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Added some stuff to the spam filter. if you get banned and you believe it's an error, you probably posted something stupid.

CF4kOAfUIAAzQyY.jpg (u)
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Hello guys
This is me, the top admin of this chan.
Let's get to know each other ;)
I'll go first.
This is a childhood picture of me.
Yes! Your lovely admin is a nigger ;)
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>>318 (OP) 
Post a picture of nowadays (you), nig-chan
006e33e969c178806409931861a224c45cf1fb43696abdde8eda69486c0f9840.jpg (u)
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>>318 (OP) 
28757b736e2e8481a24591ef4fae95bd--irish-ferrets.jpg (u)
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Introduce yourselves rectums
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I meant retards. Fuckin autocorrect 🤦‍♂️
Replies: >>380

damn near killed em

we're on the Discord if you care that much. I only really adminpost to meme/abuse

i try to maintain a sense of transparency about stuff like that tho
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Baph.png (u)
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Those who remember baph-tan are truly based
yes, but not >pic rel one
post the version with no dick pls
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No such thing

80eabdc3ecf949dc6a4962dda71bb04131874b776c13dc8e040943c84e7bbc1b.gif (u)
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Hello <3
I hope you guys are having a nice day.
Let me tell you about myself.
I'm a fag that takes between 4 to 12 BBCs each day, you can say that I'm in the top league of fags. There are very few fags like me. 
I like faggy things alot. I like faggy handbags, faggy pants, faggy shirts, faggy movies etc
And this chan looks perfect to me. Because it looks gay as shit. I've never seen a website more gay and faggy in my life.
The theme is literally GAY!
Therefore I would like to thank the admins for this faggy place.
As a fag, I feel right at home!
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40% of the internet is censored and blocked in Iran.
 Why would someone create a VPN based in Iran? And what faggotretardnigger would use that VPN? To have less access to the internet? 🤦‍♂️🤪
Hence, you're
Hence, you're an idiot.****

I hate having big thumbs, they're only good for fingering and nothing else.
I keep tapping on random buttons because of these
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Those thumbs are better suited far up your ass and not for typing on an imageboard, you imbecile
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I have your IP. I'm coming for you. You better hide.
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067aa8b912dcc0d3c7cd212fd8222be57c2514a5328328296e4264e0435a3677.jpg (u)
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Sandwich_Mudkip.jpg (u)
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7ca0c0bfa36a0130e86627a35ad637db.jpg (u)
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>>277 (OP) 
So true
3d0c1ec2aad400614c50da49c91fb8d59c151cec7cac252e67560064433b4a49.png (u)
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kipper-angery-1200.png (u)
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f8bdf61a09309a78bfea454cf8e33acc1a0152220e8e4243715c8c87e854d904.png (u)
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cobra.png (u)
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You merely adopted the fart. I was born in it. Molded by it.
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A legend
what is this majestic

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Gothic bad boy
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i am curious and disgusted

doublenigger.png (u)
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5d3b008cfa2d9bd4e0d7af5d5a33feac7cb872ef19d53f28f95cff861c50246f.jpg (u)
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048.jpg (u)
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I wonder... Would one out right say Double nigger when appropriate or would it be pronounced as Nigger nigger? 

IHas anyone thought about this?
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20211002_124735.png (u)
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01FGVMW2BK4H5BFWTEFK2D681P.jpeg (u)
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25a4cc5863681ad1527df68986458e353d1a899664dbd905248b166b6753da2d.jpg (u)
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>>197 (OP) 
Spoiler File (u)
(847.3KB, 880x720, 00:07)
>>197 (OP) 
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jj.jpg (u)
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>>197 (OP) 
d19b087c2beef4d42253d04527ee53170e19ebc29a6fcf09572e265d6a6925cc.jpg (u)
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>>197 (OP) 
be8ed5ecb42fa68a1c2ad1950531d0ba126867312c85990c52fa9bbf32637182.jpg (u)
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>>197 (OP) 

1434169796168.jpg (u)
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I mean plum is ok
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Syrpo.png (u)
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20211001_170144.jpg (u)
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aizzia.jpg (u)
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>>175 (OP) 
Replies: >>281
C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg (u)
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f4d.gif (u)
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Hey /b/ wanna see a magic trick?
1621373937505.gif (u)
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1616484606407.gif (u)
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did it work
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Spoiler File (u)
(188.4KB, 220x312)
Yes, im a grand wizard

119357521755.jpg (u)
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I still liek mudkip, regardless of you participating in a mudkip orgy at school.

Besides, how'd you even pull this shit off without committing suicide by cop? Cool story bro
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220.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>199
I love this beautiful piece of art, it makes me think of happier days
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fa4a1c047a1f5a3d14b85440eb2a63acf5e9ddbad1db95a120547ef64574b6ee.png (u)
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27086042_60x60.gif (u)
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