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Psalm 94

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The Internet is so fucking sanitised now, there are like maybe 10 big sites and they're all moderated to fuck. Google search is garbage, anyone remember when if you searched something niche you might find a chan thread (probably fell off the bottom of the board but at least you'd find a community) or you'd find some forum posts 30 pages deep. Now you search for something and you get list websites and reddit at best.

Wtf happened and where are the good communities of old now? Surely not chans cause by 2010 metrics every chan is beyond dead.

Anyway sorry no good image I'm on my phone, I hope this chan strips exif data
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Sorry, anon. It's time you abandon your cocoon and step into the real world if you're searching for a community to belong to.
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>>6241 (OP) 
>Wtf happened and where are the good communities of old now? Surely not chans cause by 2010 metrics every chan is beyond dead.

Most of the larger chans have either changed ownership (4chan) or have admins who don't care anymore and let people post degenerate shit (7chan) or were sold to a diaperfur to make some kind of safe space (420chan).

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a shell of its former self ever since the Forums came to be. GNAA is currently doing whatever Gayniggers do in America (probably fuck all), and any other active boards that run ViChan are basically all assumed to be compromised (since Kuz bought it)

>Anyway sorry no good image I'm on my phone, I hope this chan strips exif data

At least you're smart enough to turn location off.
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Never, you grow up, your dreams die, you just want the place where all the nerds hang out online back again for after your shift.

I blame commercial internet

And thanks other poster for good info, 420chan was home but it was shit years before it finally 404'd. Recent news isn't good really, it's gonna be shit again, you guys gonna go there when it's back up?

So no online communities like the glory days? Even if slow. I guess I'll just post here, it's good enough
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You sound like you have a distorted image of what growing up can be. You don't need internet communities that'll only further feed that unhealthy worldview. You need to do some introspective work and expose yourself to the unknown, scary as it may seem at first. You need to fortify your will and experience reality, knocks and all, so that you may shape it into what you want it to be before it's too late. It's already too late for the internet, so you better get on with it before you find yourself old, calcified, and unable to cope with reality.
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Wait hangon I'm pretty insulated from hot wheels, I know kirt sucked him in the irc but I dont remember much else. Is the diaperfur shit not ironic. Safe space?! Safe space you say? Tell me youre joking.

I hope kirt overdoses
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Hey, most mods don't drive users away unless they're me. Faggot.

The past couple years have been pretty fucking cursed. See >>>/pol/187 if you need caught up
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I'm stranding far, faaaaaaaaaaar away from my usual modus operandi of trying to get people to ruin their lives for a giggle, and actually trying to offer someone sincere and realistic advise to improve their quality of life. Fuck me, right?

Pic related: Me when I remember others "exist"
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you're supposed to tell him to do a kickflip sir
I brought 94chan back on purpose. Originally ran it from 2008-2012, same owner, same mission. You're welcome here.

>420chan was home
For me too because rasslin until I got mod briefly and found out they hosted cp on hidden boards

>will you go back
not to post, no.
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Thanks for advice, yeah I always have self improvement to work on but what's wrong with wanting a place I can relate to to post on instead of Facebook or something like that, it's not like everyone just stopped using Internet. 

Also what are you doing here?
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We basically brought the boards back so we can shitpost without worrying about being deplatformed by some uptight cunt with a checkmark or inferiority complex

also yeah, basically what >>6256 said
>Also what are you doing here?

t a k i n g c a r e o f b u s i n e s s
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take it easy~
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Ok Don Felder
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and you call yourself an oldfag

ur jus old
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stop bullying me ;_;
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be more like the chad
Sanitized internet le bad even though normies stay on their goyslop webites
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until some checkmark gets buttmad enough to bring it to national attention yeah
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Unlikely, next gen users love their corporate group think or they give up and be tech illiterate outdoor normies
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unfortunately that's what I said the last time, but it seems people love shifting the paradigm
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The last time?
I think you meant "but it seems I love being wrong"
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Yeah totally would have, if Kiwigate never happened.
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