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what kind of rendering, colors,. and composition should a picture(that i make)be in to becpme something that worth of hundred thousand views/traffic like in deviantarts and so
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First, pull your head out of your ass.
Secondly, fuck off with your idiocy.
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>>1127 you first, chimp. LOL
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eggplant yourself nigga
shut the fuck your horse up

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saw ur ad on neon. anything interesting here?
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Fuck it, I'll stick around

I like IBs, we shouldn't let them die out
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Originally ran from 2008-2012. Was just revived this year and the owner is some hot goth bitch named IHM. I dont think she'd ever let it die

suck a fuck furfaggot
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Hold the fuck on. If you're a furry you can get fucking lost right now
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What region are you from, anon?
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From Burgerland
>the confedera-sahh
In other words you are surrounded by
Dirty hillbillies
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- Blacks
- Africans
- Mulattos
- Afro-Americans
- Jamaicans
- Indians
- Else (then what)


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>>1103 (OP) 
so basically you jerk off to ebony porn is what youre saying?

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https://youtu.be/KxXYxEGmXQM wanna play music like this... the melody dont exist only in the right hand/tenor but also in the bass, basically so fucking flexible and mature holy fuck why.. does not seem like there is any theory to that....

like how does he know and fluently move both hands differently...
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>>1085 (OP) 
I wish my penis was an instrument
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>>1087  reported idiot
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Hi OP.

Thank you for taking the time to report this post. Unfortunately, as it doesn't violate any site wide rules, no action will be taken.

hi quick question what the fuck
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Bawwwwwwwwww nigger bawwwwww

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Not sure where to post this so I figured /b/ would be the best place. 94chan is invited to a /christmas/ party tomorrow! If you would like to make a thread, feel free!
>There will be a Christmas radio on anon.cafe/christmas featuring music (Christmas and non-Christmas) from prolikewoah/animu, smuglo.li (probably, working out the details with that DJ), and anon.cafe/l 
>Music stream will happen on the 18th of December from 9AM Saturday American West Coast to roughly 9PM or later (5PM Saturday to 5AM Sunday GMT/UTC, or 2AM Sunday to 2PM Tokyo time)
>There will be a separate games thread for anons who want to play games, with servers and hosts edited into the OP since the goal is for anons to socialize and enjoy themselves- OJ, EDF, and Veloren are probably on the books right now.
>You can make your own lobbies for the games thread without being tied to a board, but it's a good chance to advertise your board
>Feel free to make an advertising thread promoting your board. If you want to have a fun activity attached, that is also welcome!
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And we're live: https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/267.html

>>1064 (OP) 
I suck at parties but thank you & merry christmas
shout out to endchan
>shout out to endchan
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My niggies.

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Meanwhile in Lithuania
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>>1057 no
As a fellow sopranos fan, I approve of this

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niggers lmao
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the bear is brown, and yearns for sex with underage white skin tinted girls
Not cool anon. Bad look.
what's so funny?
>>1040 (OP) 

sup /b/

I'm curious. What gets you off? Any specific kinks? I like being rough and dominant. And shoving my dick down her throat and having my cum swallowed.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST What gets me off is you getting the fuck out

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we all pay for our women. Whether it's a ticket for a movie or a dinner.
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omg thats sexist
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is it sexist or is it true

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tfw 1000get sucks
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Nice shitty vpn btw
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i think it's a cell phone
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it's nokia 3310
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what kind of newfag technology is that 

*beeps in cocaine*

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