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Psalm 94

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I miss u britany
you dumb bitch who hated pornography for nothing other than no other reason (lel)
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>>7743 (OP) 
Porn is for faggots also hi
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Drugs are for straights
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you must be hard gay after all

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Once upon a time, in a fictional world where the lines between reality and fantasy crossed paths, lived a unique quartet comprised of Batman, Eric Cartman, Hitler, and Jesus. Despite their diverse backgrounds and conflicting ideologies, fate had brought them together on an extraordinary adventure.

The story begins when a mysterious artifact, known as the Infinity Crystal, is discovered in the heart of Gotham City. This mystical crystal possessed unimaginable powers, capable of bending reality itself. Sensing the potential danger it posed, Batman, the vigilant protector of Gotham, set out on a mission to retrieve and safeguard the crystal.

Meanwhile, across many dimensions, Eric Cartman from South Park, stumbled upon a portal leading to Gotham. Driven by his desire for power and control, he schemed to possess the crystal and reshape reality according to his whims. Unbeknownst to him, Hitler, the notorious dictator, also discovered the portal, seeking a chance to rewrite history in his favor.

Just as these malevolent forces converged upon Gotham, Jesus, the embodiment of compassion and understanding, sensed the imbalance that threatened the universe. He decided to intervene, not to dominate or conquer, but to guide and restore harmony.

When Batman encountered Eric Cartman's attempt to seize the crystal, he fought fiercely, determined to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. In the midst of their chaotic battle, Jesus arrived, his presence calming the storm of conflict.

Recognizing the depth of Cartman's ambition and the temporal rendezvous of past and present, Jesus confronted him. With his ability to see beyond the surface, Jesus discovered the source of Cartman's anger and insecurity. Rather than engaging in physical combat, Jesus chose compassion and empathy as his weapons.

Through patient dialogues, Jesus helped Cartman understand the destructive nature of his desires. He opened Cartman's eyes to the consequences his actions would have on others, urging him to find a path of redemption and growth.

Simultaneously, Batman faced off against Hitler, who was consumed by his hatred and the longing to rewrite history. Batman bore witness to the deep-seated pain in Hitler's heart, recognizing it as a source of his destructive tendencies. He used his detective skills to uncover the vulnerable aspects of Hitler's past and the root of his hatred.
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Homosexuality is a romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is "an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions" exclusively to people of the same sex or gender.
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i love tits
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who doesn't?
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Dead board?
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sorry, I only see you as a friend
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oh no the boards are sentient again

this keeps happening
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why do you not love me, papa
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if i did a weekly /car repair general/ where people ask questions about there car, and i try to give advice and help point u towards resources,  would there be any interest?
what's with people and kias? I see so many these days, even new.
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they are cheap yet have lots of features and creature comforts. 

i find that they are decently reliable, when maintained. unfortunately most of the people buying kias (due to subprime lending) arnt smart enough to maintain them
RockAuto for replacement parts every time.

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i want to start using amateur radio. mostly cause i think the tech is cool. but there also is a prepper doomer aspect to it. 

the whole FCC and CRTC (if ur a canafag)  extremely gay, demanding that u do training and have to have a license. 

whats worse is that the community is a group of rotting corpse boomer fags who will go out of their way to gatekeep and will report u to the government. 

(my point) most of these boomers call themselves concervatives and hate "libruls", yet they simp for big government and will work to aid it. 

curious how that works, the conservatives are just as supportive of big government, as long as it does things they like.
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this one's a bit weird but that's probably allright
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that one sounds like shit(rus)
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...Connery? Ish that you? I thought you died! You shon of a bitch; let'sh go out and beat shome random women for old time'sh shake!

OP is a giant fag

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I am newfag, what is chan lore
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also don't fucking "hewo" us you russian furry faggot spybot piece of shit
>>7735 (OP) 
Simple, you just proxy from Bangladesh on your tunnel through Cloudflare.
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This one's a bit busted but I think as long as the speaker's not cut or the wiring messed up it could pick up radio signals just as well as any other
>>7735 (OP) 
IHM knows html

free speech or whatever

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Fucking illiterate faggot

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>>7714 (OP) 
Learn how to free read too then and stop posting your site here.

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Dogisaga has become pornsick
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>>6939 (OP) 
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damn what a great reply so glad you posted it

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A hacker has put the Discord.io user database up for sale on the darknet, as reported by the Telegram channel "Information Leaks". 

The unknown seller offers more than 760 thousand records, including e-mail addresses, hashed passwords and other personal data of registered users, as well as access to the Discord.io server - a third-party interface for the popular messenger Discord. 

As proof of the authenticity of his database, the hacker provided a sample of several records. Tests showed that the logins in question corresponded to real Discord users. Representatives of the messenger have not yet commented on the information about the leak. In turn, users advised to change account passwords and enable two-factor authentication in accounts. 

Earlier, the book service "Litres" said that it had organized an internal investigation into the leak of personal data of customers.
what, again?
isnt it .gg anyway
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I thought it was just .com

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Kek. Kol. Kmao even.
Did you know that bizraelis are the biggest ad buyer on fed(4)chan? Well now you know you dumb faggots.
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>>7634 (OP) 
We dont have ads you cryptokike
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No /biz/ ever
>>7634 (OP) 
>board of shitcoin shills and scams

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