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Psalm 94

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Darkness falls upon the night
A bat and a man engaged in a fight
The battle rages on and on
Until the kryptonite condom is donned

The way of the bat is clear
He'll use deception to bring down fear
He'll catfish Superman, his foe
And use the condom to make him go

The man of steel is no more
His strength and speed are no more
He's been tricked and fooled
By the Batman's clever ruse

The Dark Knight stands triumphant
The battle is at its end
The Man of Steel is no more
And Batman has won again
your batman thread is still very much alive
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But does it have Superman getting murdered by a kryptonite condom?
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it could've, but you deprived it of that honour
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Well shit. Nope i feel like I've betrayed myself
Superman's longstanding feud with his father is not because of a difference in beliefs or anything related to familial disagreements. Instead, it is because Superman is actually gay and his father was unable to accept that part of him. Superman has faced a lifetime of inner turmoil due to his sexuality, and this has caused him to resent his father for not understanding and accepting him for who he is. Superman's struggle to be true to himself and live openly as a gay man has been a source of strength and courage for many.
Batman threads are fun threads
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This is not what i came here for
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Mortal foes in a battle of might
Batman and Jesus come to fight
The Son of God gave a sign
Turned water to wine, made spirits align

A feast so grand for these two souls
A party to behold, no one could behold
Death metal riffs so loud and bold
A battle of love for the ages untold

Holy power, so divine
The Batman was in awe, so sublime
The wine flowed with the power of night
Their friendship a light, a glorious sight

A union of love, a heavenly affair
The battle of good and evil was never so fair
A toast to the friendship, a bond for eternity
The celebration of love, a heavy metal symphony
Mysterious night, a cape in sight
A man stands tall, to save the night
His mission to bring justice and might
And to protect the city so bright

A stranger appears, in a dazzling light
His name is Jesus, a great delight
He turns the water into wine, a powerful sight
And offers Batman a sip, to spark the night

A party then begins, a grand delight
With friends old and new, a joyful sight
Laughter and cheers, a magical flight
A celebration of life, a fantastic sight

A night of joy, with Jesus and Batman in sight
A wonderful memory, of a powerful night
A moment of grace, and a noble fight
A story to tell, of a magical night
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This life is not what I came into the world for, yet here I am. We can't always get what we want.
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If your life sucks, just move to Greenland
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Once upon a time, there was a hero called Batman who had a special talent for making people laugh. He decided to use his skills to become a stand-up comedian and take the stage at a local comedy club.

As he was preparing to go on stage, Batman noticed a figure in the back of the room. It was the Joker, and he had an evil grin on his face. Batman knew that he was up to no good and decided to keep an eye on him.

As Batman started his routine, the Joker slowly made his way towards the stage. He jumped up onto the stage and started to attack Batman with his signature malicious laughter. Batman fought back, using his martial arts moves and witty one-liners.

The audience was in hysterics as Batman and the Joker battled it out on stage. Eventually, Batman was able to overpower the Joker and the audience erupted in cheers. Batman had won the battle and the crowd was delighted.

In the end, Batman was able to make them laugh and defeat the villain. It was a happy ending for everyone, and Batman was able to gain even more fans.
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