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hehe haha
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What are the more lucrative career to do or learn these days
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>>5758 (OP) 
have you considered creating an onlyfans account
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That is a good idea actually. Hope OP pulls through with an OF acc.

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I wonder what happens next season. Maybe flounder kills himself
Fuck man this shit is too hard
What do we do if we’ve worked out this one but not the other parts lol. I’ve got it.
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the email addresses for past ones were burners and have since been burned but may as well post it here for posterity

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As an anime fan I find it uncomfortable that whatever community I am in there will inevitably be a creepy man defending age of consent or l0licon.  I just wanna enjoy action scenes and a good plot, not be in a place with middle aged men who look like vaush
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It's a good one. I watched it because of a gif I saw in some old "4chan the movie" type compilations.
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Ill giv  it a watch!
You should give TEXHNOLYZE a try
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Thanks, I'll look into it. I like darker, more gritty anime. Can't stand that cutesy shit.

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This is a serious question, I'm trying not to miss out on heaven
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So my balls are halal?
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I am truly blessed
you give love a bad name.

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WHAT A SHIT WEBSITE you assholes think its funny to post someone elses pictures of their hard work and laugh and call it horific? ILL SHOW YOU HORRIFIC MOTHERFUCKER I bet none of you have EVER made anything creative plus most of the fursuits here are made pacificly by CHILDREN and other furry folk who are doing nothing wrong and should be treated like everyone else cause their human to and you still bully them for being themselves. Literaly what do you gain other then showing the world your all toxic and gross sons of bitches that bully furry folk for expressing themselves. Websites like this are why children are depresed and suicidal because of hateful bullys like you.
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>>5640 (OP) 
Is this english?
>>5640 (OP) 
I made this website

I'm not Flounder you fucking retard. Fuck that fag
>>5640 (OP) 
bullies* but do go off girlfriend

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who tf is valentines btw
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>>5558 (OP) 
>fuck valentines day
you can just ignore it, you know. It's just as fake as any other day
>who tf is valentines btw
you can just google it, you know
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>>5558 (OP) 
dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks
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henlo pls acept dis cordal spinvitation to dab owl dis vary weekend

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST No fucking advertising

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Where to find sites thst contain complete list of words/sentence/phrase in a languagr like dictionary used to be and not typing search query like damn google search

Basically also how to learn.
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>>5540 (OP) 
w h a t ?
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Yeah like massive words of a language but no search query just
Laying it all
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