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Psalm 94

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am I exiled to this forgotten bunker full of dead anons. ghosts. this place is full of them. i am one. no where to post on a saturday night but a dead board. what happened to us bros? the red pill got lodged in my throat and its turning black with rot. i cant post anywhere else... what?! plebbit!? be a faggot discord tranny? wtf. i hate twitter posters. 99% of the internet is ruined for me and i refuse to suck ChanPass cock. wish this place wasnt so dead. is there not one anon who just wants to shitpost? what ever happened to "do it for the lulz?! ill take a schizo at this point im so fuckin bored.
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>>4993 (OP) 
Hello fellow ghost. Don't you worry now, the mudkips will guide you on the journey to the top.
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holy fuck. a live one. i thought i was just screaming into the void again. tell me, is "the top" salvation or just a bright shiny light to guide us to sure destruction? not gonna lie... the world wide internet is a lonely place. the irl world is even worse.
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Salvation. Thats why I brought 94chan back. I was tired of the new internet, just like you. Everything is sanitized and corporate now, and you aren't allowed to have fun or an opinion anymore. So while this place may be very small, it's from a time where "for the lulz" was every single day and the fun never ended. I miss those days, simpler times indeed.
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cheers old fag. you brought a tear to my dry sad eyes. if you arent fucking around, and youve actually got something to do with putting this chan together, bless you. i never knew how alone is was until i tried posting (been lurking since 8kuns first incarnation, not the cancer it is now). shits sad. chan pass on every board. sometimes you just got vomit world hate with other anons. im ready for salvation. i miss feels threads most... one of those things, you dont know what youve got till its gone.
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Theres more of us lurking than you'd think
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i was going to ask "why lurk" and then realized im guilty too. wtf is wrong with us. we let this shit slip away. truly spiritual boomer shit. speaking of... 8kun!? wtf!?!?! q anon shit! so glad it isnt here. i love this place. truly a bunker. im a loyal fucker so im here for good. best reception ive had in years.

dig them digits! make a wish anon!
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We love you, anons. All of you.
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wow. worst part is... i cant contact you guys. this isnt my first go round, its just never meant so much. it sucks being alone. it sucks that theyve made the world so open to every kind of "individuality" and degenerate shit bag but i have to hide in the shadows and 9 out of 10 times post to no one. wish we had a friends list, then again i dont. i dont want to lose you guys. honestly its the first response ive had in months if not years. anyone here namefag? i see "global staff" but im guessing thats a label more than a name. looks like IHM namefags also? im PotatoKun and i care less and less everyday if it makes me less anonymous. i need people. can we keep this thread alive? ill post till im the last one and then ill post some more. i cant go back to nothingness again.
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Cant namefag without a name field :3
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no shit! how did i miss that?! and how the fuck are you not a mudkip? and what the fuck IS a mudkip!? lol!
Yeah, been namefagging since 2008. Its one of those points of pride for me. Better than being a chanologist lmao
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Also, you can come to the chats. They come in 3 flavors: discord, telegram, or irc. All 3 are connected via bridge.
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ive got two chan given names and im pretty proud of them as well. "chanologist"... explain. my guess: someone who lurks , learns culture and doesnt participate? a lurker? if so thats me i guess. "potatokun" is one name and "lurkanon" is the other.just gonna go ahead and put that together for my glownigger. slowly not gving a fuck these days. havent done telegram in years, dont do discord and never done irc. this shit is like snail mail. slower than a '95 chat room, lol! most of its not worth a piss. at least /b/ isnt degenerate trash here. whats the telegram? might go there. irc is a bit more anon?
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Chanology was the anti-scientology protest movement back in early 2009, and it's why we're as bad off as we are.

IRC is more anon and we have SSL on that too.
irc.94chan.org:6667/6697 #94chan

Telegram: https://t.me/ninetyfourchan

Hope to see you there!
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dont know about the scientology thing. curious tho. probably check out the irc if i can sort it out. cheers anon!
oh! one last thing, kinda bored... anyone got some art or a shitty meme they need made? im into it. post it here. if i like it, ill see what i can do.
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IHM likes banners. If you want to make a banner for 94chan she'd probably really like that.
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any specific theme or just random stuff?
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Mudkips for sure
We're around. I lurk more than post myself, the onion and clearnet boards in general have been a wreck on both sides for a while so the experience is suboptimal. I feel like a lost traveller too, the rest of the world lives on apps and socials and the wokesters ruined half of my hobbies.
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But are your balls halaal?
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did a mudkip thing. what am i missing?
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Holy shit I love it
Replies: >>5278

yeah!? glad you like it! any changes? any other requests?
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make it shiny and throw in a 94chan.org url

we loev banners
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like this?
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sorry. logo needed to be bigger.
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Replies: >>5283

damn! you guys are easy... compliments feel good. not used to that, lol! lemme be your banner monkey
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perfect, but the mudkip needs to be colored as a shiny variant to meet the 94chan standard
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Serious talent, I hope you stick around!
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once this awful week is over I'll make a handful of banners too, though most of them are liable to fall on the abstract side since I've yet to interiorise this chan's idiosyncrasies
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Based looking forward to it

shiny variant? elaborate. i will if i can.
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Just a simple pallete swap, all pokemon have shiny variants since the 2nd generation games
a shiny pokemon is like a special variant of a pokemon. Shiny mudkips are purple
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do it anon! i need a home and im making this place mine. its just small and special enough. dont post much cause life shit but you guys make me want to fix that.

noted. ill look into it. ohhhhh.... the purple guy! k
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what happened to my file
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ok there it i-- WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRANSPARENCY ok you know you get the idea
when all else fails, mudkips. we throw damn near anything on /b/
gonna take me a min. im pretty autistic and i want the colors right. ill get it. anyone got other ideas for completely different banners? mudkips fine but sadly all mine will probably involve a swastika or be completely nutty. kek
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don't worry /pol/ needs plenty of windmills :3
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i got you covered in that case
one last thing... this board goes cold so fast it can only mean youre posting somewhere else. WHERE!? I  want to be there. i need this. i need to find the bunker of bunkers. where do anons go when they arent posting? keep me engaged you faggots. im losing interest in this entire plane. i want to shitpost into infinitum.
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check the bottom of the page
tell me someones watching this thread. bottom of the page is shit links. ill tell you why but i dont feel like shitting into the void tonight. anyone want to waste time and shit post tonight?
Replies: >>5382
> bottom of the page is shit links
that's what was being asked for
Replies: >>5383

by shit heads?! who cares what they want. fuck cattering to fuckwits. this is a board, get some board culture or fuck off. app users get the rope.
Replies: >>5384
>by shit heads?!
yes >>5301
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why so brief anon? no feelings on the situation? my guess is youre on one of the faggy apps too. convince me. is it better? should i abandon this place and just go to telegram? is it just "BUSSIN NO CAP FA REAL"? im tired. i. need. people. ((( they ))) won. sell me good tho or im gonna tell you to get fucked.
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you need to commit suicide today
If you don't want to use the services the Admins set up for when the boards are dead, you dont have to.

But shut up when you're bored because of your own decisions.
Last edited by homicide
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>boards are dead

the shits ALWAYS dead because everyone is on shitty apps and not here. why even have a chan!?
why even continue to post here when you're clearly not going to find what you're looking for
boards got nearly 300 posts the other day where have you been?
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>why even have a chan!?

because we fuckin wanted to

cry harder fag
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so whats your big contribution onelineanon? just hur dur level faggotry? everyone else has a point but you. i can concede to all their points. you tho.... sad. low effort. F-
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