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Psalm 94

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On move


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We are heterosexual, traditional pedophiles. We are for traditional values. I think you're heterophobic.
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the only one afraid here is hiding behind tor
As a biological woman I ask that you swiftly find several knives to swallow.
those are some shitty photoshops, and OP is one mediocre troll

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been hearing rumblings that ((( they ))) are trying to reintroduce lockdowns and masks and other mandates this winter. 

apparently alex jones is the one who started claiming this a few days ago. 

are they REALY gonna try this again? it didnt really work that well last time....most people now are able to admit that they think that they where being lied to a manipulated. 

like they cant be serious to try it again with covid....

makes me wonder about the likelihood that jones is shizo and/or controlled opposition/glowie. 

pic unrel cause i wanted to find a screenshot of a tweet that was put out but i cant find it...
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This one I quite like, it's got that art nouveau vibe I dig. Don't know if it works, thoug. Probably?
nigger wtf

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Don't you guys have some moose fires or something to worry about more?
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just look at this fucking thing. I bet it reeked of crack before it was restored.

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The UK government admitted that 1 out of 73 vaxxed people had died by May 2022. Imagine what the real death numbers must be like. It's probably more like 1 out of 10 vaxxed people have died already.
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>>5985 (OP) 
I bet something like seven thousand million died this year but they'll cover it up just like they covered the six million russians who died last year in their concentration camps down in Southampton, no one's talking about this, because they covered it up with the help of the mossad and the NSA
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>>5985 (OP) 
No refunds

Good, fuck slavs

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New board http://soyjaksarepedophiles.com/ for all the jakkers
Last edited by ihm

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Tell Doll they'll never be a woman

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>>5961 (OP) 
Kuz has aids and so do you

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So the mexicant cartels are just telling every country to come to mexico and they'll help them get into America. We're literally being invaded and nobody is talking about this.
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The cartels are still in guatemala you fucking moron. They literally need murdered
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ok get cracking then
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Give me the access codes Joe
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So you talk shit about the president on facebook and the answer is the Gestapo come to kill you. Fuck America. Fuck Joe Biden. Nuke us please I'm tired of this.
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>>5936 (OP) 
I agree, the United States must be destroyed beyond any possible recovery
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Can you assist?
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None a y'all are within stabbin' range, sadly
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Stab me harder daddy

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which is your favorite
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>>5914 (OP) 
my auntie
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From bel air?
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nono, the one on my father's side

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Let's put it this way if Klaus Schwab's daughter is willing to publicly say that they're going to be climate lockdowns. Then maybe we should have to look at things from a different view. Maybe it's more about us making our area around us that we can control the locality better than trying to wake the entire planet better. We're about to go into a serious trial as humanity. Will you pass the test?
I'd hate to visit the weirdass world line in which any of this makes sense at any level, starting semiotics. Also tests are for squares, baybeee
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So you're retarded
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I'm sure it is

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>yahoo thought this was a good article
>implying you need to tell them to steal
>implying they haven't been doing this already for many years
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>>5855 (OP) 
>>5855 (OP) 

desegregation might have been a mistake
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Niggers were a mistake
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You speaking is unfortunate

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I just came back to London now I wish I stayed in France , everywhere I go I see final fantasy 16 ads , on the busses , at restaurants,around my apartment, it’s everywhere and it’s annoying . Maybe the game is good but u don’t have to but it all over fucking London
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The kingdom hearts ad campaign if the ps2 ear was good, sanctuary and simple and clean with the anime shit and disney characters was top tier.

Zelda is more marketable for the US anyway
>>5784 (OP) 
>>5784 (OP) 

Isn't France burning? Or is France just Paris, Marseilles, and various hills and valleys?
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seems it's mainly the southeastern coast and Corsica, unless you mean riots, in which case yeah, france is just paris

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