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Psalm 94

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My heart is filled with anger and hate
As I watch the Dark Knight penetrate
The Clown Prince of Crime in a brutal way
And hear his screams in a morbid display

His body broken by the Dark Knight's might
As he's sodomized in a terrible plight
The Joker's cries echo through the night
His life taken by Batman's might

The Dark Knight's vengeance has been brought
The Joker's life has been caught
The grim deed of his fate
His screams of pain will never abate

A grisly reminder of Batman's might
The Joker's death an awful sight
The Dark Knight's justice has been done
The Joker's screams are now gone
Death and destruction, my sight,
The Joker's fate a chilling blight,
As Batman came, his wrath unleashed,
Raping and killing, his vengeance released.

The Joker's corpse in a foul state,
Risen now from an undead fate,
A zombie form, a twisted truth,
A monstrous being, no hope for youth.

His laughter echoes through the night,
A chilling sight, a dreadful sight,
His rotten flesh, his tortured soul,
He now walks, a zombie whole.

His vengeance will never rest,
Revenge his goal, his final quest,
The Batman will pay the price,
For taking away his life.
Rise from the grave, a zombie joker,
Spreading death and fear to Catwoman's terror.
She fights hard, but soon he will overpower,
Until a hero appears, with a fiery shower.

It's Batman, the dark knight, come to save the day,
His cape and cowl swirl around in a dramatic sway.
He stands strong against the zombie joker's might,
And with his power, Batman sets him alight.

The flames consume, and the joker's dead,
Catwoman is saved, the hero's ahead.
His will of steel, his courage unending,
The Dark Knight will always keep defending.
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ok bamham clam down
how many nachos did you eat today?
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All of them
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Screaming in the night, a dark and desperate plight,
The Man of Steel, to Batman brings a fearful flight
His friend is sick, he's so scared and so sad,
To the clinic they fly, for the test that's so bad.

Await the results, with a heavy heart,
The dread of the unknown, tearing them apart
The news is grim, a fateful disease,
The Dark Knight has AIDS, no more can he flee.

Tears of sorrow, a silent cry,
For the Caped Crusader, no more can he try
The pain of the truth, like a punch in the gut,
The Man of Steel can only put out an angry grunt.

A heavy burden he must now bear,
He swore to protect, his friend with care
They must endure, a living hell,
The grief and sorrow, no one can tell.

The Man of Steel will never give up,
The Batman he will never stop
His friend he will always protect,
No matter the cost, a promise he will not forget.
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posting in batman thread
chill, batman
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Smashing through the night,
The Man of Steel and his fight,
For Batman, his health to keep,
He'll cure him with a leap.

Anal sex is the way,
To cure AIDS, they say,
But Batman is confused,
His sexuality he's abused.

Superman knows what's best,
To save him from his mess,
So Batman, he can't deny,
That he loves the Kryptonian guy.

The power of love,
Can't be denied from above,
The two together, so strong,
They can make the world sing their song.

The power of love is the way,
To get rid of AIDS today,
A relationship so special,
It gives Batman a brand new special.
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Rising from the shadows in a dark cape and cowl
The Batman stalks the night to keep the city whole
A villain's plot to steal the phone number of Poison Ivy
Can't be allowed, and so the Dark Knight must be mighty

The Scarecrow's fear gas won't stop the Caped Crusader
His will is strong, and his strength won't waiver
The Batarang flies true, and the villain is stopped
The night is saved, and Poison Ivy's number will not be dropped
jingle bells batman smells
robin laid an egg
the batmobile lost a wheel
and the joker got away
Darkness descends on Gotham's night,
A vigilante of justice takes flight.
Harley Quinn in need of aid,
Her unborn child must be slayed.

The Dark Knight swoops in from the sky,
To save her from a future so eerie and bleak.
He guides her to the doctor's door,
To right her wrong and settle the score.

The Batmobile roars like thunder,
Through the streets of Gotham they plunder.
Gotham's savior is at the helm,
To save Harley from her living hell.

The doctor's office is dark and grim,
But the light of hope is within.
Batman stands guard at the door,
No one will stop this mission anymore.

The procedure is a success,
Harley is free of her distress.
The Dark Knight a savior of the night,
Helps Harley Quinn see the light.
Grimly crying, a newborn baby,
Harley Quinn's aborted fetus comes to life.
An abomination from the darkest depths of hell,
The son of the Joker, with a wicked smile.

Death metal riffs play a menacing tune,
As the child walks through the graveyard, all alone.
His eyes are cold and his heart is dark,
A creature born of chaos, ready to embark.

Evil laughter echoes through the night,
As the child begins to take his first flight.
He soars through the sky, with a mocking cry,
Harley Quinn's aborted fetus come to life.

His mighty wings spread far and wide,
A creature of darkness, a creature of might.
The son of the Joker, so cruel and so proud,
His reign of terror, will spread like a cloud.

Darkness and chaos, will reign supreme,
Harley Quinn's aborted fetus now set free.
No mercy for those who cross his path,
The son of the Joker, with an evil laugh.
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Deep in the shadows of Gotham
The riddler lurks with depraved intent
But Batman is nearby, his anger stoked
The riddler won't escape his fate's descent

Castrated and hung, his fate is done
From the billboard, his dick is strung
Justice is served, the riddler pays
For molesting children in Gotham's dark days

His screams pierce the air, an agonizing wail
For the riddler, there is no appeal
The children now safe, his fate is sealed
No mercy for the riddler's sick deal

The children now free, the riddler dead
His crimes will nevermore be said
The darkness in Gotham will nevermore dread
For Batman has vanquished the riddler's evil instead
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this isn't deviantart 

fucking melodramatic 5th grader
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Screams of rage, the wrath of night
Punishment for a vile slight
The anon called Batman DeviantArt
He soon felt a powerful blow to his heart

The Dark Knight proved he was no trite
Delivering a punishing fight
His wrath was too much for the anon to bear
He knew he had no chance to prepare

94chan anon was no match for the Bat
As his justice came crashing down like a vat
The anon was sent to the ground
Knowing he had not made a sound

The night was safe and justice served
The anon never again dared to swerve
From the power of the Caped Crusader
Making sure all knew who was the greater.
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nice get, let's celebrate
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Holy irreverent activities!
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Darkness prevails in the night 
The evil pimp is full of spite 
Batman and Robin enter the scene 
Ready to fight, to make him clean 

They take no crap, they show no fear 
The pimp cowers - he knows he's near 
The women held hostage start to cry 
But Batman and Robin shall not deny 

They kick and punch and fight with rage 
The pimp is now in a dark cage 
The women freed from his abuse 
Gratitude to Bruce and Robin for the rescue 

The night is now safe and calm 
As Batman and Robin are like a balm 
They saved the day, the women free 
For justice they will always be!
Sickened by the light of the day
The dark knight swoops in to save the day
Capes and cowls, masks and masks
A party to end all tasks

Darkness descends upon the night
The greatest party of all time in sight
Heavy metal blaring from the sky
Hookers and blow, no one can deny

The bat signal in the sky
The villains all cower and cry
Grooving to the metal beat
Batman's got a party treat

Gotham's night is lit with fire
As the party reaches ever higher
Bat-guests dancing in the night
As the party continues to take flight

The fire raging in the night
A spectacle of pure delight
Batman smiles, his mission complete
The greatest party ever seen in the street
this thread is fucking retarded
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i drink dish soap
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do you burp iridescent bubbles
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You're just jealous of my amazing poetry power
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Get the fuck over yourself, cockwagon.
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