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Psalm 94

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Nice fucking get!
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>two dubs
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this place can be active, fucking post faggits
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I understand this might be a new concept to you, but we prefer quality over quantity
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OKay so i cry about post counts and it;s okay for you guys to tell me ot post more but when i get drunk and do the same you pull that bullshit excuse.

cmome on man it;s the bank oliday weekend for me, post us. i even hit 2 dubs, wait you call that quality lol
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replace your defective keyboard
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Perhaps I should rephrase. Put some effort in, I know it's hard to work your braincell but you do have interesting things to say, make a new thread or be forever boring.
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stop talking to yourself, especially if you're not going to follow your advise
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i wouldnt samefag who do you take me for
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>>6528 ive made half the posts on the front page so don't tell me to take my own advice
Replies: >>6533
you've shat all over the front page is what you've done. Also: succ my dicc
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crazy how nature do that
k bye den
Do you have to shit on every person that posts on /b/ or what
Replies: >>6545
no, no, just this one entitled shitposter
Wow yeah great posting over the past day i left, glad this isn't home anymore
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Thanks cause im too dumb to know how to find the exit
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To be fair you missed a fail raid that got /b/ locked for 6 minutes
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>han solo gif

okay im staying cause you need my help
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aw he loves you
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I truly do; I need someone to volunteer for an experiment involving a full tub and a plugged toaster
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im game
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I saw a guy do something similar with aluminum foil once
Replies: >>6577
using his dick? I saw that too. The scream that followed was food for the soul
Replies: >>6578
I saw that someone post the webm please
Replies: >>6579 >>6581
I'm not sure if its against the rules or not and I'm the one who wrote them

But porn is so that's your warning
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It's not, shut up
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this is a sfw chan, believe it or not
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that's adorable
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wasted on this chan cause i aint wanted here
Replies: >>6585 >>6586
we kinda prefer quality over quantity when it comes to posts, as has been established. You can still hang out, though! just tone the spastic shtick down a bit. Or you can fuck off, I mean, it's your choice
Replies: >>6587 >>6592
That particular poster has an antiquated view on how to welcome people to /b/; he's just bustin your balls. Imageboards used to be like that back in the day, it kept people from being obnoxious attention seekers

If you still want to post here in spite of how dead we are, it's whatever. Don't mind the negative Nancy
Replies: >>6588
Ya hear me ya fookin nancy CUNT
Replies: >>6588
>[keep] people from being obnoxious attention seekers
are we not doing that anymore?

also, excuse you, the name's Nanette.
Replies: >>6589
thats not a mexican name, Consuela
Replies: >>6590
neither is Consuela, that's a U.S. thing
Replies: >>6591
hey this is not the place to be posting facts and logic

also fine, Mexican American* yeesh
>we kinda prefer quality
Can;t have quality without posters I've been posting since 2004 and looks like whenever i post with my bottomless image files i get a few replies and when i dont we get no replies so fuck you all
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also not attention seeking btw feeel free to ignore, just posting don;t judge my post speed
Replies: >>6595
We're kinda slow, yeah. IHM and I both notice when someone new posts, since they're usually wignat retards or cringy zoomer edgelords.

We don't have any issue if you choose to shitpost on /b/, that's kinda what its for. Everyone who acts like they give a fuck can eat a smelly doodoo fart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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bruh the amount of times i have stopped myself from double posting
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you're living in 1990
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get an edit function

Last edited by homicide
Replies: >>6598
Yeah I'll get right on that champ 

click the star if you're using the default theme

okay that might be staff only but you should be able to with an account theres gotta be a reason those exist
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>make an account on my anon imageboard lol
Replies: >>6600
>it doesn't even ask for an email
it also doesn't really do anything except maybe your watchlist, and stuff like spamfilter exemptions/board permissions

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Oh you logged in, just let me trip fag without that shit, don;t worry i wont use that feature cause tripfags are fags
Replies: >>6602
nah i just usually leave the name field empty because namefagging on /b/ is gay

wow it doesn't even say admin I need to fix that
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yeah ur rite
Replies: >>6604
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sage goes in all fields

the fuckin css overwrites it i cant even meme ;_;

oh it works on the overboard disregard that i suck cocks
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on reflection yeah double psting is gay and i wouldn't do that on 420chan, but i'm drunk posting again and this place os dead i just wanna post.
Replies: >>6606
i mean you could always post stairs at hotwheels, lol
>not attention seeking btw
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i am the cancer that is killing /b/
Replies: >>6618
nah you're just a common tosser
Replies: >>6619
Replies: >>6628

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST nasty, photoshopped porn is still porn

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can i be unbanned now?
Replies: >>6666
You were only banned for a day. Would you be more comfortable with a week-long ban?
Replies: >>6667 >>6684
How about not wasting a perfectly good quad GET on a power trip, thanks. 🤨
Replies: >>6668
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I am but offering a service to our guest, sir

also that's a cursed get, it should go unheeded
Replies: >>6669
I would still like a refund and a complementary 10000 series GET
Replies: >>6670
I mean, the latter's gonna take a longass while
Replies: >>6671
To be fair, I didn't think the site would hit 10k in <2 years but hey here we are.
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Might as well, i'll check all 3 new posts next week
Replies: >>6686 >>6687
Nigger I've made more than 3 posts today

Ima stop defending you if you're gonna cry about it
Replies: >>6689
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Yes good good
Replies: >>6690
Dont fucking @ me or next time it'll be you in the harbor you limey cunt
Replies: >>6691
giv us a break guv

can i post nudity if its not porn and funny?
Replies: >>6692 >>6695
I mean you can, but don't complain about what happens later
Replies: >>6710
slap your own face
I wasn't aware this was a sfw board and nudity =/= pornography
Replies: >>6711 >>6712
There are no rules on /b/ and that includes moderation.
>this is a sfw chan, believe it or not

as for nudity not being porn, why don't you try that hypothesis out, tomorrow at noon, in the streets, preferably near a school
Replies: >>6713 >>6714
also: not all nsfw material must needs be porn. That's not what "nsfw" means
Okay so why when you look at the over view of the boards some are labeled sfw and the rest aren't
Replies: >>6715
old habits
Replies: >>6716
Right so fuck off with your tone
Replies: >>6717
suck my dick, nigger
Replies: >>6718
How was I supposed to know faggot, sfw chan? What fun is that
Replies: >>6719 >>6738
>How was I supposed to know faggot
Replies: >>6720
You're trolling right, like I said it's clearly indicated b is NSFW. Update your shit if you all became sfw puss puss
Replies: >>6721
You were expressely told more than a week ago, it's not our fault you see out of your boy pussy instead of your eyes like a normal person. When does your ban from 4chan expire?
>Update your shit
Make us, coomer
Replies: >>6722 >>6723
You think I was sober for that?
Replies: >>6724
>When does your ban from 4chan
Don't worry I'll fuck off back to 420chan when it's back
Replies: >>6725 >>6731
>I am an acoholic; my brain is always functioning at 30% normal capacity, tops
f i g u r e s
Replies: >>6726
You might want to remove the porn webm I posted last week then
Replies: >>6728 >>6729
you're delirious, have a drink of alcoweed
That was a hot dog. I already warned you about the grody shit you posted.
Replies: >>6730 >>6733
w-what? I thought that was a pen??
Replies: >>6732
Yeah good luck with that, Hotwheels has to rewrite his shitty IB software from scratch.
ah yes the model pen fifteen
Maybe I am delerious I thought I saw something else but it vanished.
Replies: >>6734 >>6735
delirious*, you drunken mess
Replies: >>6735
you guys are making it super hard for me to temporarily break the entire website by arbitrarily editing files

gosh a little common courtesy i mean GEEZ

despite my best efforts, the site is still up and i am probably going to get yelled at a little
Last edited by homicide
its almost like there's a "spoiler image" button
Replies: >>6763
wtf u srs? mebs w/ acct? i dnt c it?
Replies: >>6764 >>6765
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Spoiler File
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>wtf u srs? mebs w/ acct? i dnt c it?

I will concede that it is actually a checkbox and doesn't appear until after you've selected an image, so its quite possible to overlook.

However, I feel a need to stress that this does not grant one carte blanche to post unfunny shock content like an edgelord who just discovered Encyclopedia Dramatica™️ and frankly there's other places more deserving of it.
Replies: >>6774
Shock content? Pussy it gets much worse than vagina gimili and that would be Ed level posting. but don't worry now that I'm aware this is sfw site I won't post that stuff.

Kinda would be nice if the rules were updated though.
Replies: >>6775 >>6778 >>6780
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Yeah, those were written as placeholders... in September of 2021. 

Tbh, we didn't really expect this place to blow up beyond the 4 - 6 people who remembered the url from 15 years ago, not to mention what a shitshow the whole internet has been since shortly thereafter.
I personally do appreciate that you're classier than the usual wignat faggots and cp spamming soyjak incels who treat us like some shitty 3rd world flyover country
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you're so edgy can I be your friend
Replies: >>6780 >>6781
I bet you think this song is about you

also i didn't see the actual image but that sounds hilarious and wildly inappropriate for this Christian minecraft server
I'm just stating fax mang. You know it gets much worse and I didn't only spam NSFW shit I just dumped some of my image folder which had nudity, dunno why americans so sensitive about naked body
Replies: >>6782 >>6783
sex bad guns good tax the poor
>fax mang
no nigger speech please
I know I've taken potshots at you, but they've just been friendly japes and banter. Calling me an american, however, is absolutely uncalled for.

Also I don't give a shit about nudity: I just adhere to the policy.
Replies: >>6784
>the policy
That isn't written anywhere on the site.

You guys just made this shit up to troll me.

Also i am a nigger fuk u
Replies: >>6787
>That isn't written anywhere on the site.
so? You got three friendly warning and are still crying about it
>You guys just made this shit up to troll me.
I can promise you that not one human being on this planet cares enough about you to do that
Replies: >>6788
Shut up nerd
Replies: >>6789
succ my dicc
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Replies: >>6791
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Replies: >>6792
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Replies: >>6793
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Microdosing is for brainwashed technoholic white collar wageslaves. Either do enough acid to meet and fight God, or DIE
Replies: >>6794

I met a very nice tree who helped me realize that I am a jar of dirt
Replies: >>6795
dude I'm sorry to tell you this but I think he was trying to coerce you into letting him eat you
Replies: >>6797
Naaaah it was more like one of those zen gardens where you spirograph with a rake and I was one of those grains of sand and there were like 3 planets floating outside a shimmery dome which contained me and the tree and the sand

i dont know how it even grew there, i think it was some kind of metaphor.
Replies: >>6820
I dunno about that but I smoke saliva once and turned into a clock. Is that fucked up or what
Replies: >>6821 >>6823
I swwallow my own saliva constantly and I never turn into any household appliance. Does it only work when smoking it? Do I have to cook it like crack?
Replies: >>6822
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is this u
Replies: >>6824
the one time I blasted a half gram of 30x felt like i was destined to fall face first into a drainage ditch
no, sorry
Replies: >>6825
I'm gonna assume that you have selective Amnesia when it comes to mainstream hard rock from 2000-2003
Replies: >>6826
I have selective amnesia concerning 99.9% of american "music" and "culture" in general. Is that some american dude?
Replies: >>6827
that's the guy from Saliva
Replies: >>6828
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I see
Replies: >>6829
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