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What did IHM do to piss of the scat fags.
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There's always some mad faggot out and about
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>>2039 (OP) 
dox'd Kirtaner
think it's the same tard that does it idk on every chan ever
nigger has a death wish

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I'll do what I can, now that this chan and board are my home. Fuck y'all, squatters rights!
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I had to look up the lyrics. It's a great song to either talk yourself out of suicide or into it, depending on your mood beforehand.
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The signature track on the first casette I ever owned.
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Shout out to the first song I posted here.
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Needs some work, but still really good.

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you dont say

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hope Jane gets raped
Fuck off CrackRabbit

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST you can't even spell wizard right

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hi I want to kill myself
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You won't do it btw
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suicide isn't all it's cut out to be 
endless black void sounds like it sucks more than being able to have cups of tea and enjoy the small things in life that make it worth living
either way I hope u do neck op tbh get back to us on what the black void is like
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I'm close for sure, if I get to be a spirit or something I'll try to let you know
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Oh lord what did I ask for here... this could only end well

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post laineys
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wtf is this aids
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Women trying to be funny.
I like this TCG premise.

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New ylyl

post what you got fagets
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I didn't laugh once.
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>new imageboard again
Sweet, and you're not too slow. I have never heard of this place and it seems new enough that there wouldn't be anything too worrisome.
But admin: let me tell you something. If you don't change a few things around here it's going to die just like the rest of the altchans we still have in 2022. 

Here are some suggestions:
delete all the boards other than /pol/ /b/ and /x/

hash ips for privacy

make a minecraft server to keep users coming back

advertise on other sites, I would even make a video on odysee showcasing your site. You don't have to go balls deep and advertise on 4cuck though.

But more than that, you need a niche topic for your site. Politics is good, it never goes out of style but there has to be something just a little out there. Think about something most people might not be interested in, but a minority would. You need a recurrent theme to keep things alive, otherwise it's just "oh wow its the same boards that they have on 4chan except slower and deader". Think about other altchans that are alive. Other-language chans survive since the theme is that it's not in English, and can attract a non-English speaking audience. Women-only chans can survive since the theme only allows female posters. Hell, even leftypol can survive since the theme is /pol/, but left wing instead of right wing. Something simple like that. 

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Don't get asspained at me just because you can't think, count, or read.
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Spoiler File
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I'd also like to mention I do like some of these ideas, but the niche here is it's old internet. I even have an /i/ board, that's the board I was born on essentially. Also don't allow coomers/furries/etc content on here. Also, fuck leftypol. Anyways, enjoy your stay if you do and we'll see what happens.
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psssh, I was just playin' around man. Relax.
> but the niche here is it's old internet.
Ehhhh I don't mean to be rude but there are some other altchans with that niche. Look up zzzchan, it's pretty much a time capsule to 2006.
>Also don't allow coomers/furries/etc content on here.
That's good. Keep it that way.
>Anyways, enjoy your stay if you do and we'll see what happens.
I will. Thanks for responding btw, usually imageboard admins are radio silent and never interact with posters. It's nice to feel heard.

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anyone remember this lolcow? sagshawty
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what a throwback
reminds me of abby brown
fuck off kiwicel
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go back to Ohinternet

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Why are trannies so dumb? Don't they understand that they have XY chromosomes?
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