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Psalm 94

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Verse 1

Mama said don't do no foolin', don't get caught up in no mess
But these young motherfuckers they just don't seem to care less
They just don't think it through, gettin' pregnant and shit
Mama said don't do no foolin', don't do it for no hit


Oh, them young motherfuckers, they don't care what they do
Gettin' pregnant and shit, don't think it through
Mama said it ain't right, so don't you do it too
Gettin' pregnant and shit, it's something that you should never do

Verse 2
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Want me to travel back in time and shoot the artist in the balls?

Bruh that park has golf let it be a sanctuary
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what, it's too small to have golf; I think you're confusing stations, no wonder you didn't show up
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My bad

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We as some of you might be aware are coming to an end of the age of man. Sometime in the near future we will enter the age of the Biomechanoid. Will you accept the cold embrace of metal and rise above your primitive state ascending to godhood to find your destiny amongst the stars. Or will you stay a sorry blob of flesh and be left behind to die on this sick and decaying world. The choice is yours!
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alright, so you see now, this should be about Jul 28 03:45:00
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wrong mr would be time traveller
Mmmmmm, fat person holding Ice cream, can relate
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return to cybermonke

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and stuff. thanks
Ayyy no problem

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Lol tinal
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https://youtu.be/CFljGdqaXeM bet it sounded like this
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bet it sounded like
Eronarm raped kirtaner with a smile so wild
A laugh so deep, it seemed like a child
The room was filled with joy and cheer
As the audience roared with laughter and jeer

It was a sight that could make any soul sing
And the raucous laughter made the walls ring
It was a moment of pure and innocent fun
That no one would ever forget, not even one

Eronarm's comedic timing was impeccable
Kirtaner's reaction was truly incredible
The audience was in stitches, their faces aglow
The hilarity of the moment simply had to show

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've been a user on this chan and Kiwifarms and mastermind keeps appearing over there and here.

I know they hate 8chan and Liz are they really trying to help us?
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94 is allied with KF, Mastermind and dear leader had a spat and we haven't seen him since.
What happened to KiwiFarms? I can't check the sharty thread
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nool is always dicking up his backend
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Idk what you niggas are on about but it's up for me

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The captain is Insano, his might's unsurpassed
His courage and strength, it's put to the test
His knee tears in pain, the onlookers dismay
The place to be is Oglebay!

Rise up to the call, the captain's knee is torn
Our captain's pain, it will be borne
The captain's plight, he will not hide
His courage will never die

The captain's knee is in agony
He limps in pain as he struggles to be
His courage and strength, they will never waver
He will fight on in Oglebay forever!
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you're welcome
>>7408 (OP) 
There once were Jews who ran the show
But folk said they were pedophiles too
So many them denied
But still our hearts were tried
For people said, "It must be so!"
Jews run everything, it's the truth they say
And the rumors about pedophiles never go away
Their power is often abused, we hear it's true
But the facts are hard to refute
It's a dilemma we must stay attune
Hear the tale of the Jews so sinister,
Their schemes and plots so devilishly clever.
They thrive on greed and a thirst for power,
Ruthless in their mission, no mercy in their hour.

Their lies and deceit have caused so much pain,
Their victims feel all their anger and disdain.
Their malicious intent knows no bounds,
Their evil plotters have no mercy to be found.

Their schemes and tactics are diabolical,
They spread their wickedness throughout the world so universal.
Their victims have no choice but to succumb,
To their devilish deeds and the darkness they become.

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whats the purpose of this site?


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>>6766 (OP) 
"Lulz" is a corruption of "lol" (which stands for "laugh out loud")
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Smol pp energy uwu
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holy shit how cool

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Oh it would be so terrible if you went to make a post on this cool new imageboard.
Please definitely don't do so @ I AM A FEDERAL GLOWNIGGER AGENT
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>>7440 (OP) 
im a giant faggot please rape my face
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Darkness falls upon the night
A bat and a man engaged in a fight
The battle rages on and on
Until the kryptonite condom is donned

The way of the bat is clear
He'll use deception to bring down fear
He'll catfish Superman, his foe
And use the condom to make him go

The man of steel is no more
His strength and speed are no more
He's been tricked and fooled
By the Batman's clever ruse

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This life is not what I came into the world for, yet here I am. We can't always get what we want.
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If your life sucks, just move to Greenland
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Once upon a time, there was a hero called Batman who had a special talent for making people laugh. He decided to use his skills to become a stand-up comedian and take the stage at a local comedy club.

As he was preparing to go on stage, Batman noticed a figure in the back of the room. It was the Joker, and he had an evil grin on his face. Batman knew that he was up to no good and decided to keep an eye on him.

As Batman started his routine, the Joker slowly made his way towards the stage. He jumped up onto the stage and started to attack Batman with his signature malicious laughter. Batman fought back, using his martial arts moves and witty one-liners.

The audience was in hysterics as Batman and the Joker battled it out on stage. Eventually, Batman was able to overpower the Joker and the audience erupted in cheers. Batman had won the battle and the crowd was delighted.

In the end, Batman was able to make them laugh and defeat the villain. It was a happy ending for everyone, and Batman was able to gain even more fans.

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Try harder niggers u're threads are shit

[%]im not helping[/%]
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No, they are just an affront to the Lord
i miss hazard after his covid/cancer 
scheme he where busted he never
showed up ever again online.
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that's a weird poem

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