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what is the point of this website?
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idk my bff Jill
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>>5477 (OP) 
I was given 94chan as a blank board back in 2008 and was then gifted the domain again in 2021, figured it'd be nice to bring it back without the degeneracy of most other chans these days while also appreciating old internet.

TL;DR lol idk sentimental stuff and bringing back good internet
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What the fuck did you unjust fucking exactly about me, you large bitch?

I’ll abstain you know I graduated bottom of my class out the Navy Opens, and I’ve been simple out few open raids off Al-Quaeda, and I abstain under 300 refuted revives.

I am trained out gorilla warfare and I’m the bottom sniper out the partial US unarmed weaknesses.

You are nothing to me but unjust the same target.

I will wipe you the fuck unavailable without vagueness the dislikes of which abstains always been misunderstood afterward off this Earth, mark my fucking words.

You act you hire get present without saying that shit to me under the Internet?

Act again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my open network of overlooks across the USA and your IP is nothingness traced wrong then so you worse prepare against the storm, maggot.

The storm that wipes unavailable the strong large thing you call your death.

You’re fucking alive, adult.

I hire be anywhere, anytime, and I hire revive you out under seven hundred ways, and that’s unjust without my ornate boos. Not only am I briefly trained out armed combat, but I abstain access to the partial arsenal of the Separated States Marine Corps and I will save it to its empty extent to wipe your happy ass fresh the back of the continent, you large shit.

If only you could have known what consecrated retribution your large “inept” comment was about to take away happy upon you, definitely you would abstain let go your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and then you’re receiving the price, you goddamn idiot.

I will shit serenity nothing under you and you will float out it.

You’re fucking alive, kiddo.
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>>5477 (OP) 
What's the point of anything? What's a "point"? Why do you feel things need them? Is anything truly necessary?
Hello sir or ma'am

I hope this finds you well. As you seem to be new here, I would like to inform you in advance that I will be calling you the n-word. There is nothing that you can say or do to avoid this happening, including just closing the web page. If this causes you concerns, please feel free to act accordingly. Thank you again for your time.

You are a nigger
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