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Agent tr00n will never be a woman
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every time
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you peeps need to stop changing your definitions every other week
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millenial is anyone who wasn't an adult at the turn of the millenium, fucktard
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Why are anons on 4chan such a fucking loser. Cant you all tell between projections and fucking transformations?
Fucking useless morons
Not only theyr all jews, guess you are all also stupid fags.

Keep roleplaying your politics

Fucking bàttle royale fans morom
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>>5849 (OP) 
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>>5849 (OP) 
>>5849 (OP) 
I put on my robe and wizard hat
Too funny. Upboated.

Spoiler File
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>>5774 (OP) 
OP here, yes confirmed I am a faggot. This post was more about 4chan and 94chan. Not all imageboards apply here.
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but why use weeb shit to explain it then like a flaming homo on sunday at a catholic mass
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he has comfirmed he is a faggot, can't you read
Too long didnt watch

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I need art themes to do. Like a hundred or so
I need thousands of dollars. Like a hundred or so
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You go to your bank then
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t. jew

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And the last guy is a jewish so why do we bother.
neat, hey, remind me again who gives a shit?
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You just did

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Kill millenials. Behead millenials. Roundhouse kick a millenial into the concrete. Slam dunk a millenials baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy millenials. Defecate in a millenials food. Launch millenials into the sun. Stir fry millenials in a wok. Toss millenials into active volcanoes. Urinate into a millenials gas tank. Judo throw millenials into a wood chipper. Twist millenials heads off. Report millenials to the IRS. Karate chop millenials in half. Curb stomp pregnant millenials. Trap millenials in quicksand. Crush millenials in the trash compactor. Liquefy millenials in a vat of acid. Eat millenials. Dissect millenials. Exterminate millenials in the gas chamber. Stomp millenials skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate millenials in the oven. Lobotomize millenials. Mandatory abortions for millenials. Grind millenial fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown millenials in fried chicken grease. Vaporize millenials with a ray gun. Kick old millenials down the stairs. Feed millenials to alligators. Slice millenials with a katana.
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wow you can s/nigger/millenial

so proud
Ha. Guess you get to cry and it s all no good! Hahaha

Maybe toughen up abit

There s baby in the crib.
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that's an awkward fucking post, bud
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Theres 4 person here and you are the first AND ONLY one to say that. Says who, i guess.

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App or some free website. Or 6 books of foreign language kindergarten? 
Please recommend me
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I was going to ask whether you were blind or stupid, but then I kept reading your post. Best of luck out there without a legal guardian.
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>>5821 >legal guardian
Nothing of your business apparently
>best of luck
No you, sir, you ll need it. Have a great day. Sorry you had to come here and, make nothing out of it.
i,, recccomend you >>5817 (OP) , kermit anne hiro
Replies: >>5824
>>5823 whstever is that sir?

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Gemjaks won
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Not for sale.
>>5796 u have a peepee?
Replies: >>5804
I have power tools
Replies: >>5805
>>5804 i didnt even make it thru engineering....

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How to learn languages like japanese,mandarin, korean, hawaiaan,inuits or samoan? Any online (free) resources?

Looking for its most basic, like alphabet constructors or strokes, voicings and then slowly go to grammars? Basically a free,complete, course(s). All in the same formatting maybe.
Replies: >>5780
>>5779 (OP) 
aren't Duolingo and Memrise any good anymore?
Replies: >>5781
Abit too gimmicky for me. What was before those?
Replies: >>5782
rosetta stone is the oldest i can think of
Replies: >>5783
Ahhhh... i know that. What about some free websites or so? Wiki?

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I'm stomped I haven't seen any threads about it so I decided to make my own. 
So when the countdown stopped nothing happened, so I emailed the email back with my keys and I got the strangest puzzle??

"The Cipher That Shall Unveil the Future Quest"

A solution to the yearning heart's plea,
I reveal what was obscured in secrecy,
A universe beyond the mundane's boundaries.

With intuition that penetrates the guise,
I am the scribe of a life in disguise,
A saga of love, loss, and integrity.

In the annals of "Jane Eyre" I reside,
The tale of a governess and her dignified stride,
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For fucking real. I'm in it with you, /b/
>>5565 (OP) 

lol shut up Flounder
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I didn't make this post.
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shut up

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