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Psalm 94

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This place used to be fun? Its just constant drama about some fat furry faggot or 8chan like come on

IHM why do you even care about these people so much?
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>>5164 (OP) 
lol idk

Spoiler File
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST It is time for you to go fuck yourself

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In honor of ihm coming on the show I'm releasing our comic strip. Here's some of our work.
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>>5132 (OP) 

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Honestly its time we screw them
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hurr durr durr hurr durr hurr hurr
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You when you see your dad's cock
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I do enjoy having a good grin

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any retarded faggots online rn
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>>5119 (OP) 
I'm just out on a walk to clear my head
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Yeah Here's me dude ;)
>>5119 (OP) 

We're always online. Watching, waiting

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Is Patrick Star Satan because he's a pentagram?
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So does that mean mayonnaise is an instrument?

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I have collected a list of over 300 cases of people dying from the COVID vaccines. It's time to spread the truth and finally expose the COVID Vaccines and try to save people's lives! I've posted the cases to my personal blog at I SHIT IN THE STREETS
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Global rules, no shilling

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why did they discontinue these tasty little fucking niggers? Piece of shit, I HOPE THE OWNER OF STAUFFERS DIES
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Don't buy XMR directly, at least you can't in most cases. Get a normal coin like Litecoin or Tron or something cheap to transfer, then send that over to an exchange that still has XMR (usually the exchanges in south east asia or russia). 

XMR has a light wallet mode you can install the official wallet without downloading the entire blockchain on your PC (unless you have 100GB free and a weekend to sync it, it is more secure that way), or Monerujo on Android has worked for me too.
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I use Cake Wallet, if you trust a mobile option. Slow af to sync at length tho. I rarely receive monero but I'd put my doge there.
only on this site can a discussion about discontinued cheese snacks turn into an autistic argument over TOR/VPNs.
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it ain't easy being cheesy

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My new 4chan life is just so based! Because I am a stay at home mom, I can get out of bed whenever I feel like, then sip on some wine "Whooopsie! Hihehe, I meant coffee ;^) lol" And AWOO for hours on /ptg while my husband is at work. We have plenty of money because my husband got hired directly into his dad's company and into a senior position ( Wow, I just love family! ) During the day our kids are all being taken care of at a child care home where he will pick them up after work. After posting in /ptg all morning, I will have some hot coffee with our mailman Pat. He works so hard... I just adore him. And he hates those beta males just as much as I do. But whatever. I just LOVE my conservative lifestyle, it just really turns me on. So does my husband, of course.
Wow that’s amazing
this is a one in a lifetime story, truly you have given me a crazy boner just by simply giving me the air to read all of this.
hot mom tbh.

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Make a sacrifice...
We are prepared to settle this war and give you 5000 dollars 

If you sell out one of your moderators: Nick Coleman#2590

Proof this is the hash of the amount of money we sent your address
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>>4907 (OP) 
go back to your poo insulated hut, nigger
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what browser is this fucking demon using?
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>filenamemfw truncated
It's Opera.

I'm a crime, not a ghost.
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