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Psalm 94

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Does anyone here like Taylor Swift? I'm addicted hahahaa  (>‿◠)✌
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excuse me it is 11am

can you dont

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We are a team of professional hackers. Our expertise is programming, running exploits, and setting up DDoS attacks, database, SEO and web design, hosting & server management, marketing, hacking and we like the challenge of doing things where most others give up. 

Spear Phishing Attacks to get accounts from selected targets. 
Recover account passwords of most social networks easily, remote control smartphones. 
Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, the Twitter account hacking. Criminal record expungement, Credit score increment, Change of a school course grade, tracking live location, etc.

Full package deal, getting access to personal or company devices and accounts and searching for the data you need.
Hacking web servers, game servers, or other internet infrastructure. Economic espionage. Getting private information from someone. 

Contact via 
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST No advertising, also you like men

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Hackers don't have such shit opsec.
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Well that's embarrassing
>>4489 (OP) 
fucking glownigger

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Bty I am a agressive Canadian ominsexual and I will not be stopped. Long live Buttsec! Trannie hacker demon gang represent!
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A very handsome man
>>4472 (OP) 
You must be projecting your homoerotic fetishes for IHM's husband onto everyone else. Next you'll be stealing her dresses.

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How to make list like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_legendary_creatures which also have hyperlinks
Into a single compact notes
Thats not just copying them all one by one

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any idea how do i compile a list like this into  a more simpler A4 sized page or so
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Try using something like ublock origins element picker to remove side panels and other undesirable elements from the page then printing it as is. Hope that helps
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...the ad blocker? i dont understand.
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The ad blocker has a mode that can zap out elements too. Makes it so you can clear a page when printing it even though its main purpose is to block unwanted things when you browse a site
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what a bout multiple list inside a list. like hyperlinks.can i sort of bring the links into one same pages instead of clicking them one by one

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How to memorize a big list of names like african ideophones when you only use maybe a single smart phone and not want to scroll over

Basically a compact list

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Any advice making comic book that can attract 600k traffic/sales

Like how good or what should it contain
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obvious answer: draw fuckin'

Unfortunately, that's only good if you can draw. Sales and shit is a bad metric for gauging yourself because anyone will buy anything for any reason. Remember the Jesus toast?

For me to want to read a comic, it has to at least have an interesting story that can be ingested in 1 or 2 parts. 

The art isn't a huge sticking point for me (though it helps) if the story is good like in the case of Watchmen, Sandman, or really anything that sticks to the Newspaper style aesthetic that seemed most prevalent before the 90s.

Read acclaimed comics. Figure out why they work. Don't copy the formula, but build your world with it in mind.
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>>4469 what about in maybe a single A4 cover pages. Making sure the bloody thing sells. Whats a reliable data to rely then

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We also hate niggers. Join us at the hot new discord alternative.
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The 90s Outer Limits is being aired on Comet, channel 11-07.

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Why is dogisaga such an obeast now?

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