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Is Patch still creating new chans every week?
Idk who Patch is
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Ask us again when you wayback 94chan, retard
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hey, fuck you buddy
The legendary founder of "Spacechan", "Astrochan" and thousand other chans.

Oh: An he's crazy.
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Some of the first posts we got when we brought the boards back were some "patch lost" bullshit, was wondering what that was about. 

Thanks for clearing it up, anon
patch is just some loser who creates alt-chans
I'm pretty sure that Patch is out of commission these days. He's passed the torch of making shitty altchans down to Xavier Cisneros aka Maki the wannabe school shooter
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He served some jail time, but I am pretty sure he's back out and doing  some work in cybersec
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Patch cybersec???

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As a consultant, not actually coding or stopping crimes.
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Consulting how? Like giving feds his old contacts information so they can track them down or keep tabs on them? That's bush league shit that anyone can do. If he actually served time and copped some sort of plea, he'd likely be on probation and 24/7 digital surveillance. In short, stop talking out your ass
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Lol its been working out so well for GhostExhaledicks and his amazing hacker blawg
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