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Added some stuff to the spam filter. if you get banned and you believe it's an error, you probably posted something stupid.

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ngl keep the css this way, it makes the site more cancer
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>>458 (OP) 
is that a plushy piss collector?
op is the piss collector
>>458 (OP) 
it's mushrooms?

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sup /b/

i just got high and mowed a yard

I'd like to tell you a crazy tale but basically the yard is shorter and I'm sweaty

that's all

pic unrelated
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landscaping is a respectable profession, anon.
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>>440 (OP) 
I salute you
Me too man. Hate doing that shit but the yard looks so good after. Hell with weedwacking though
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i bought some of that double wrapped shit, I'm not playing no more games with my fuckin patio

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"Dad! I have something in my ear!" Gene croaked out in his obnoxious, confounded voice.

Bob had enough of him. Time to clean out the wax, so to speak.

"Let us put a fork in it, son."

Bob picked up a silver fork from the table and jammed it in Gene's ear. Bleeding, crying, squeeling like a pig, Gene rolled on the tile floor with a fork stuck in his head. Hearing the noise from upstairs, Linda walked into the restaurant foyer with Louise and Tina by her side.

"Oh, goody gumdrops!" Linda sqwauked. "Looks like you're the odd one out, little goober!"

Gene looked at his mom, who showed no sign of sympathy. Louise and Tina chuckled.

"Hey dad, I have an idea!" Tina said. "Why don't we have a Gene Burger?"

"Mom! Tina! Louise! Stop playing around! Help me!" Gene cried out.
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Post death fics
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A classic

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he made of lasgane
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am i allowed to selfpromo wouljachan.anagroc.repl.co
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fuck this white boi fgt
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Replies: >>429
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dont ok me

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got a new tattoo of kingcobrajfs, what do you guys think?
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please dont tell me i got this for nothing
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Why would you do something like this to yourself
You should tattoo his face on the head of your penis, anon.

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Is that Homicide?

That nigga has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, blackest, wettest boypussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Homicide (I call him Homi) screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That nigga frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That nigga Homi and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Homi, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass niggas either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. Dark skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.

That nigga Homicide stole my heart and drank my seed.
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He drives me around in a BMW and I get to grasp the gearstick and handle tne knob.
>>385 (OP) 

why are you like this
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nice chevy bro
Replies: >>395
Replies: >>395
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u are a nigger
yeah mine's been suspended for like idk almost a decade

just move to a dui state

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>>396 (OP) 


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