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Psalm 94

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Irish phenotype
Nah Irish are more fat bald and ginger than that
all i see is every white guy ever
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they fucking wish
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I said white guys not niggers
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irish are the niggers of the world
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A nigger is a nigger regardless of race, sex, or creed

And besides, the French have niggered the world up way worse than any greasy mick.
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agreed, but we all know who takes the golden, silver, and bronze medals in all "niggering the world" olympics
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also I was just making a funny re:
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ah yes i forgot to dust off my repertoire of memes about British people from the 60s
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it's called doing the "spring clean for the may queen", and you still have a week and change, you can do it I believe in you!
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I'm not touching that, king whatshisknob will try to caress me with his awful hot dog fingers
full disclosure I'm very fond of the irish. No, Kyle Hammersmith born and raised in jew york, you're not irish.
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to be fair he's probably an italian
You've never met an actual irishman, all they do is talk forever and won't stfu
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anyone have any info on erick garland? hes hosting a space all buddy buddies with charles thompson dna company owner that studies baby dnas. 

ur mom.
hey, sure
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