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Psalm 94

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Hey there staff and serfs, I'm looking around at imageboard softwarez and leaning towards jschan, but don't want to regret my decision like last time, so could you please tell me:

>waz goooood?
>What do you hate most about jschan?
>What moderation tools are most useful, and what is missing?
>r8 it

I'd test it myself but the required MongoDB version won't install on my mini-computer (ARM, missing a hardware requirement)
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The only real negative is that since jschan is pretty new still it isnt as full featured as some of the other older software, but a lot of the shit i would have to gripe about is already in-dev

i rate it better than kusabaX and not written by a mental case
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Thanks for the quick reply.
I noticed it's a bit light on features (especially coming from tinyboard/vichan which had over 10 years of hacked-on features from dozens of forks) but it feels like a much more solid base to work from. And I think that stability will be worth it. Great to hear it's the only real complaint.
Quick follow-up question: Is there a particular reason you didn't go with LynxChan?
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Found jschan first tbh

then we googled who Stephen Lynx is
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