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what the fuck year is it

are you retarded
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its 2012
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you only answered half my questions
>>2314 (OP) 
this isnt xanga you fucking nigger

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can we give cyraxx global mod on 94chan?????????
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hey cyraxx im a huge fan legitimate fan. love what u do keep it up keep up the good work n ignore the haters.. u are invited to the 94chan socials we can go on IRC like old times IRC never rly dies.. but if u prefer going groovy modernoovy we can discord and chill on the 94 discord.. cant wait to see u on tour here in new mexico peace out from a fan
Cyraxx if you see this it would be to have you on 94chan. finally teach those darn dirty trolls you got fans
>>2272 (OP) 

from the looks of him they'd just have to hire another one in 6 months after he fuckin dies of already being a decrepit goblin corpse
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>>2272 (OP) 
>>2272 (OP) 
cyraxx for president

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news and sensationalism scares everyone

government looks at polls and analytics based on public opinion/fear

locks everything down 

screws everything and everyone in the process

loose your job because oil crashes

apply for EI

avoid CERB
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Feels like 1984 these days doesn't it anon?
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>94 chan
Yeah... 94 feds.
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>>2257 (OP) 
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You mean 4 SHILLS
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It's called NIGGERTITS whenever Tom gives me wordfilters
>>2257 (OP) 
Nein is down.
Any info on that? This is the second time it happens iirc.
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Idk what you're trying to say but if it's about another chan, none of us care.

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OP saged his own thread
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>>2295 (OP) 
oh no
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You will never be fully vaccinated. You have no antibodies. You have no defense against transmisión. You have no resistance to the mutating spike protein. You will never be on the correct formulation, you will never have the correct dose, you will never be on the correct manufacturer.

You may have gotten a booster shot but all of that can change on a political whim and now you are a plague rat and crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get for your Fauci Ouchie on social media is two-faced and half-hearted. Maybe you got three “likes” for your vaxx selfie today but tomorrow your vaccine will be banned in 7 countries , no longer recognized by WHO, everyone you work or socialize with will no longer consider you vaccinated.

Behind your back people mock you and take bets on how soon you’re going to die. They stopped inviting you over for drinks, holidays, or get togethers. Your employer has taken a million dollar life insurance policy out on you and implores you to get one more booster. And even when you do, you will still never be fully vaccinated.

Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your sickly appearance , your clammy pale greasy skin, and your coal black glassy meth addict looking vaccine eyes behind closed doors.

Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved at the six figure settlement they’re offered in return for telling everyone you died of natural causes or covid-19. And that it was your fa
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do you accept cash ?
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i ate dirt as a kid and i never get sick so ima just keep eating dirt like i always been
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>>2242 (OP) 
>You have no antibodies.

Man I sure love having AIDS.

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Post homophobic vids
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>>2254 (OP) 
Spoiler File
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one day im gonna be jackie onasis gonna wear a pari of black sunglasses
me llamo tbone, la araña discotéca
do you accept cash?

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1000 get
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oh god damn it
how does ass eating?
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put food in ass and chew

Very good bro
hi i work at walmart i'm a piece of shit loser

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Hola maricones, Mi nombre es Kyle, y odio a cada uno de ustedes. Todos ustedes son comunistas gordos, retrasados, que pasan cada segundo de su día mirando fotos estúpidas. Eres todo lo malo del mundo. Honestamente, ¿alguno de ustedes ha tenido alguna vagina? Quiero decir, supongo que es divertido burlarse de la gente debido a tus propias inseguridades, pero todos lo llevan a un nivel completamente nuevo. Esto es incluso peor que masturbarse con fotos en Facebook. No seas un extraño. Solo golpéame con tu mejor tiro. Soy bastante perfecto. Maté a un golpeador de esposas y a un pedófilo, y le disparé a un ladrón en el bíceps. ¿Qué activismo haces, además de "masturbarte con transexuales desnudas"? También obtuve sobresalientes en ASU, y tengo una novia ardiente del tipo al que le disparé en el pecho (Ella me la chupó; Mierda era TAN efectivo). Todos ustedes son maricones que deberían simplemente suicidarse. Gracias por su atención. Foto relacionada: Somos mi perra y yo.
hello, how do i eat ass?
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lo siento pero necesita escribir en español

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