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where's my weekend bros?! i hate phone shit so twitter and telegram can fuck off. discord wants wants my phone number (ask glow niggers... im not giving it to you) and irc is nerd shit i cant comprehend. im stuck here. how the fuck you gonna have your own chan and chat on other platforms?! baffling.
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telegram has a desktop client
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it asks for a phone number. thats a "no" for me. also... is it still "board culture" if its not on an actual board? not really so anon if "they" got your number. i mean, sure theyve already got my shit cause windows, backdoors, glow niggers, bla bla bla but i mean i dont want to just give it away. let me at least pretend anon. youre here. wtf is wrong with you? r u a tearaway retard like me? i mean i could get faggy apps i guess but this just feels homey. you know? tell me im wrong.
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Just get a burner sim you moron
lmao use a burner sim like the other dude said or use a receive sms service
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the number i use for discord/tg doesn't even exist
>>5376 (OP) 
>where's my weekend bros?!
Outside. Go it.

every sms service number i get is banned. i cant see buying a burner just to post on telegram.
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Try different numbers on different websites until you get one that works, my discord and Twitter are registered using numbers from some small distant Island i had never even heard of prior to finding the numbers
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