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Post videos, articles, social media posts, and infographics about the vax and the people who are pushing it.
drove past the gas station today, it said $1.92/L. thats almost $8/gal.

this is the cheapest place for gas in the country.

north America is a powder keg.
ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
Important and uncensored information on the black problem.

How do we end their reign of terror?

Comprehensive PDF available here containing all the information in this thread and much more: (67 pages, 50 MB)
Russian spies have essentially successfully infiltrated the CIA.Russian cold war used a tactic called subversion. 

Essentially, you keep pushing an ideology hard enough, for long enough, people begin to parrot the same thing. Group consensus leads the the herd in the direction the leaders direct it,

We have chosen teams instead of choosing ideas, and it has turned people against each other.

Russia won the cold war. We need our country back
A “transgirl from Brazil” is selling hormone drugs online occasionally delivered in packaging that says “keep out of reach of parents.”
“I had lots of problems with my therapy and saw that lots of other transgirls had the same problems with accessing high quality HRT [hormone replacement therapy], specifically because of the high price in most countries,” Oktokonoko Pharmaceuticals CEO Lilian wrote. “So, I decided to make accessible hormones to help those that fight against dysphoria in their everyday lives.”
Photos posted on Twitter reportedly show the hormone drug packaged in a box that says in bold lettering: “keep out of reach of parents” and “don’t look at my giant girld**k.”
> Idolizes Stalin
>Watches Euphoria
>Uses a back-door variable multiplier to fake view counts
>Lied about the $500k seizure to continue grifting and bought a $70k car
>Threatened to report members to the feds
>Barely prays or attends church and refused to join prayer group
>Made jokes about Simon's family member suicides
>Has interns specifically tasked with doxing and gangstalking
>Never had sex
>His 'Groyper Intelligence Agency' tracks future employment of ex-groypers
>Used a blacklight to examine Jaden's couch and bed for cum stains
>Attempted to expose Jaden for kissing a girl
>Threatened to financially ruin Simon with legal fees
>Lies to donors and potential AFPAC speakers

To be continued, this is just the more recent happenings, feel free to add

You faggots will worship anything/anyone as long as they say they hate liberals, huh?
do the monsters think when people cant afford to drive, buy food, housing, and cant pay for utilities, that the populace isnt going to loose their marbles and minecraft everyone? 

french revolution 2.0?

conversely, do the elites hope this happen so that they can shoot protesters, enact martial law, and roll out UBI and Social Credit systems?
Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine because I can't read site rules:

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, I got banned for it. Write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents because why wouldn't you feed the jews shekels?
There is additional features planned for this search engine, though I don't intend on telling you because I want your money AND time to be wasted.

You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet. By weird internet, I mean dicks in my ass. A copious amount.
What shud i blow up fam?
in general, are we losing?
This thread is dedicated to saying the word nigger, and nigger posting.
All positive and negative things related to niggers are welcome.
Why do trannies support mass immigration?
I’d be remiss had I not admit that I’ve been reluctant over posting this, but the more I’ve delved into the matter, the more I found it shaping the very worldview around me, and it’s only proven more and more viable over time,. To my mind it encompasses the entire underground subversive movement, and it seemingly centers around one man,..I’ll probably leave alot of space between the lines, but the only way I could possibly begin to explain this is in chronological green text, so here goes nothing:
>The Beatles were never organic
>The Beatles were a complete and total psyop.
>The Beatles were a direct product of the Tavistock Institute.
>None of their music was written or recorded by them aside from vocal contributions.
>It was admitted that John and Paul entered into a blood pact in the early 60’s just prior to their rise. 
>The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are shilled as a duality,..the former catering to the more wholesome, family oriented demographic to lure them in.
>the latter adhering to the more wayward, rebellious population.
>handlers release The Beatles first pre-written arrangements
>shilled all over corporate media
>music scene blows up in England
>album sales skyrocket, charts are topped.
>literally saving the entire tanking jewish money lender British economy at the time.
>word spreads
>fast forward, The Beatles arrive at JFK airport
>handlers have buses of school girls from Queens, NY brought in to simulate great anticipation.
>radio stations all talking about it
>The Beatles play Ed Sullivan show
>literal drop in overall crime reported in jew york as reported by JYPD during the timeframe of said performance.
>fast forward, at the pinnacle of Beatlemania, John Lennon makes the infamous “We mean more to kids than jesus did”.
>mass Beatle burnings across amerimuttica
>literally buying out record stores stock of Beatles albums and merch just to burn it.
>death threats, many assassination attempts going unreported.
>strain weighs in on the band
>tensions rise
>Paul grows tiresome, starts seeking other outlets
>handlers take notice
>Paul is contacted by a close beatnik film making friend asking him to compose score for a documentary
>documentary is about possible conspiracy over JFK losing his face in Dallas
>Paul agree’s
>handlers decide Paul is becoming too independently minded
>be late summer 1966
>Beatles play their final live performance in August
>Beatles cease announcing tour dates
>Paul drives home late from a studio session 
>Paul is pursued
>Paul is run off the road
>Paul is ritualistically sacrificed on 11, September 1966
>enter 2nd phase
>Paul is replaced with a Tavistock operative allegedly named William Shepherd
>literal mockery of Christianity in that Paul died, and was thus resurrected vicariously through WIlliam
>William is an actual musician and composes their landmark Sgt. Pepper album 
>album cover littered with occult iconography
>album cover has aleister crowley on top left corner
>advent of psychedelic era
>fake Paul appears on numerous shows for interviews promoting usage of lsd
>fake Paul attends Monterey Pop festival to assist in dealing out massive amounts of lsd
>have CIA glownigger Timothy Leary to shill as some new age guru claiming lsd unlocks 3rd eye
>dipshit hippies follow suit
>create entire generation of acidheads, free love, and general debauchery
>create entire generation of rebellious youth beginning to abscond from traditional values
>create entire generation of spineless, docile and chemically induced passivity, around same time as the civil rights movement and non-segregation.
>fast forward to today’s modern day Weimar.
Again,. I’ve paraphrased for the most part, a lot of backstory is required in between. Here are a couple of additional links that could help tie the loose ends I’ve left out here:
>The Winged Beatle documentary
>Beatles Occultology
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:

This goes deeper than you could possibly imagine. I dare say that even what was listed in greentext could merely be the superfluous aspects of their nefarious schemes. Regardless, the use of body doubles has been a common practice among them for a very long time. If you’d like another insight into the world of body doubles, look up the movie “The devil’s double”. It tells the story of the person who was ordered to act as the body double of Saddam Hussein’s son Uday Hussein. If you niggers think hunter biden is bad, never heard of Uday Hussein.
Should we openly support it? Or should we make some kind of petitions/appeals to ban it?

We already knew from the start this LGBT fad only benefits the Pharmajews and the Healthcarejews. Like the whole thing was designed to destroy a healthy society from ever revolting to the tyrants that rule over them. So we- as a collective consciousness- are getting overwhelmed by these pointless self-inflicted wounds, instead of focusing on the betterment of our people! 

However, we need to be objective about this. Does having this subpl*bbit openly accessible online really benefits our cause?

Note that the damage is already done and I think I'm fairly confident that our sphere is practically immunized from any LGBT menace.
>stream links
>His "manifesto"
this thread is for documentation purposes ONLY and I am not ingratiating this abhorrent behavior.
QANON Counter Intel Drop#3 Mines Bigger Than Yours

this link sucked and was gay, america's greatest idiot is better
I 100% disagree and you can not change my mind. I disagree. I don't get how you can agree, but I do not in fact agree at all.
Roe V Wade overturned.
End No-Knock Raids
,..kinda makes you wonder.
some americans have heard about what is basicaly a handgun ban in canada...

imo i think this was pre-planed and they only introduced it now when they can ride the waves of mindless emotion from the NPCs  

honestly, i think the 2022 freedom convoys scared the everloving shit out of the glowniggers and NWO/WEF babyfucker vampires in ottowa.

litterlay, a handfull of people grew a pair and stood up, and hundreds of thousands of people followed suit. 

imo the WEF/NWO cocksuckers have instructed the fags in ottowa to start taking the guns away in an effort to take the teeth out of any future protests.
Where do people cough this up from? 

Legit or some sort of psyop?

Found on a local telegram group
Pool needs to start enforcing castle law idk im not an american, im a leaf fag
Share information in minecraft.
ITT I will show how the kikes symbolism is out in the forefront and most are too fuckin oblivious to even realize.
>be fag flag
>be only 6 color bars
>apprently implied to represent rainbow or color spectrum
>only contains: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet
>be actual color spectrum
>consist of 7 colors
>actually contains: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, INDIGO, and violet
>why did the kikes omit Indigo?

Indigo so happens to be the intuitive color on the spectrum, it inspires inflection and self analysis. It also is in close keeping with traditional values, it also increases your awareness to your surroundings and heightens one's sense of insight. Something the kikes who pull the strings wouldnt want of a population they seek to leech off of. 
Keeping this one short, you could read more below:
The 2020 us election was fraudulent change my mind.
QANON Cocksucker glownigger federal informant link
>Siege of Leningrad was from 1941-1944

Fucking amazing, they're not even trying to hide the bullshit anymore
Hey faggots,

My name is Kyle, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, commies who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on Facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I killed a wife beater and a pedophile, and shot a burglar's bicep off. What activism do you do, other than "jack off to naked trannies?" I also get straight A's at ASU, and have a banging hot girlfriend  of the guy I shot in the chest (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic related: It's me and my bitch.
Aren't we due for the next varient or does that sit on the back burner until after the midterm elections?
Memory Hole Thread

ITT: we discuss, collect, and share past events that the public has completely forgotten about, and events the mainstream media hopes we forgot about. Infographs, conspiracy theories, rabbit holes, red pills—any and all information is welcome here. 
I’ll start: 

Paul Ciancia, LAX 2013 shooting (pic related) and the article that predicted it:
23-year Raymond Spencer dead by suicide.
1 woman, 2 men, & 16-year old girl shot. latter 3 hospitalized, in stable condition.

Spencer posted video of the shooting to /pol/ 3 minutes after it occurred, as police were responding:
mirror: [Streamable] hd45g3 (embed)

the video was filmed on the fifth floor of the ANA Van Ness apartment complex @ approx. 38.94275, -77.06175,-77.0617711&cbp=11,196,0,0,0

he personally edited Wikipedia to reflect the news on the school he was shooting, with the note "Hope they catch him soon!" his user page is pictured

pictures of Spencer's apartment, where his body was found, with a poster of Yakub
no Russia WW3 general?
Russia WW3 general.
The globohomo kike cabal is planning a coup through the World Health Organization where in they'd be able to overrid the constitutional rights of americans in the name of so called public health emergencies. More info here:
4chan mod trannoids
Now, how does a fourteen year old child afford
VR capable PC
HE DIDNT! The 4chan /vg/ coomers did it!
Take note here
as well, Krial is a proud ex-jannie
The proof is here in the discord /vrg/ discord mod leaks
Is throwaway culture a byproduct of the metaphorical "good times create weak men" and "weak men create bad times" ?

is right-to-repair a byproduct of "bad times create strong men? "
Screw both Ukraine and russia.

russia is about as stupid as they get, did they honestly think they would have a good outcome invading another country

Ukraine is a puppet state for the pedophile vampire globalists

honestly should send all the NPCs driving with masks on alone in their cars with the stupid "support Ukraine" flags to their precious ukraine and turn both god-awful countries into a parking lot

i have spoken
I've been lurking around the alt chans, looking for a decent refuge.
This /pol/ is slow but breddy gud.
But dudes, and dudetes, you need to reply more, to get the convo going.
It doesnt matter if there's only two ID's talking.
You got to start somewhere.
The main problem the posters on this board has is fear of talking in an echo chamber, and replying without being a smart-ass or smart enough.

I'm rooting for you guys, because from what I've seen, you guys are at the top of the heap, as far as I can see, by my standards.
So can we please make this happening?
It just can’t happen anymore. They’re so psy-op’d by whatever the boogeyman of the week is on reddit/twitter/the guardian that they can’t comprehend anything that requires some basic thinking and isn’t already a media-approved concept. Last night I showed some friends how DARPA LifeLog’s cancellation date is the same date as Facebook’s founded date. Anyone with a fucking BRAIN can understand the basic, raw implications of that. Instead someone in the conversation noticed on wikipedia that LifeLog was cancelled because libertarian groups complained about it. I’m not a libertarian but I think that they are one of those boogeyman groups leftists get practically mkultra triggered by the mention of. The conversation immediately became (verbatim quotes):

>”libertarians don't mind about civil liberties stuff if its done by a private company. they only care if its done by the government. so well done to zuck for realising that”
>”another in a long line of delusions that plagues the libertarian”
>”i wonder how a platform like that but run by a government would be. maybe it would be something like nextdoor”
>”maybe it would be something like nextdoor”
>”maybe it would be something like nextdoor”

How many worms do you have to have slithering around in your brain to miss such an obvious point handed to you on a silver platter like this. This is what makes any sort of political discussion with leftists so difficult and why leftists discussing amongst themselves always devolve into agreement circles and vilification of disagreers. It’s just buzz words and bad guys to them, there’s mental gymnastics in place of critical thinking. Where only a few years ago I feel, even despite the increasing pressure to conform, you might still have found some wiggle room for individual thought in them, the whole floyd + covid combo has completely erased that and replaced it with caulking. Normal European guys who I knew in their early 20s to complain reasonably about mass immigration are now entering their 30s sharing 2014 tumblr-tier tweets from fucking disgusting looking jewish whores on twitter with pronouns in their bio and shit like that and can no longer engage in basic man to man human conversation without defaulting into a wokespeak script loop at every opportunity
>It starts with

One sneed
To seed and feed
It doesn't even matter how hard you seethe
Keep that in mind, I designed this shitpost to make trannies cry

>Watch them cope

Sneed is a powerful thing
Watch it get posted as the trannies all swing
From the ceiling, a hilarious thing
Trannies, jannies and niggers are all the same thing

Blown the fuck out below
Glowniggers go right out the window
Try to act smug but they didn't even know
Working for Jews just to TRY TO COOOPE

And even though they tried
One hundred gifs inside
Their chud folder
What I meant to sneed will eventually feed a memory of a time when


((( and that's a GOOD thing )))
This will lead to WW3?!
People fighting, dying and fleeing from their foreign volunteer duty in Ukraine.
Contributions welcome, please google translate if not in English and archive.


>Swede - Jesper Söder
March 13

>Norwegian - Fredrik
March 15
>Norwegians - Fredrik, Kevin + Damien comments
March 29

>American - Hieu Le
March 22


>American - Henry Hoeft
March 16
+ Henrys GF
>American - Henry Hoeft - Excuses previous vid
March 18

>Finland, France - Pseudonyms
March 14

>American - James Vasquez
March 24

>British - Martin Dunwoody
March 22

>Canadian, American, Swede - Several, first name and pseudonyms
March 14

>Americans training volunteers
March 16

*Recruitment central on Reddit*
it is of my belief that America will fall, the only question is will something rise from the ashes or be taken over by Russia or China.

First and foremost fuck communism. Shit is just an excuse to ignore human rights.

what would be a better alternative to the current system America has? The mass corruption has come to be because of the inherent flaws in the system and the lack of integrity of those who hold political office.
When you see those nofap threads, always assume filthy muslim monkeys are behind every one of them. It's pretty self-explanatory why they push it, but in the end it's all about spreading sharia law to everywhere. The day we implement sharia law is the day we lost to those disgusting arab monkeys.

You should treat porn as entertainment, there's nothing "unhealthy" about it unlike what these monkeys have claimed. Porn is the main driver of technological advancement, it is an essential element of our society. It's also interesting they never mention small startup porn producers, and how they'll get hit with their backward propaganda. No, these sneaky fuckers paint porn producers as all big powerful cartels, in order to make it easy for us empathetic westerners to dehumanize anyone in the porn industry. 

As we approach November, you can expect more nofap shilling everywhere. All you have to do when you encounter these muslim incels is call them out for what they really are: filthy muslim monkeys. They'll get mad when you exposed them, but because they can fight you directly and these illiterate monkeys are not built for debate they'd just disappear. 

In closing, I'd like to remind you without porn, we as a society will quickly disintegrate, and we'll be ripe for muslim monkeys takeover. Don't let them demoralized us, don't let them divide us, and don't let these muslim inbred goatfucker destroy us, stay strong together bros
commies suck
Gun control hypocrites
Putin isn't the one telling me my adolescent son could be placed on hormone blockers against my will as a parent.

Putin isn't the one telling me my daughter must accept mentally deranged trannies in her bathrooms and gyms.

Putin isn't the one requiring affirmative action for boards of Nasdaq listed companies.

Putin isn't the one telling me I owe black people reparations based on skin color.

Putin isn't the one installing lawless district attorneys in major cities across America.

Putin isn't the one who locked up Americans without bail for peacefully protesting an election widely suspected to be rigged.

Putin isn't the one plotting to destroy my constitution by packing the supreme court.

Putin isn't the one teaching my children to hate themselves and their heritage.

Putin isn't the one branding masculinity as inherently toxic.

Putin isn't the one rewriting my national history and identity by teaching that America was founded on racism.

Putin isn't the one clamoring for unfettered access to pornography.

Putin isn't the one promoting sophist philosophy at every level of society while systematically denying the existence of objective truth.

Neither Putin nor the Russian people are my enemies. They are, at the very least, enemies of my enemy.
Kids movies are pozzed. 
What can we do about it?
Bunch of retards

Putin is in on the game to enslave us with digital currency and this is how

There was an a gun control law in the 1.5 trillion spending bill that Marjorie Greene talked about:

Nothing but glowies saying
"their plan is failing guys", "they are scared" are nothing but FBI shills.
It is all going to plan.
Canandian reporter cries after being heckled by pro-convoy crowd

Leafbros, check in and post your findings.
i know i came late but caming late better then never came so i wanna know why every on vax i really wanna know
I'm somewhat surprised I don't see this guy put on the same level as Chris Dorner

>Murked pigs at their base
>Evaded them for a month
>Trolled them by playing cat and mouse

Say what you want about Eric Frein but thats pretty next level
James Oglethorpe: Founder of Georgia

>Set up colonies for those in debt to work to get out of financial slavery

>Banned slavery and called it a sin

>Made peace with the natives and established trade with them

>Devoted follower of God

>Mogged the Spanish
Jeffrey Epstein's friend Jean-Luc Brunel in prison 'suicide': French modeling agent who Virginia Roberts accused of procuring women for financier is dead after 'hanging'

>Prosecutors in Paris confirmed that Jean-Luc Brunel, 74, was found hanging in his cell in La Santé, in the south of the capital city, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

>'A night patrol found his lifeless body at about 1am,' said an investigating source. 'A judicial enquiry has been launched, and early evidence points to suicide.'

>It was in December 2020 that Brunel was indicted after two days of interviews by an examining magistrate and specialist police from an anti-paedophilia unit.

>He was arrested at the city's Charles de Gaulle airport on while trying to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal, telling detectives 'I'm going on holiday'

>Brunel was suspected of having been part of a global underage sex ring organised by the late American multi-billionaire Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019, while awaiting trial for numerous sex crimes.

>Others involved in the ring include Epstein's ex-girlfriend, the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, who is currently in prison in the USA after being found guilty of sex trafficking.


I'm putting together a team.

Help me take down the world government by contributing to my hipster tech start-up.

In this thread, I'll earn the support of every non-bot and shill through the employment of facts and logic.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take down the zog. Throw your weight behind this project and we can begin winning for once. At the very least, we'll succeed in creating a platform for communication that isn't total garbage.
Are you the political ideal you identify with or the one people call you?

I think I'm the latter, but that's up to you.
NOW THEN, NOW THEN, 'OW'S ABOUT THAT, THEN!? 'Ello mah fellow conservative kiddy fiddlers, it's yer ol' pal Uncle Jimmy! What were you MAGA nignogs hoping to achieve this time last year for the Orange Nonce, eh? All you'd have done was killed a couple of yer own politicians, forced the senators into the bunker where they'd do the ceremony there, an' then get SWATted later.

You daft 'ap'orths got too greedy and started simpin' for a peedyfile who thought he were clever to bang on about it on live telly, an' spread a lie about a massive pedo ring that just so 'appens to contain ONLY opposin' politicians without thinkin' 'e were obvious. You losers nearly died fer a rank amateur wot got too ambitious fer his own good an' he'll die hated an' bankrupt! They saw right through 'im!

Y' shoulda worshipped me! I got away with it until a year after I died, an' a decade later I'm still rollin' in it and my fans are STILL so deluded they put flowers at me unmarked grave!

I am 201 & 616

serpent signs
no deal brexit
aliens beneath us
great programmer

absolute miracle through blasphemy

Listen to Mathew, 28:6 is in Dallas

- Q
Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty with prejudice across the board. Great justice was served today.
idk but she's definitely going to be the worst prez in US history when senile Joe becomes too senile to be the front puppet
World shall be a beautiful gondola.
Nothing personnel, girl.
>White Juche is White Man's last hope. If Western Europe and White America don't become socialist and WHITE Juche they will be mongrelized and literally "boned" out of history forever. This doesn't seem so bad to multiculturalists, feminists, anti-White so-called "anti-facists", wannabe Socialists, Wannabe Marxists, Islamists, Talmudists, gobal criminal trash and average Capitalists who tink Capitalism will save their family tree - it WON'T. Capitalism and Globalism were actually DESIGNED to destroy the Nordic White Race whose TRUE Origin is Sumer / Mesopotamia / Iraq and Hyperborea. Every second Germanic or Celtic, ancient-hellenistic White Western Person can be traced back to Tutanchamun who was a son of half-anunnaki Echnaton, who was related to Enki and Osiris etc. THE ARE FACTS PEOPLE. DO A RESEARCH. This is no made-up panic and BS. This is REAL. Like I said, if we don't learn from the great Korean People; who came from a DIFFERENT alien blood-line but are still children of the gods for REAL, m0therfvkkers... if we don't learn from them NOW how to become actually SOCIALIST and PRESERVE our holy genes and blood.... then we truely deserve to be mongrelized and genetically manipulated out of history by the Alpha Draconians and their talmudist genetic hybrid equals from a yet unknown Empire, which was erased from history just like White history. Sumerian Civilization was created by the Anunnaki and it wasn't capitalist like the Repto's Gang it was actually SOCIALIST as you can read in The 12th Planet. THINK ABOUT IT. Don't fall for stupid right-wing NWO made Neo-Nazism and Neo Fascism. It's almost over, guys. It is WHITE JUCHE or literal genetic DEath, comrades. Like it or not. It is a fact. We need 88 inner gods to become the NEW MAN and witness our own SELF-SALVATION. PS: Kim Il Sung is one og the greatest minds in human history.
Is the goat a Jew or what?

We are a network dedicated to hard work and striving for a future of the White Race.

Our goal is to create a network for those who are skilled in crafts such as Photoshop, programming, art, research, etc.
Projects will be worked on together. For example, a video will be made about racial disparities. If someone in the group already has a high knowledge on research studies they can attribute it, someone who is good with Photoshop can create the thumbnail, etc.
If you like to write articles about e.g. politics, health, history, DIY, or want to try it out, we have a Gab account where we will post them.

Our Social Media

Gab >

Library >

This is one of our projects. It is over 2k books aimed at the white nationalist reader, with a spreadsheet for easy navigation

Join us here>
get off my fucking soul you fucking energy leeching cunts
Hows that economy feel, boys?
Kyle Rittenhouse should do himself a favor and elect to have a bench trial.  It's very unlikely there are gonna be jurors who will seriously look through the bullshit people throw around about him.
What form will the parallel society take? Now that thousands of people (soon to be tens of thousands) are legit getting fired over the jew jab.
Site is shit theres like 5 people and zero content
Kill yourselves faggots
This is the real Mark Whalberg
>current year

You get what you fucking deserve.

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