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Psalm 94

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I know it was relatively dead and primarily populated when it was linked to the discord, but i'm gonna miss it.  It was a fun experiment to message people through my old blackberry and other legacy devices but I understand, with degeneracy ramping up online it'd only be a matter of time until they exploited irc's vulnerable infastructure
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I mean it still uses basic ssl, hasn't that been decrypted as an algorithm for years?
The irc setup wasn't great to begin with.  I needed to overhaul the whole thing and that wasn't gonna work on the $5/mo server we were using.
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What is this faggotry

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Has the last few years made you more or less antisocial /b/? Speaking personally, I just don't like gay people
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Eat shit.
You'll be eating plenty of it in multiple flavors when I'm through with you.
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Shut up Flounder
Quiet nigger
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No u!

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Yo, can you guys make a cooking board?
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>>6953 (OP) 
no, and we can't make a site discussion board* either
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How do I find the unlisted boards?
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The cooking board isn't unlisted
thorough guesswork

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Remember when Nick Fuentes fans tried to colonize 94chan for the pedophile catholics?
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>>6938 (OP) 
Yeah, there's still wignat faggots in the telegram who don't realize that we're making fun of them
>>6938 (OP) 
Remember when the pedophile catholics were majority homosexual? Pepperidge farms remembers, faggot.
>>6938 (OP) 

Nick Fuentes is a closet homo who is grifting easily swayed wignats with Christian rhetoric. He's the literal definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Does anyone else wonder how they manage consistently the most annoying, contrarian, henpecking creatures in all the internet?
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call me a zoom zoom but wtf is gaia?
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it was a place where pedophiles and cia agents groomed children in the early 2000's
Nigger, google exists
zoom zoom

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Snorting cocaine off a dead hooker's ass is not only a better experience than snorting cocaine off a midget's dick, it is also a more sanitary experience. The dead hooker's ass is not alive and carries no pathogens, while the midget's dick may have bacteria or other health risks. Furthermore, the dead hooker's ass is more spacious and the cocaine can be spread out more evenly, providing a better high than snorting from a smaller surface area. Finally, the dead hooker's ass is a more interesting and visually stimulating experience, providing a unique and memorable experience.

Also, snorting cocaine off a dick is gay as fuck

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I have to say, I love Linkara. I was watching... I was watching various places and I saw Linkara, The Great Linkara. He did Atop the Fourth Wall and he talked about the famous Power Rangers rant, right? And he said: "it will be out when it's out". And we like that, "it will be out when it's out". Great work ethic, so good. Iron Liz was there, the Great Iron Liz, right? It's okay.
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I got my real first six-string
hey since this thread's pointless, I'll just say it here: Did y'all know Brian Peppers died back in 2012? I'm only finding out about this now. There go my dreams of a ChrisChan x BrianPeppers final showdown
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oh no not Brian Peppers the guy with the big eyes he's gonna molest meeeee
this is the dude who created smiling friends. hes not an orange man bad sorta guy he just does good impressions

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Something that sounds big, not nsfw, massive content
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lol it's fine I'm just busting your balls
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ya but they honestly sneak up on me
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your balls?
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that too. I should get them checked

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Irish phenotype
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to be fair he's probably an italian
You've never met an actual irishman, all they do is talk forever and won't stfu
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anyone have any info on erick garland? hes hosting a space all buddy buddies with charles thompson dna company owner that studies baby dnas. 

ur mom.
hey, sure

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I have selective amnesia concerning 99.9% of american "music" and "culture" in general. Is that some american dude?
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that's the guy from Saliva
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I see
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