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Psalm 94

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which is your favorite
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>>5914 (OP) 
my auntie
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From bel air?
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nono, the one on my father's side

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Let's put it this way if Klaus Schwab's daughter is willing to publicly say that they're going to be climate lockdowns. Then maybe we should have to look at things from a different view. Maybe it's more about us making our area around us that we can control the locality better than trying to wake the entire planet better. We're about to go into a serious trial as humanity. Will you pass the test?
I'd hate to visit the weirdass world line in which any of this makes sense at any level, starting semiotics. Also tests are for squares, baybeee
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So you're retarded
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I'm sure it is

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>yahoo thought this was a good article
>implying you need to tell them to steal
>implying they haven't been doing this already for many years
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>>5855 (OP) 
>>5855 (OP) 

desegregation might have been a mistake
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Niggers were a mistake
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You speaking is unfortunate

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I just came back to London now I wish I stayed in France , everywhere I go I see final fantasy 16 ads , on the busses , at restaurants,around my apartment, it’s everywhere and it’s annoying . Maybe the game is good but u don’t have to but it all over fucking London
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The kingdom hearts ad campaign if the ps2 ear was good, sanctuary and simple and clean with the anime shit and disney characters was top tier.

Zelda is more marketable for the US anyway
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>>5784 (OP) 

Isn't France burning? Or is France just Paris, Marseilles, and various hills and valleys?
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seems it's mainly the southeastern coast and Corsica, unless you mean riots, in which case yeah, france is just paris

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There's no reason for people this old to be in office but nobody's talking about the woman who snuck in and touched him right before he started having a stroke.
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so he got two strokes amirite
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different strokes for different folks
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diff'rent strokes, it takes--
diff'rent strokes, it takes--
diff'rent strokes to move the woooooooooooooorld

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Teach me something and in exchange i'll teach you something

This is important

Initiate me please
Be my ally

Contact me by sending an email(s) to IM A HUGE FAGGOT PLEASE RAPE MY FACE
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Quit spamming your gay shit, mong

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What the fuck does this even mean?

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Jeffrey Epstein's friend Jean-Luc Brunel in prison 'suicide': French modeling agent who Virginia Roberts accused of procuring women for financier is dead after 'hanging'

>Prosecutors in Paris confirmed that Jean-Luc Brunel, 74, was found hanging in his cell in La Santé, in the south of the capital city, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

>'A night patrol found his lifeless body at about 1am,' said an investigating source. 'A judicial enquiry has been launched, and early evidence points to suicide.'

>It was in December 2020 that Brunel was indicted after two days of interviews by an examining magistrate and specialist police from an anti-paedophilia unit.

>He was arrested at the city's Charles de Gaulle airport on while trying to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal, telling detectives 'I'm going on holiday'

>Brunel was suspected of having been part of a global underage sex ring organised by the late American multi-billionaire Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019, while awaiting trial for numerous sex crimes.

>Others involved in the ring include Epstein's ex-girlfriend, the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, who is currently in prison in the USA after being found guilty of sex trafficking.

Source(s): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10530247/Jeffrey-Epsteins-friend-Jean-Luc-Brunel-prison-suicide.html
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>>346 (OP) 
They cleaning up because they are scared. Be nice to know who is ordering the killings?
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>don't forget Mark Middleton who introduced Epstein to Clinton. He suicided himself by a shotgun blast to the chest then hung himself to be sure
If this didn't wake people up nothing will. ofc it was buried by the MSM.
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Sorry about that image size. Can anyone fix that?
>wake up sheeple!!º!!1!!!!
What do you expect people to do after they "wake up"? Have you not noticed that everyone's powerless except those already in power? Do you think this is the matrix or something, Neo?

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Ok, i know most people want Trump as the Republican nominee for many reasons. I personally don't, and it's a rather lengthy explanation as to why, 1 reason being i don't think he'll beat Biden in a general election. 

So my question is, who works you like was a republican nominee if not Trump?

At one point i looked Desantis, but now he's committing insurance fraud and hanging people who lost their homes in the hurricane or to dry and bring an opponent of free speech. Nikki Haley is a moron. Rand Paul likely isn't running and isn't really electable on the national scale.

However, what do people think about Tulsi Gabbard? There's rumblings that she's considering running and there's no way she could win as an independent so she would have to run as a republican. I know she's a high ranking military officer and ex-cia, but she's openly criticized both organizations for being corrupt and she's anti intervention. She has openly criticized worrying a black check to Ukraine and wants to let taxes on the middle class and close some business loopholes so true don't get away with paying 0 in taxes. 

Thoughts? Or other candidate ideas?
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She's fucking right
>>5104 (OP) 
You fucking nigger
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I realize my mistake, Trumptrain 2024 activated
woooo russian thrall 2024 choo choo

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Joe Biden was a man of immense power, admired and respected by many in the country. He was the President of the United States and had a strong political following. But little did anyone know, he had a dark secret that would soon be revealed.

It happened one day when Joe Biden was out in public. A rogue ice cream truck drove by, and from it, a voice bellowed out "Joe Biden must die!" Suddenly, a hail of ice cream scoops was unleashed, and before anyone knew what was happening, Joe Biden had been assassinated.

At first, there was a stunned silence, but then a cheer erupted from the crowd. It seemed that Joe Biden's political enemies had finally gotten their wish. The ice cream truck had been sent by a mysterious organization with the goal of eliminating Joe Biden and his political agenda.

Although Joe Biden's death was a tragedy, it had a silver lining. His death opened the door for a new leader who could bring about positive change. People rejoiced in the streets, and the country was finally free from the oppressive rule of Joe Biden.
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Joe Biden gets murdered by an ice cream truck
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I'm sure it is

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To my fellow Amerifats, happy 1/4 of Jews Lie. may you be blessed with many burgers and hotdogs.
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>>5835 (OP) 

Terry is a fucking g

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