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Why is dogisaga such an obeast now?

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Everyone let's discuss how she thinks her own users are 8chan users because she can't get over her massive lost to some fucking trannies
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sage sage sage
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obligatory sage
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Be honest 94/b/, are you homosexual?
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>>4323 (OP) 
no i'm not a pedo tranny sissy faggot
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>>4323 (OP) 
If you're searching for a partner you are in the wrong place
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>>4323 (OP) 
I'm only ironically gay

on the internet

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My new 4chan life is just so based! Because I am a stay at home mom, I can get out of bed whenever I feel like, then sip on some wine "Whooopsie! Hihehe, I meant coffee ;^) lol" And AWOO for hours on /ptg while my husband is at work. We have plenty of money because my husband got hired directly into his dad's company and into a senior position ( Wow, I just love family! ) During the day our kids are all being taken care of at a child care home where he will pick them up after work. After posting in /ptg all morning, I will have some hot coffee with our mailman Pat. He works so hard... I just adore him. And he hates those beta males just as much as I do. But whatever. I just LOVE my conservative lifestyle, it just really turns me on. So does my husband, of course.
Wow that’s amazing

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Give me a JEW!!!!

Miggers: "YOU!!!!!"
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what the hell is wrong with Amigas?
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>>4293 (OP) 

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I've been a user on this chan and Kiwifarms and mastermind keeps appearing over there and here.

I know they hate 8chan and Liz are they really trying to help us?

Should null know?
Should we start an investigation?
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that's basically what >>>/cow/ is for yeah
If kiwi farms goes down for good, can I bring me and my kiwi bros here
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Always bruv
Just come here anyway

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Sup guys I found this Playstation somewhere and I want to get rid of it, do people still buy these on craigslist?
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>>4268 (OP) 
you stole it nigger
>>4268 (OP) 
That looks like a book

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how do i get mid Hawaiian gf?
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And fuck you.
>>4127 (OP) 
how do ead azs
Nice beauty

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>>3811 (OP) 
What is soap made of? It has oil in it right? Why would you put oilon your skin if you're trying to wash it off? How does soap work?
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I believe it's lye and animal fat but don't quote me on that
lye and olive oil

Made this thread for everyone that didn't get to see it
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(((  this is the face of desperation  )))
>>3892 (OP) 
oh boy, what did you guys do this time?
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pol did it, lol

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