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Psalm 94

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high as fuck rn and dont know hat to post. would you take this offer?
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>>9086 (OP) 
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it says "ill pay you 10 grand for every dead cop"
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oh i'm just drinking my morning coffee don't mind me
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tarantino cameos always get me. like he always says the n-word. is it even necessary?
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aw, you're precious. don't go to /pol/
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im not saying its offensive, in fact its kinda funny. i just wanna know why he needs to.
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>>9086 (OP) 
its a really great comic called nemesis reloaded
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I'd love to get paid for spreading the gospel of Acab, but I haven't the necessary tools
what did he do after?
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it's funny until it isn't, and that's why you'd do well not to bother with /pol/. Also he doesn't need to, he just want to do something taboo knowing he can get away with it. Might as well be theft. He's an attention whore through and through
Mudkip says YEA
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a bunch of fucked up shit
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>>9086 (OP) 
im to high for this shit
Killing people is not fucked up. Along with eating, shitting, fucking, and dying, it's the most basic shit ever.
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ok, edge lord.
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Hilarious that you'd call anyone pointing out obvious fucking 101 kindergarten stuff "edgy" while you read this pointless shock schlock tripe. Comic book people are the fucking worst.
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you must have been a hitler youth, if that was what you got out of kindergarten
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Simply couldn't wait to whipe out the hitler card, eh Godwin? Nevermind, I shouldn't be expecting any better from a comic book reader.
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didn't Godwin write Spawn
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No, he wrote The Adventures of Caleb Williams and famously fucked Mary Shelley into existence, but that's neither here nor there.
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Mary Shelly? So he's radioactive? That's nuts
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Not, of course, to take away from Mary Wollstonecraft's own writing prowess and ability to take a power-creampie like a champ.
No, you're thinking of *Cecil Kelley*
where did you get that from? are you thinking of marie curie?
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Isnt that the pilot woman who disappeared on Iwojima or whatever
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I don't remember any pilots disappearing on a nuked japanese city
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Yeah that one was a bit of a stretch
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half the word, and all the vocals, are the same and in the same order. Come on, give a guy a break
>>9086 (OP) 
there's a drugs board u kno
This Comic is awesome
It's been years since I've been able to read the word "awesome" on the internet without imagining a zit-riddled 19 year old with a backwards cap and those retarded shutter glasses drinking cold fizzy piss, reacting to one of his identical-looking friends doing something inane like a handstand, filming it with the shakiest of hands (vertically, of course), somewhere in, say, south California. Point being, the word is tainted and tainst those who use it. Don't be a taint.
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