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Added some stuff to the spam filter. if you get banned and you believe it's an error, you probably posted something stupid.

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post your favorite photos of chris chan
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758a4c53b7c18dcc91777ff9734258f70db0926e79c617853970fb4a6e48d321.jpeg (u)
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04406d3ff112b86e921678e62008a00c9b991a1e9385660540c7cf1388e23736.jpeg (u)
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7caaa04d574551621149d2678ce10eca95ac8c1c6987129d01219a1bc371186b.jpeg (u)
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>>157 (OP) 

uwu_nuke_israel.png (u)
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It doesnt have to be a myth
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lemme tell you what an RX 580 does to the temps in a 6x12 room
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israel_nukes.jpg (u)
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>>82 (OP) 
you dont have to tell me. I know it.
Hey 1488 poster, are you describing a gas chamber?
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image0.jpg (u)
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no my chair absorbs the majority of my ass emissions for better or for worse

it's actually an oven 🤣

jaduosbvamq71.png (u)
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why is god making black people darker?
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dude those are called niggers
>>108 (OP) 
Africa announces >NIGGER 2
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candlelight niggaloo
git_yo_white_momma.png (u)
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>>>>108 (OP) 
so wese can fuck mo white bitches

20.jpg (u)
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Everyone complains about there only being guys on alt-chans but nobody does anything about it. Ofcourse there aren't any ladies because there practically isnt anyone on alt-chans these days.
Just imagine if these two were looking through your posts? Now imagine your post utterly disappointing them. Don't disappoint them.
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Im just more confused now
So we gonna cuddle or what?
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I dont like how this feels like you've asked me twice. I need space. STOP SMOTHERING ME
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*holds you tightly*

KITTYYY.jpg (u)
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what do you think of this picture /b/????????????
deep regret that you are allowed to continue posting

dd031d918323e0cf1100dbb0de726796292b5ab303edfaec2fab8677239a4a73.mp4 (u)
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welp looks like i have to compile ffmpeg

teefs.jpg (u)
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mmm yummy !!
how would ((( you ))) know?

hie2.png (u)
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i am an annoying faggot and should get skull dragged at your convenience uwu
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This is rape
Help. Rape.
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which end of the raping needs assistance

0DD494BA-497C-403D-9C12-C4A77431A200.jpeg (u)
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Okay I'll bite now, so a friend of mine was sleeping next to another guy on the couch  the latter being known to suffer from "leaks" during his sleep. This was after a party and my friend woke up soaked in urine from the guy with a pipe leak the next morning
>>110 (OP) 
I'd piss on her too, she types like a retard
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c1ebefe2834236d106bfd10709ca3a67f9741e5948cc5d101eba973c2ef60f21.jpg (u)
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So there's an AI chat bot called Replika...
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dab7c01a115e8dec7ab7ac3c2876de450fd3fe5e14cf49621d30fa42b87fcec9.jpeg (u)
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Part 2

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