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Added some stuff to the spam filter. if you get banned and you believe it's an error, you probably posted something stupid.

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Please stop
It's just
not even
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speak english, retard
Replies: >>541
oh, disregard this I see what you mean.

I had to look up who that even is.

It's only creepy, not illegal.

Get over it.
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No I won't get over it. Fucking creepy ass anon can suck my fucking dick. Fuck you greta anon you're a creepy ass bitch.
Replies: >>544

I don't disagree personally

001413e973ef44c3843f5f2217b5b6e1d78079e69f1c533cd9e8191eb730bf11.jpg (u)
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Girls with no father figure become basket cases, guys with no male role model become basket cases. It's self explanitory.

8c12c26ddd08bb5097ac357d543bdbbce3f94c4a2bcedbaf87968a8019400158.jpg (u)
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The piss collectors arrived that night. They were mostly in their mid- to late twenties, clean-shaven and wearing yellow suits, yellow hoods and yellow boots. They had a number of piss collecting devices, but only one was necessary.

A long-dead man wearing a yellow suit of armor with a plastic tube protruding from his groin attached to a machine that was sucking his urine out.

“Oh, it's him,” said the first man in line, “The Master of Piss. I haven't seen him in a while.”

“What's his plan?”

“He needs to get rid of all the pee, before it dries up and starts to stink.”

The third and final man in line started to feel increasingly alarmed. He was worried that the Master of Piss could die of old age.

“That's why we've been collecting his pee.” said the second man. “We're making a golden statue of him.”

“He's a great guy, that's why I keep him around.”
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piss_jugs.jpg (u)
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that's a nice piss collection anon
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piss.jpg (u)
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am i doing it right

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Do you like Pokemon
pokemonisgay.jpg (u)
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Stepping stone, it happened to me.

image0-1.jpg (u)
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can an ass ever be too phat?
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left or right
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A based tradwife that doesn't dress like a desperate whore, where's THAT option?
Replies: >>512
We're talking about asses.
would smash
Replies: >>522
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sg5hd.webm (u)
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63f03ea1ce3d2bc14686cf3e604507f77d1c31f8c9f8d663d3c74942b92d7f96.jpg (u)
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would smash
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would smash
Replies: >>521
058da3193c6493679f3f3d02adf298e9d5c2b8d6e85aa7e8511b52346a11ea3e.jpg (u)
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brk_BTFO.jpg (u)
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Brandon lost
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>>64 (OP) 
So who exactly is this guy?
Replies: >>468 >>470
Luke, he is your father
Hes just some pedo who got doxed
3608e88c46b845c8c9381037b8355aee6a37fc0ca7a0450eb37fdeb18bbd2a6a.jpg (u)
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why he and that idiot patch are always mentioned all over the alt chans

sdg4h.jpg (u)
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would you?
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588d6eb8834637d39959346d911cd6be07d8022e81b00984dc541d87ef58bd36.png (u)
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Replies: >>480
>>417 (OP) 
who is she?
she looks nice
like mary poppins kind of nice
be8ed5ecb42fa68a1c2ad1950531d0ba126867312c85990c52fa9bbf32637182.jpg (u)
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>>417 (OP) 
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-aoc_(1).gif (u)
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DASH_720.mp4 (u)
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Now what was the passcode again?

seed12762.png (u)
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What the fuck? You losers get a cool board? Bruh wtf
Replies: >>449 >>456
>>448 (OP) 
hello this achmad can we make frnds
Hell yeah wtf u gonna do about it? Make cooler posts on it? 😎
2Q==.jpg (u)
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>>448 (OP) 
Replies: >>465

this is too fried, explain for the millenial boomers

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