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Psalm 94

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Does anyone else wonder how they manage consistently the most annoying, contrarian, henpecking creatures in all the internet?
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Safe to say its just trannies lol
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taste these nuts
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piss off, we're trying to figure out why his uploads are all +8px
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what's a px

also I know it's way late but to answer OP it's because the overwhelming majority of its users are from the U.S.
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The case has been solved gentlemen, repo jannie tom will have to fix it.
I could cry all day about how reddit played a part in the homogenisation and sanitisation of the Internet but it wouldn't change anything.
>>3593 (OP) 
Tbh hating offsite communities has been a part of imageboard culture pretty much as long as I can remember kek. When it wasn't Reddit it was blogging, Gaia, myspace, or whatever else
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Didn't mention ebaumsworld because technically we hated it for watermarking memes; not being a different community
call me a zoom zoom but wtf is gaia?
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it was a place where pedophiles and cia agents groomed children in the early 2000's
Nigger, google exists
zoom zoom
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