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two swedes saying the N-word at each other

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Psalm 94

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World shall be a beautiful gondola.
I don't want to become pants

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Nothing personnel, girl.
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>>132 (OP) 
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>White Juche is White Man's last hope. If Western Europe and White America don't become socialist and WHITE Juche they will be mongrelized and literally "boned" out of history forever. This doesn't seem so bad to multiculturalists, feminists, anti-White so-called "anti-facists", wannabe Socialists, Wannabe Marxists, Islamists, Talmudists, gobal criminal trash and average Capitalists who tink Capitalism will save their family tree - it WON'T. Capitalism and Globalism were actually DESIGNED to destroy the Nordic White Race whose TRUE Origin is Sumer / Mesopotamia / Iraq and Hyperborea. Every second Germanic or Celtic, ancient-hellenistic White Western Person can be traced back to Tutanchamun who was a son of half-anunnaki Echnaton, who was related to Enki and Osiris etc. THE ARE FACTS PEOPLE. DO A RESEARCH. This is no made-up panic and BS. This is REAL. Like I said, if we don't learn from the great Korean People; who came from a DIFFERENT alien blood-line but are still children of the gods for REAL, m0therfvkkers... if we don't learn from them NOW how to become actually SOCIALIST and PRESERVE our holy genes and blood.... then we truely deserve to be mongrelized and genetically manipulated out of history by the Alpha Draconians and their talmudist genetic hybrid equals from a yet unknown Empire, which was erased from history just like White history. Sumerian Civilization was created by the Anunnaki and it wasn't capitalist like the Repto's Gang it was 
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Is the goat a Jew or what?
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>>110 (OP) 
Or is the Jew a goat?
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are all goat?

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We are a network dedicated to hard work and striving for a future of the White Race.

Our goal is to create a network for those who are skilled in crafts such as Photoshop, programming, art, research, etc.
Projects will be worked on together. For example, a video will be made about racial disparities. If someone in the group already has a high knowledge on research studies they can attribute it, someone who is good with Photoshop can create the thumbnail, etc.
If you like to write articles about e.g. politics, health, history, DIY, or want to try it out, we have a Gab account where we will post them.

Our Social Media

Gab > ebaumsworld.com

Library > https://xhamster.com/gay

This is one of our projects. It is over 2k books aimed at the white nationalist reader, with a spreadsheet for easy navigation
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I want you to stop advertising shit on my boards, thanks.
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>Join us here>

get deep stated scrub
lmao did you change the gab and library links? Based IHM.
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sir that was clearly HIDDEN USER

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get off my fucking soul you fucking energy leeching cunts
saw this the other day driving around, fucking warmed my fucking heart
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fucking based Sam Adams
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Ann Frank might be a pile of Jew ashes but she fucking knew wtf was going on
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They are never fucking going to take us

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Hows that economy feel, boys?
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>>51 (OP) 
i wonder how much shredded $100 cost
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i wonder what it smells like
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Aids and unwashed butthole. Quite nasty.

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Kyle Rittenhouse should do himself a favor and elect to have a bench trial.  It's very unlikely there are gonna be jurors who will seriously look through the bullshit people throw around about him.
The fact he was even arrested boggles my mind. Kid is a hero.

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What form will the parallel society take? Now that thousands of people (soon to be tens of thousands) are legit getting fired over the jew jab.
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You are doing the lord's work
Based, also nice dubs! Fucking masterpost.
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Absolutely fucking heroic post

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Site is shit theres like 5 people and zero content
Kill yourselves faggots
This is the real Mark Whalberg
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Read the latest news post. After being dead for a decade, I'd say we're doing pretty damn good.

post pictures of your vagina so we can post peer reviewed studies of it.
I wonder how many cars fit in there, among other things
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Where do you think we keep our BMW

(I misread this post but I'm leaving it cause it's funny)
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