with.  I needed to overhaul the whole thing and that wasn't gonna work on the $5/mo server we were using.
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What is this faggotry

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Has the last few years made you more or less antisocial /b/? Speaking personally, I just don't like gay people
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Eat shit.
You'll be eating plenty of it in multiple flavors when I'm through with you.
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Shut up Flounder
Quiet nigger
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No u!

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Yo, can you guys make a cooking board?
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>>6953 (OP) 
no, and we can't make a site discussion board* either
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How do I find the unlisted boards?
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The cooking board isn't unlisted
thorough guesswork

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Remember when Nick Fuentes fans tried to colonize 94chan for the pedophile catholics?
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>>6938 (OP) 
Yeah, there's still wignat faggots in the telegram who don't realize that we're making fun of them
>>6938 (OP) 
Remember when the pedophile catholics were majority homosexual? Pepperidge farms remembers, faggot.
>>6938 (OP) 

Nick Fuentes is a closet homo who is grifting easily swayed wignats with Christian rhetoric. He's the literal definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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this person has hurt me so much and it has even caused me trauma, she deserves to die! send her all the death threats and harassment you want, the more the BETTER.
her instagram is

Do reply with screenshots of what you sent to her!!
Have fun!! ^__^
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how dare you
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((( DANGLY )))

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