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Psalm 94

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so basically the Catholic church is a joke....why should i trust anything they have to say or anything they claim? 

if they can just decide to change their minds on whatever they want to, why should i care about whst they say on anything else? 

they have an anti-drug stance, they claim its sinfull to take drugs recreationally. i guess they can just change their minds on that tomorrow, even tho they claimed yesterday they had the word of god to back up their decision. 

i guess if they can, why cant i decide what i want to do?
i mean i can, but they claim i have to follow their teachings if i want to be catholic...

the Vatican actively removes bishops who oppose the heresy, and replaces them with bishops who will are loyal to the bullshit. parish priests dont agree with this and are standing up against this, but these new bishops will start removing them soon enough. 

why should i go to church and donate money and volunteer at a parish that increasingly pushes things that are evil?
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no way shut the fuck up, next thing you'll tell me you don't trust the government
you can be catholic without the church
>>6623 (OP) 

The catholic church isn't the be and end all, Jesus is. Follow his teachings
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