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Psalm 94

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What is ur favorite ventrillo/game chat troll u have ever heard?
Ive been watching this shit all day...this is fucking halarious

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from a logical standpoint you could go far even as but if it doesn't afraid of anything then the consequences will never be the same
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are ya goofin' up, son?
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oh sorry did i accidentally a word
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yes. problem?
*le troll face

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Kazuya don't deserve this
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>>8072 (OP) 

What the fuck did i just watch
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your conception video! congradelations!!!

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What was your most fond irc chat you were a part of and if its not around anymore what caused its death?
internet communities are cancer, and are the reason the world is as it is now

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What is your least favourite mene?
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its the jazz that's non-euclidian

writing is dumb
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oh no, Lee Morgan is hard-bop, at least at this point in time (1957)
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my god, a time traveler
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Hello /b/.  today when I was passing near the railways, I saw that my ex-girlfriend (ihm) but this is not the main thing, the main thing is that I saw how she was hit by a diesel locomotive - the next day I got a job as a driver
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OP may I direct your attention to
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Spoiler File
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sus magus
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mah gussy
Sticky tip


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A strange yet great adaption of mr bean. Your opinion?
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I fucking love Mr. Bean
Creator of the thread: i ordered a set from china that contains the original 2001-2003 series, ill maybe post a photo on xmas.
Blackadder S2-4+films > live shows w/Pythons > Thin Blue Line > Not the Nine O'Clock News > We Are Most Amused > his voice acting > Blackadder S1 >>>>> Mr. Bean >>>>>>>>>> all the other shit he's done especially that Johhny English fiasco
It's funny but it's still a rather distant second place to rowan's imo.

> be me
> steal all the code for this website
> make it my own
> "I'm a business man"
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>>>IHM ## Admin
He is pretty good, I'm abandoning the mission because reading this shit is like trying to sleep with bees in my ears
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Wow you sure showed us
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Want me to show you my goon cave next?
>>8010 (OP) 
the only thing you are is a slightly below average 4channer. Go ahead and do something that'll get you perma'd so we can all move on with our lives

11 Months of physical and psychological torture to "get me to eat vegetables" (make better life choices). I found out they were pedophiles and they've ruined my life. Audio files contain all the torture, beratement, humiliation I endure 24/7 and to this very moment done by illegally bombarding me with EM radiation (sound is in the air). Videos, images, text documents contain information I've been collecting, cars that I've seen following me all over the country, etc... it may not all be accurate, but I'm fearing for my life and not sure how much longer I have to live. I most likely now have cancer from prolonged em radiation exposure and have severe PTSD from the trauma they caused me. Patterns emerge over time, and the pattern is clear: I was never supposed to know this was happening, and because I found out, they've been ruining my life in various terrible ways using technology and social engineering. As far as I can tell, they've been doing damage control for months now, perpetuating the whole ordeal while keeping everyone else who is involved in the dark while they tried to figure out what to do with/about me. Now most people involved know that they've been lied to and that I never consented to any of this nor wanted it in the first place. Even to this very moment as I type I'm hearing, "nobody is going to believe. just kill yourself" over and over. I'm not sure if anybody can help me and I'm suicidal at this point, not because I want to die, but because I've been tortured for 11 months now with no end in sight all to emotionally blackmail me into not doing things they don't want me to like leaving my own house or eating sugar. I was literally actually tortured (isolation, sleep deprivation, drugging, shocking, food/water deprivation, and beratement) for 2 weeks straight earlier this year until they coerced a "confession" out of me to both use as emotional blackmail and to shift their blame onto me while others perpetuated the "process" thinking they were "fixing" me or "helping" me. In the end, they were all lied to by a certain few individuals to cover what they were doing.

Evidence I have can be corroborated by others involved and literally anyone who may have been recording anything at any time in the area for any reason........ People involved can corroborate my story and the identities of the people involved; some that I have already identified. I have evidence in my body as far as I can tell and as far as I have been told, but every time I get X-rays to prove such, I never get the results. I've requested medical records from a recent hopsital visit and a doctor visit, both of which I had X-rays done, but I never receive the images with the records even when specifically asking for them. They've stolen my identity and have been controlling basically every aspect of my life for years now. I haven't received any mail for years pertaining to SSD, Medicaid, or otherwise because as far as I can tell, they are lying to the government in my name. I can't work regardless because of what they have done and are still doing to me at this very moment: keeping me in a highly distressed state, running my mind in circles, going through the same story over and over for......brainwashing. And because of that, I sit at home, staring off in space, unable to function as a human. All so they can attempt to force me to do what they believe is "right" or what's "better" for me.

- As I type this, they are telling me they are going to tell everyone I'm a pedophile and/or paranoid schizophrenic to smear my name and/or discredit me. It seems quite telling to me that instead of denying any of this, they have already planned to smear my name instead of defending from the facts. So be prepared for some social engineering to sway opinions/emotions instead of focusing on the validity of my claims. I'm currently uploading all of my evidence. I have 200GB of data uploaded already and much more is coming. I am unable to review the evidence myself as they have full control of all my online accounts and computer/phone as far as I can tell. -

My physical body is failing at this point, so all I want is to attempt to stop these people from doing this to anyone else before I perish. I've lost 60-70lbs since they started doing this to me. I have a lump on my testicle. I have moles and red spots all over my skin. This may or may not be from radiation exposure they've given me, but I didn't have a lump on my testicle until a few weeks ago. They manipulate my emotions by various means to prevent me from getting the help I need - health, legal, otherwise. And I have accumulated severe PTSD which has affected every aspect of my life.

"Nobody is ever going to believe you. Just kill yourself."

Torture and brainwashing to eat my vegetables.

Please help. Please advise.

Some of torturers:
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>>8007 (OP) 
nice pasta, but
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>>8007 (OP) 

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T. Black shemales
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8000 get
Only you had the power to stop it, and chose not to. You must hate your mother.
based get, dead mother approved

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