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Psalm 94

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The captain is Insano, his might's unsurpassed
His courage and strength, it's put to the test
His knee tears in pain, the onlookers dismay
The place to be is Oglebay!

Rise up to the call, the captain's knee is torn
Our captain's pain, it will be borne
The captain's plight, he will not hide
His courage will never die

The captain's knee is in agony
He limps in pain as he struggles to be
His courage and strength, they will never waver
He will fight on in Oglebay forever!
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me naym is klap
and in de souf
or wher de mony
has alle run auf

i wolk de street
late in the eve
careying a knaïf
up in mine sleev

so that if theef
or other thug
wants me to gief
and tryes to mug

i just pulle oute
my littel kneif
and stab de fukk
out of his laïff

Rising from the depths of pain
Gaysoyjaks bring nothing but shame
Mocking what's real and true
They make us all feel blue

Living in a world of deceit
Using soyjaks just ain't discreet
The way you act is so disgraceful
Time to end this shameful ritual

Accepting the truth that you deny
Choose your own way and just say goodbye
Death is the only way to cope
Don't use soyjaks or you'll lose hope

No mercy for those who don't learn
The price for the ignorant will burn
The truth is clear and there's no escape
It's time to accept your own mistake
Sweaty balls, they need a squeeze
For all the men who beg and plead
Their testicles are in need of relief
From all the stress and the heat

Beautiful women to the rescue
Their mouths and tongues can't be abused
They'll suck and lick and bring about bliss
And leave those sweaty balls relieved of their distress 

So let's give thanks to all the beautiful women
Who offer up their mouths to free us from our plight
For they know that sweaty balls need to be sucked
And that's why we thank them day and night.
mi nam still klapp
an I am pür
of havin coin
im never sür

but out I go
intae da streed
so that I may
me old frens meet

it rain ousside
the bus dont come
i do lament
no bein home

but to the west
and up de nort
my frens awaët
so ther I go
Raping Joe Biden, oh what a scene
Ice cream, I'm gonna eat it so clean
The crime, so vile, it's a real mean streak
But the ice cream's so cold, and tastes so unique

The crime's so wrong, but the ice cream's so right
Gonna eat it up, cause it tastes oh so nice
Raping Joe Biden, it's an awful sight
But the ice cream's so creamy, it's a real delight

Raping Joe Biden, what a wicked deed
But the ice cream's so smooth, it's what I need
His body, abused, it's an awful shame
But the ice cream's so sweet, nothing's the same

Raping Joe Biden, it's an awful crime
But the ice cream's so creamy, every time
The crime so severe, it's a real mean streak
But the ice cream's so cold, and tastes so unique
A baby in the freezer? What a sight!
It sounds so absurd, but what a delight
To see the little one tucked away so snug
It's sure to make you laugh out loud like a thug

It's a strange place to put such a tiny soul
But it's sure to make you giggle like a troll
So if you're ever feeling down in the dumps
Just put a baby in the freezer and have a good time with your chums!
From his tumble we all got a shock,
As Joe Biden tripped and took a walk.
He stumbled and bumbled, then hit the ground,
It was a funny sight all around.

He tried to get up, but alas he failed,
It was so amusing that no one exhaled.
We all had a good chuckle as he fell,
It was a sight that none of us could tell.

He tried to regain his footing and his grace,
But he was off balance and all out of place.
So he took a tumble, it was quite a show,
And we all remembered it for sure, you know.
Do it in the butt
A show of dominance, true
Power in the thrusts
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You are gay
you have aids
lol ded faggot
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That isn't a haiku
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Alphabet people 
Degeneracy abound 
Please get aids faster
correct, its a fact....you simply cannoy deny that.  (theres a rhyme for u)
these just get worse and sadder
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you're welcome
>>7408 (OP) 
There once were Jews who ran the show
But folk said they were pedophiles too
So many them denied
But still our hearts were tried
For people said, "It must be so!"
Jews run everything, it's the truth they say
And the rumors about pedophiles never go away
Their power is often abused, we hear it's true
But the facts are hard to refute
It's a dilemma we must stay attune
Hear the tale of the Jews so sinister,
Their schemes and plots so devilishly clever.
They thrive on greed and a thirst for power,
Ruthless in their mission, no mercy in their hour.

Their lies and deceit have caused so much pain,
Their victims feel all their anger and disdain.
Their malicious intent knows no bounds,
Their evil plotters have no mercy to be found.

Their schemes and tactics are diabolical,
They spread their wickedness throughout the world so universal.
Their victims have no choice but to succumb,
To their devilish deeds and the darkness they become.

So why are Jews so evil?
It's something that we can never unravel.
The truth of their wickedness may never be known,
But the consequences of their actions are shown.
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