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and nothing of value was lost

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Psalm 94

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Needs a gimmick
Don't spam blank images.
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wow how funny. Maybe try posting actual content then if you think it's dead... the point isn't to lurk more here, we actually enjoy engaging in discussion so start one
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as the systems administrator of this world wide web sight on the information super highway I feel the attached image is an appropriate reaponse to what appears to be a direct personal attack
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whoops, forgot my sage
as you can see our gimmick is "some newfag retard opens their dumbfuck cock port like we haven't been doing this for fifteen fucking years and then never posts again because they are a troglodyte"
>we actually enjoy engaging in disccussion 
Yeah on the discord maybe lmao this site dead as shit
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I'm rarely in discord, the telegram channel is much better. I try to start threads daily but you fucks don't want to actually participate because you grew up in the lurk moar era of posting instead of just shitposting eternally
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