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Psalm 94

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shouldnt teaching kids real world skills take priority over this learn "test forget" crap?

imagin what you could learn if you started apprenticing or interning when you where a teen, instead of wasting time at school
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ment to say "learn test forget"

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Help me subvert the kikes bros
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but you are being the kikes

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what are the political implications of this?
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>>1791 (OP) 

Nope, Chuck Testa

Solve this puzzle to reach a powerful new ally...


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russia? russia.

>>822 (OP) 

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It me, I'm the nigger
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ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
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>trusting cucked german news and brown people
if you're not retarded you can tell when Sloppy Jones is full of it. every news sources has some bullshit for ratings. at least alternative sources aren't reading off the same script.
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> Al-Jazeera
isn't AP the one who everyone cites anyway

You know the Germans aren't allowed to see it right?

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Should we openly support it? Or should we make some kind of petitions/appeals to ban it?

We already knew from the start this LGBT fad only benefits the Pharmajews and the Healthcarejews. Like the whole thing was designed to destroy a healthy society from ever revolting to the tyrants that rule over them. So we- as a collective consciousness- are getting overwhelmed by these pointless self-inflicted wounds, instead of focusing on the betterment of our people! 

However, we need to be objective about this. Does having this subpl*bbit openly accessible online really benefits our cause?

Note that the damage is already done and I think I'm fairly confident that our sphere is practically immunized from any LGBT menace.
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>>1584 (OP) 
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>>1584 (OP) 
I think so, but you should also be opposed tot he LGB part if they decide to just go gay. It can be a double edged sword really.
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I'd prefer my son suck a dick instead of cutting off his own

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here's some ideas i had so far
>big empty locked room with flat surfaces, no trickity tricks
>floor is suspended in mid air by chains connected to the ceiling so nothing at all could be hidden and everything is in plain view
>non electronic
>everyone is naked, fit, and hairless to not conceal more votes
>glass or transparent ballot box or just use a big bowl
>everyone can see each vote being cast without knowing what the vote actually was, this gives plausible deniability to blackmailed people
>each vote has an individual unique identifying set of numbers,  so once every vote is counted in the end everyone can silently verify that their vote is in the ballet box without saying which one was theirs, again plausible deniability 
I still feel like i'm missing something important though
Short answer, there is no way.

There has never been a fair and anonymous election in the history of time. There never will be.

Since your geotag says America, I'll go into the only way for a fair and honest election in America.

Each representative gets 1 vote and only votes from their district can go towards their vote. The votes are made public before the representative casts their vote so the constituency knows if the representative followed their votes, whether the votes were tampered with or not.

This is the only way we'll get close to a fair election in this country. We're too large and bloated to be a constitutional republic. Ideally we'd be a federation of states, but that would likely lead to a lot of war with how the last few years have gone. 

The best solution is a full scale revolution that dissolves this country into at least 5 different countries or districts.

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commies suck
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land of the free
home of the brave
> Want Socialism? Try the US Military
> Some of our top brass denounce socialism, but they run the most socialist organization on earth.

America's love affair with lunacy continues undimmed. Along with flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, and fans of perpetual motion, according to a May 21 Ipsos poll, 53 percent of Republicans now assert that Donald Trump is the current president of the United States.

There is a tendency in the reality-based community to regard these folks as obscure lunatics who yell at their TVs in trailer parks when they're not ruining a relative's Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, this epidemic of delusional belief embraces a more exalted layer of the social spectrum, a group on which the maintenance of our democracy—deeply flawed as it is—may hinge.

This May, 124 retired generals and admirals published an open letter claiming that President Joe Biden stole the election. Traditionally, this letter would have been unthinkable, but a sizable contingent of former flag officers—people whose decisions once held lives in the balance—has gone full QAnon, writing: "Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration our Country has taken a hard left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic."

(A small but telling note: the letter employs the phrase "Democrat Congress," a grammatical barbarism that has done duty as a rhetorical device for Republican operatives for at least 40 years, demonstrating that the signatories are rabid political partisans rather than constitutional scholars).

The screed goes on, asserting that "we are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776," a claim that makes us wonder how the signers ever graduated from their service academies, since a little incident called the American Civil War is an important part of the academies' military history curricula.

They also question "the mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief." Given the endorsement of the letter by a raving lunatic like Lieutenant General William Boykin and convicted Iran-Contra criminal Vice Admiral John Poindexter, one just might infer a degree of psychological projection on the part of the signers.
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When you turn your country into nigger shithole because you're too lazy to pick cotton or too weak to enslave whites
>>73 (OP) 
Americans supported communism the whole way.

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