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Psalm 94

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Has the last few years made you more or less antisocial /b/? Speaking personally, I just don't like gay people
>>6799 (OP) 
No effect. I've never been antisocial but I'm a misanthrope and enjoy being alone.
also judging by title and introductory text alone, that article is shit
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It's deeply gay as is the OP. This post has meant nothing
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>>6799 (OP) 
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>file name is an emoji
What level of zoomer faggotry is this?
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we're just trying to relate to you
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It's a unicode telephone glyph, I can't help that browsers decide to render it as the bat phone
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Thank you for being such a good ally
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you're welcome, homosexual child
>>6799 (OP) 
for me covid isn’t the reason im antisocial I’ve been antisocial for a long time and Im fine with being alone
>thank you for being such a good ally
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>thank you for being such a good ally
Double nigger
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>>6799 (OP) 
Far less social.  When it started it began becoming an opportunity for me to work on as bunch of projects I never used to have time on.  Ever since then it became a habit to give myself more and more different projects that I wouldnt have during the pandemic.  Its pretty bad tbh
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whats ur project?
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>>6799 (OP) 
that term alone, let alone having had to live through this nonsense, convinced me that the day of the rope needs to happen. Does that count as antisocial behavior? Since I really do seek for a good argument against it but I just can't find any.

Also I've learned that most people suck to the core and will turn on you without a second thought because the man in the TV said so.
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>I am inconvenienced, therefore people must die
yeah that's APD alright
>I've learned that most people suck to the core and will turn on you without a second 
so you gotta strike first amirite
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Sup Daniel Andrews, how's your concentration camp going?
If you think these "lockdowns" for what essentially is a flu in its severity were for your own health and safety rather than the opportunity for megalomanic politicians to grab authoritarian power and initiate the greatest wealth transfer to their crony buddies then it appears you haven't been paying attention.
We wouldn't trash our economy over the common cold but we did so over the kung flu. Sars 2 that is. The first Sars was just swiped under the rug because orange man wasn't president back then apparently and is what we should've done this time too. We now basically have an entire age demographic of children stuntend while we needed to carry around or medical info on some stupid phone app. Your grandma isn't any more safe either thanks to people like Governor Cuomo. And now excess death is mounting because people were either forced or coerced into taking experimental gene therapy while evidence of any control group was being supressed.
That winter vagine you're currently suffering btw might be something more serious.
You're defending a strategy that has clearly caused more suffering and evil than what should've been done instead and yet claim moral superiority.
Yes, the people responsible for the decisions that have progressed authoritarianism and made life considerably worse than it needed to be, the ceos of pharma, online commerce, social media and what not who have profited tremendously from this event and all the "journalists" who have helped spread the hysteria and all of whom don't even see a fault in their own doing clearly don't have any other recourse to them that I'm aware of.
And yes, I'm frustrated about the people who in one breath ask how people could be so stupid as to fall for 20th century dictators and in the other ostracise anyone not openly stating their loyalty to the covidian cult. Sure, most are sheep but how ought one to regard a shepherd who's willingly leading his flock down a cliff?
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Those giving up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither, faggot.
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ok, that's a weird way to announce your impending suicide, but at least you'll die
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I didn't get vaccinated and I'm still very alive.
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>a rag on your face fill protect you from a deadly virus
>deadly virus
>still believing it
Surgical masks and their approval in public spaces is great against all the CCTVs but that's it.
Believeing otherwise or that the MRNA spikes keep you from dying or are perfectly safe makes you lower the average IQ of any room you enter.
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I'm aware, and you're also not going to kill yourself (hopefully)
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The goggles Austin Summers, they do NOTHING.
go back to /pol/ if you're gonna hide behind Loki, faggot
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Amnesty is my wood chipper's name, nigger.
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>>6799 (OP) 
you takin' notes, OP?
literally no one cares
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Bro don't be an ass
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Yes, you're literally no one. Sucks, but it will not unclott you.
This dude is literally cancer
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ugh, fine
just a bunch of random stuff.  3d printing, working on a podcast, managing and distributing others music, working on some tees....the list goes on.  Dude I dont even have time to play video games
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hope you're making some dosh from it at least
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Not really, but I enjoy it all immensively
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Hey as long as you're enjoying yourself and having fun that's all that matters!
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honestly, yeah
fdm or sla? got into resin and now pla too in addition to some wood working. good hobby with potential if you pair it with some blender and freecad skills. anyway godspeed, proonter bro
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Damn that's a lot of words
ban that guy he has religion and cares
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fdm, I got it for christmas and its "ink" (e.g. filament) is way cheaper than the liquid that resin uses.  It will never match the quality of resin but its good enough for me and I can make way more drafts than I could under the budget that resin would have me with

I think you fail to realize this is a Christian minecraft server
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Eat shit.
You'll be eating plenty of it in multiple flavors when I'm through with you.
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Shut up Flounder
Quiet nigger
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No u!
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