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Psalm 94

soy j  ak . party won
no they didnt
>>5676 (OP) 
Why doesn't your faggot admin come here? Is he scared of a woman?
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he says if you fight him he will let you keep your next child. 'jak spells are strong.
Replies: >>5680 >>5682
false and gay
>>5676 (OP) 
the fagit of the year award
I think he's too busy writing blog posts about how to attract more underaged reddit boys to his underground bunker. Also, he's sad I miscarried because it means it's one less child he can attempt to groom.
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'ight the owner of the 'jak, bitch.
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Good work worshiping a chink jew.
Replies: >>5733
Never knew trans-russian was a thing until today.
Replies: >>5686
Oh there are thousands of them in Russia already and they support themselves by getting fucked on onlyfans by russian pensioners and alcoholics.
Replies: >>5687
Way to miss the mark entirely
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what does that mean i dont even
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I'm sick of you making fun of me. I now identify as black, this is a hate crime.
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Explains everything.
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>>5676 (OP) 
Kill yourself
>>5676 (OP) 
Fucking pedophile supporters
He looks like a failed Epstein KEK
>>5676 (OP) 
Failed ass website that only incels use, fuck off with that nigger shit
>>5676 (OP) 
When have you had sex?
>>5676 (OP) 
>>5676 (OP) 
How many estrogen pills have you taken?
>>5676 (OP) 
Won what? Virgin pass?
I mean that website is more mocked than Incel.me use to be
>>5676 (OP) 
Stop using tor to spread your sick pedo dreams. You know what you could do? Get the nearest razor
>>5676 (OP) 
Dial 8 tranny
>>5676 (OP) 
You want me to mail you a rope?
>>5676 (OP) 
>come to 94chan
>be a soyboy tranny
>get btfo by woman
>cope seethe mald dilate
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>>5676 (OP) 
We are on your mind everyday.
94 keeps winning 
>Better than 7chan
>Better than Soyfaggot
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>>5676 (OP) 
Keep posting cp, and pretending that you are better lmao
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>>5676 (OP) 
You didn't masturbate today, did you?
>>5676 (OP) 
>4chan hates soyjak
>kiwifarms hates soyjak
>94chan hates soyjak
>incels hate soyjak
>7chan hate soyjak

((( WINNING )))
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>>5676 (OP) 
You motherfuckers keep coping harder than trannies. When will you realize than you are the ones posting cp??
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>>5676 (OP) 
You like the taste of our cock in your mouth?
>>5676 (OP) 
Time to tell >>>/i/ about this degeneracy
Replies: >>5716
>>5676 (OP) 
Man, we living rent free everyday fucking imagine.
>>5676 (OP) 
>>5676 (OP) 
Fucking right?
These sickos are thinking they are better for posting child porn on Chan boards for intimidation.
>>5676 (OP) 
Tell your femboy admin to come here fucker. Watch him get arrested
>>5676 (OP) 
Cops are coming
>>5676 (OP) 
They won in the most child porn posting sure! Soon the feds will shut it all down and 94 will reign
((( 94 RENT FREE )))
>>5676 (OP) 
>>5676 (OP) 
>Sexual frustrated individual
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This is you>>5676 (OP) 
>>5676 (OP) 
We stand against faggots that have to post animal porn and cheese pizza. Tell us when your admin does too.
For the past couple of days these faggots have spammed the boards with CP, lolicon, gore, and bestiality porn. I have logs of the mods discussing it in my discord, so these accusations are not unfounded.
Replies: >>5728
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You deserve whatever comes to you. Rest in piss, OP.
Fucking disgusting we got to put this shit to an end
Replies: >>5730
>>5676 (OP) 
I'm about to snitch harder than 69
It is disgusting. I try my hardest to not put my users at risk, but it's pretty hard when you have subhumans like this posting these things just to try and shut me down.
Replies: >>5731

I've been on here when I'm awake deleting shit but it seems that they wait until it's retarded hours
Replies: >>5732
excuse me woman, who is this?
Replies: >>5735
Kuz, the ultimate faggot.
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As funny as that would be, that's not kuz. He takes the photos of somebody named Eduardo Folts from his social media and uses them as his own. Eduardo Folts is a Russian construction worker in his 20s and is unrelated to kolyma, but is suspected to be an acquaintance of kuz. After kuz took control of soyjak.party, he would ban anybody who namedropped Folts so most users of his sites are unaware of this because he's tried to cover it up as much as possible.
Replies: >>5751
Valuable information, anon. What else can you tell me?
Replies: >>5755
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Somebody claiming to be a friend of Kuz made a post on jakparty.soy (a splinter site created after kuz bought soyjak.party. it has its own controversies so take this source hesitantly) and revealed some info about him https://archive.ph/efGAR
About jakparty.soy - When Kuz banned any mentions of Folts, many users of soyjak.party went to jakparty.soy to discuss Folts and Kuz freely as its admin Lute is against Kuz and his purchase of soyjak.party. It had and still has a problem with child porn and other illegal material so I would be careful visiting it.
There are screencaps of Eduardo's social medias and an old account of Eduardo's was found with pictures of him as a child, and his date of birth is listed as July 26 1999.
Kuz appointed Sobot, a 16 year old Argentinian boy(?it's unsure whether he's female or male), to be mod on the soyjak.party. Their IRC chat was leaked and showed Kuz, who lives in Memphis, inviting Sobot to fly to his city. When this came out Kuz shot it down as "just a joke" and dismissed Sobot from mod. Sobot is widely known on the 'party and pictures he took of his face and legs are posted every day multiple times. Some think that his pictures are posted by Sobot himself - I haven't seen proof that's true, but I have noticed that the filenames are the same almost every time they're posted. The filenames are 1106462.jpg, so.png, sobot-new.png, probably one or two others.
In February 2022, a video containing child porn was spammed by a discord user "Goth". Goth (who said he posted the child porn because "it was funny") was doxxed and was found to be a 16 year old Cypriot named İtil Altın (dox https://archive.is/9fhUA, more info https://archive.ph/hemkC). Goth often spams soyjak.party with things intended to incriminate Kuz. Just yesterday, Goth posted telegram screencaps on /soy/ of somebody using the name "Kuz" saying pedophilic things in a chat. He posted on soyjak.party's Kiwi Farms thread under this account https://kiwifarms.net/members/gothniggasoy.146790/
This is what I can remember off the top of my head. If you're going to find info about him yourself, be careful about where you get your sources. Enough can be found on him without making things up.
Checked and based, thank you.
So these faggots are all children? Let's deport them back to Mexico
This ruined my experience with jaks
All I see on incel is complaining
>>5676 (OP) 
They're literally a fed gayop brigade shutting down alt-chans because they know that 4troon is controlled opposition.
Soyack party has drama? What the fuck, here I thought it was all mindless shitposting
Replies: >>5915
It has become more of a drama Queen place since May of 2021 as I remember.
Even sister site isn't that much Safe.
New default UI for sharty looks off.
Sidson city looks ok, but I know it will succumb to drama queens
The sharty did indeed win. Losers who run this site have to deal with this site wish they got engagement.
te fuk dos dis meen

Can you try that again but in English?

My ass, we've been around longer.
Pedophiles never win
Soyjak party is literally 20 morons doing shitty raids that don't amount to anything. They're pretty harmless
Replies: >>5970
they are all a bunch of weak faggots
Replies: >>5985
Some of them spam BLACKED jokes sometimes and that ain't that funny.
Replies: >>5990
You need BBC therapy.
Replies: >>5999
Replies: >>6003
She's right though
Replies: >>6004
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