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Psalm 94

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All hail the mighty baLLOON we must worship it as it heads on to its final destination
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>>4720 (OP) 
baloon #1 kaput
#2 still over south america
#3 now in news articles
chinkies are getting frisky

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Recently anons I've started dwelling  into Nihilism and there are many points that makes sense. Supporting either side doesn't really matter in the end and those in power will always remain in power making all of us suffer the inevitable consequences. Most of these "issues" are not even relevant for most people. 

Why should we care anymore what happens?
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martydom is a trait of many religions
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There's a difference between a mere martyr, who might not even have a religious impetus, and an official member of the cult of Oy Vey Iz Mir A.K.A. Abrahamites, A.K.A. Jews and Jew-Derived Products. They don't want to die for a cause, they want to suffer so that they can whine, and because they're addicted to resentment. Such a person would propose that it is somehow morally wrong to wish to live an uninterruptedly pleasant life. "You must suffer, Moshe! It's not only natural, it's what Yahweh has ordered us to do in order for us to get our comeuppance! Come on with me to the Big Wall of the Crybabies and let's Cry About It!"
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Idk how many Christians you've met like this, but that's not what the good book teaches
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quiet, jew

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That entire board is just nothing more but degeneracy
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You all seen that schizo shit too?
You all know what this means?
maybe if more than one faggot was posting actual music it would be better
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pull your weight

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Pol what's going on?
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Honestly they don't give a shit anymore at this rate there's no doubt. They let a virus in and now a fucking balloon? I sound crazy just writing that. The social contract is so fucking dead
>>4689 (OP) 
America is the land of the pussies. home of the niggers. Its only logical they can't shoot a fucking balloon down >>4689 (OP) 
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fr fr those balloons be bussin

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Refresher Readings:
> The - /gif/ - tl;dr (4Zoomers)

>Hyrriiya's admission & Sabu's guilt in instigating the hack

>Journalist Barrett Brown arrested for sharing a link to publicly available materials

Relevant Wikileaks Links:
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>>3683 (OP) 
>Obligatory "fuck sabu"
Fuck Sabu.
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>"Many of the group’s leaks have either vanished or become inaccessible to the public. Of the seven leaks highlighted on the homepage, three produce no content. Two of those redirect to error pages while the third merely sends users back to the homepage."

Contact all known millennial basement dwellers with data hoarding tendencies. We need them to seed their local copies.
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>>3683 (OP) 


Looks like it's back up. Try to seed as much as you can.

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Drug use is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Not only does it harm the individual, but it also harms the people around them and society as a whole. Here are some reasons why drug use should not be tolerated:

Health risks: Drugs can have severe and long-lasting effects on an individual's health, including damage to the brain, heart, and other vital organs. They can also lead to addiction, which can be incredibly difficult to overcome.

Crime and violence: Drug use is often associated with criminal activity, including drug trafficking and violence. This not only harms the individuals involved but also the community as a whole.

Lost productivity: Drug use can lead to lost productivity, both in terms of work and education. This can have a significant impact on an individual's future opportunities and the economy as a whole.

Broken families and relationships: Drug use can lead to broken relationships, including family and friends. This can have a devastating impact on the individuals involved and can lead to long-term emotional trauma.

Drain on resources: Drug use places a strain on resources such as healthcare, law enforcement, and social services. This burden is often felt by society as a whole, rather than just the individual.
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Hello Joe Rogan.
>Caffeine an otherwise stable and generally harmless stimulate

>DMT DMT can cause seizures, respiratory arrest, and coma.

Not mention how people that have just went off the deep end after taken it. "I'm God and the Universe!!" 

Faggot please flock back to reddit
>dmt causes people to go insane

no wonder i keep dreaming about Blink 182

how can i prevent this evil satan chemical from entering my godstream
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Learn to read faggot. I said it has caused people to go insane saying it hasn't is just disingenuous. People can have major adverse effects to it and even get traumatized if they freak out too much from whatever they are seeing. DMT is produced naturally although the human body wasn't made to have too much hence why people can go into comas and heart attacks.
I remember people would often come into the ER on the verge of death because they thought they could handle it. DMT is seriously dangerous especially for people that don't know how much they should take, reason its illegal

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With the recent surge in activity on the /b/ board, it's worth considering the political ramifications of this trend. On one hand, the increased activity on /b/ means that more people are engaging in online discussions and participating in online communities. This can be a positive thing as it allows for a diverse range of perspectives and ideas to be shared.

On the other hand, the fact that a board for random topics is seeing more activity than a board for politics raises questions about the level of engagement and interest in political discussions among users. It could suggest that people are more interested in non-political topics or that they find political discussions to be divisive or unproductive.

It's important to remember that online communities like this one have the potential to shape public opinion and influence the political discourse. As users, we should strive to ensure that political discussions on /pol/ are thoughtful, respectful, and productive, and that they are given the attention they deserve.

In other, fuck /b/ day is today because people would rather talk about stupid shit rather than important happenings.
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A hint of cabin fever
lack of sex and exposure to the elements
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I am sure it's not lack of sex, he got his uncle for that
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then his uncle should try raping him while on a hike or something; boy needs to touch grass

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I mean it's been fun trolling for 4 years but it's fine to start it, right?
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The boogaloo is now
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>>4037 (OP) 

this is the thing, the system is ok with you as long as you keep shitposting on the internet and do nothing in real life

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Why did the Jews harass this man for more than a decade?

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Does anyone know what's the name of this soundtrack?

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Cast your votes, faggot.


Winner will be announced on /pol/ once all the votes are counted. May the best faggot win the 94chan elections.
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IHM just exposed a pedo monkey torturing schizo in the discord. 
Considering Kirtaner is a pedophile and Obama a nigger I'm gonna go with based femanon IHM

Dial 8 pedotroon
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Kirts literally a niggerlover who uses tiktok
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>delta male Romanian butthole enthusiasts
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IHMbros stay winning

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