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Psalm 94

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A hacker has put the Discord.io user database up for sale on the darknet, as reported by the Telegram channel "Information Leaks". 

The unknown seller offers more than 760 thousand records, including e-mail addresses, hashed passwords and other personal data of registered users, as well as access to the Discord.io server - a third-party interface for the popular messenger Discord. 

As proof of the authenticity of his database, the hacker provided a sample of several records. Tests showed that the logins in question corresponded to real Discord users. Representatives of the messenger have not yet commented on the information about the leak. In turn, users advised to change account passwords and enable two-factor authentication in accounts. 

Earlier, the book service "Litres" said that it had organized an internal investigation into the leak of personal data of customers.
what, again?
isnt it .gg anyway
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I thought it was just .com
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