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Psalm 94

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let me explain what i mean. 

i saw pircrel on r/conspiracy the other day. 

IF TRUE, it makes me wonder where people find out this type of information, as most websites are censored and heavily biased. i often read wikipedia articles and i know for a fact that wikipedia wouldnt have information like this. 

are there books? is this information gathered just from a ton of reading of various sources and connecting dots? 

there are several screnshots in this "infographic", any recommends on such sites? 

i could try to look it up on yandex, i might find more information.

i find a lot of the internet is just "trust me bro" when it comes to this type of thing. i dont wanna base my opnions on someone else's opinions; i want some sembalance of fact.
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idk why the image is so blurry
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cause its 640x863
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>>7861 (OP) 
Welcome to the wondrous world of Propaganda(r): You're Not Immune To It(tm).
see pic
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i am aware, i am seeking to inform myself that i will be more immune to deception and propaganda
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by frequenting conspiracy theory cesspools
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where else should i look???

lmao that is the point of this post, 

thats literally what im asking, where do i find true factuall information?
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you're already beyond help
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"we ignore"
you do indeed
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