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Psalm 94

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Im just want dance
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make me, I dare you to try; I'll break everyeach of your bones
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Im want yourw asshole
>>7807oh baby, more fast suck my Dick ah ah ah

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST annoying meconium consumer

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Agent tr00n will never be a woman
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This is the /leftypol/ BO kek
anti-tranny bump
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that's not how it works, retard

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Come the fuck on B we can't miss out on the action /pol/ /i/ and /cow is beating us
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Nope. I don't watch that Devil girl show
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what girl show, what devil; you're a rambling lunatic, listen to yourself, you need to stop
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Nobody asked you tho

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let me explain what i mean. 

i saw pircrel on r/conspiracy the other day. 

IF TRUE, it makes me wonder where people find out this type of information, as most websites are censored and heavily biased. i often read wikipedia articles and i know for a fact that wikipedia wouldnt have information like this. 

are there books? is this information gathered just from a ton of reading of various sources and connecting dots? 

there are several screnshots in this "infographic", any recommends on such sites? 

i could try to look it up on yandex, i might find more information.

i find a lot of the internet is just "trust me bro" when it comes to this type of thing. i dont wanna base my opnions on someone else's opinions; i want some sembalance of fact.
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where else should i look???

lmao that is the point of this post, 

thats literally what im asking, where do i find true factuall information?
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you're already beyond help
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"we ignore"
you do indeed

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Look, I fucked a 54 year old methhead bitch, but I wouldn't fuck you. You are not attractive and are delusional to think that. You just have desperate men, men more desperate than me, around you giving you false feedback. You are nothing special. Get rid of this nonsense idea you're "attractive". You look like a mentally disturbed person with inferior dark eyes and dark hair. Yeah you're not a nigress or a chinkess so you've above these subhumans but for a white person you're really ugly. And the sad thing? It's an ugliness that can't be fixed; it's not like obesity or something is causing you to be ugly. As far as I can tell this is a good as you'll ever look. My 54 year old gf is better looking than you, she has prettier eyes, red hair, freckles, is tall. You are just… mediocre. If I was married to you I'd have to get you to wear a mask so as not to publicly embarrass me as people would taunt me for having an ugly girlfriend. I don't know what is worse; having an old girlfriend or an ugly one… ah I think I'll stick with my old lady. A woman's value usually comes down to her looks because women don't have anything else to offer in terms of character, virtue, intelligence, etc. so if you don't even have that then you are just nothing but a miserable femcel who will only be pursued by the most bestial and subhuman of "men" that would fuck anything. The best you could do is get a sperm donation from a real man like me because I wouldn't stick around to raise the child with you,
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I hate fucking niggerrs
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Then fuck someone else you absolute failure
“ I'm incel because I'm not a big tall oily space jam basketball nigger with a comically large gorilla dick hanging from my basketball shorts ready to impregnate prime age fresh white tiktok egirl pussy” - Paul from Australia
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Nice to meet you, Paul

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My cake had cereal in the frosting, shit was delicious :3
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shit like this is why i don't talk about my birthday
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liar, you're loving it
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what odd coincidence that all these inlfuencial people all have a black eye this is strange and sus asf
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I'll punch a whole shit in its fucking face
we be punchin not concernin what nobody gonna say
fucking niggers and their propensity for violence
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>>7812 (OP) 

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>>5552 (OP) 
hi pajeet

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post questions related to car repair or just stop in and chat about cars.
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>>7768 (OP) 
we already have a shitty car general
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thats ok stupid
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thanks, idiot

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I miss u britany
you dumb bitch who hated pornography for nothing other than no other reason (lel)
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>>7743 (OP) 
Porn is for faggots also hi
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Drugs are for straights
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you must be hard gay after all

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