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Psalm 94

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Tired of faggots arbitrarily posting whatever they want?
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it was pretty lolworthy when it happened 17 years ago tho
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Bro I can barely remember 19 years ago
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you said you'd never forget
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i have a friend from the USA who is
atm flying to china for the purpose of setting up and running a Tor node for 30+ days 

the end goal is to not be imprisioned by the authorites while proving that it is indeed possible to have safe and private communication no matter your location. 

this all started due to a thread on 4chin's /g/ board. 

i am in contact with him and i will be posting updates
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So to do the would be inferring couldnt but bearing with me factual chances escalating iridescent milkshake delivery tomorrow.
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that you are in the true correction
well did he set it up or not?
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Probably not

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help me.
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shhh dont make him double report you again
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Im ascared
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>>7191 (OP) 
Looks like a nigger
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Thank you so much for the attention that I whore myself out for!!!!!!!!!!<3<3
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What was your first cell phone? Mine was the lg cosmos.  This mf went thru the wash almost 4 times and still survived.  Albeit the last time I had to use a donor unit to replace the screen.
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>>7376 (OP) 
This but in motorola flavor. Also had the Samsung Juke, LG EnV touch, and HTC Thunderbolt. Still salty I never had a razor.
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ion fuckn know; I can tell you about my last one: I was in my mid 20s and was a so-called smartphone. I smashed it against the ground two and a half years ago after a regrettable exchange with my then landlord
I had something like that, you could extend the antenna too.
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something like this

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should i pay for parallels or just use virtualbox ?
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Parallels is really, really good
Just bee urself Mudkip
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>>7234 (OP) 
Why are you paying for software that isn't cracked if you're not a company that gets audited?
The bees have been eaten by the wasps.

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Do you think training to fight because you believe civilizational collapse is imminent? I'll probably be a pensioner before it gets too bad but hard times causes an increase in violent crime and I think we should all put the effort in to not be fat sad sacks of shit that get choked out immediately.
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Ur my American friend right, America always saves the day right ?right? Don't leave me here with these feral piss in the bus stop outside my house beasts
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It is The End. It is the end for everyone but the shadows. You have done what you could, and will fare for a while, but collapse will be total and unstoppable. The inevitable impending imminen collapse of society will fall upon us all, starting with the United States and reaching the ends of the world. There is nothing anyone can do. Training and ammo are just a way to postpone fate, but fate will prevail. Good bye.
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That post is the best post I read for years. I gotta write a metal song now
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Suddenly you don't seem too preoccupied with your impending doom and the doom of those you care about. This is serious shit, and it is already underway. Bleak doesn't begin to describe it. Violent won't be nearly enough to encompass the fate of those who still uphold the ways of civilisation. We are now, today, at a stage where the ammo and the training would be put to better, more pious use if it were used to put our loved ones and ourselves out of our misery and to avoid the harrowing scenes soon to develop all over western civilisation. Darkness has already begun to fall, and we have been defeated. But by all means go write a metal song.

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Carnage and chaos, a deathly scream
Grimaces milkshake, his power unseen
Bringing all the boys to the yard, his wrath divine
He can teach you, but his price is so high

Icy fingers grip your throat, choking your breath
Your mind a vortex, spinning out of control
Grimaces milkshake, a lesson to learn
His curse upon you, no chance to break

Fiery abyss, a life of despair
Grimaces milkshake, a never ending nightmare
Bringing all the boys to the yard, for his vile delight
He can teach you, but with terror and fright

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Where do you poop then?
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how else do you make the milkshake
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hurr hurr hurr turlet

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My heart is filled with anger and hate
As I watch the Dark Knight penetrate
The Clown Prince of Crime in a brutal way
And hear his screams in a morbid display

His body broken by the Dark Knight's might
As he's sodomized in a terrible plight
The Joker's cries echo through the night
His life taken by Batman's might

The Dark Knight's vengeance has been brought
The Joker's life has been caught
The grim deed of his fate
His screams of pain will never abate

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do you burp iridescent bubbles
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You're just jealous of my amazing poetry power
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Get the fuck over yourself, cockwagon.

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something like tons of interesting prompts. hundreds or thousands
all dfferent
technically interesting plans t get some few hundreds traffics or sales
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Wolf spider.
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draw spiderman every three seconds
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