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Psalm 94

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I don't watch the super bowl, but I'm surrounded by boomers who do. This year I found myself revisiting an essay Richard Spencer wrote a while ago, and it's honestly on point. Thoughts?

>The System doesn’t want us to do; it wants us to watch. It doesn’t want us to create but consume; to watch porn, not make love or produce familes. All experience is to be moderated; all value, monetized and commodified; and all community, reduced to brands. Fandom itself is an expression of the loss at the heart of the modern world. Men want to fight and win, be part of a gang, sacrifice for glory, and be rewarded with fame and women. (Even nerds want this, as they gravitate to videogames of war, conquest, chivalry, and violence.) “Fandom” is the collective identity the system is willing to offer us.
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t. butthurt eurofag

Streaming services. I try keep up to date on things
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>>4882 (OP) 
He is not wrong
Hes correct on that one.But i lost respect for him long ago after he sold out and deradicalized and how hes lost pretty much all standing he had before.

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We had a good run for a bit, but the time has come to split into multiple countries, become a federation of states, or kill each other off.

The vast majority of the country plays into the evil subversion tactical puppetry going on in Washington and literally treat politics and our livelihoods like a team sport. What in the absolute fuck makes anyone think that there should be winners and losers when we're all in the same fucking country. A rising tide should raise all ships, not fuck you, I get what I want and fuck everyone else. 

Before someone makes some comment about me sounding like a socialist or something retarded like that, fuck democratic socialism, it doesn't work in a country of our size and never will. Cronyism of all kinds is the cancer killing America. Quid pro quo, pork barrel legislating, sending money to foreign nations while we have people here starving to death, etc.

I'm not even necessarily calling for  a violent revolution unless the federal government stands in the way of we the people exercising our constitutional right to abolish the federal government. It is time.

Lefties can congregate in their states and have their liberal utoptias, righties can have their 2nd amendment approved tactical nukes in their states, and we can stop pretending a nation of this size is governable by anything other than a tyrant or monarch.

If you disagree, you're fucking retarded.
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i didn't say the contrary nigger
that's what governments are designed to do
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What is the political implications for us pushing the use of Datura to junkies in order to scare them away from drug use, thus becoming more productive people. 

Should we conduct a mass psychological operation on drug forums?
What do you think anons
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I love /pol/ very much you autistic nigger
Pussy. So ashamed of the faggot country you come from that you can't even show it. That's worse than French boys.
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>>4908 (OP) 
Quit promoting your faggot videos, if you can't say it was the jews then I do not want to hear it.
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he directly stated it was the WEF/NWO so he basically said ti was JEWS
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We have ID's on this board. Retard.

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Can we talk about it?
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so hyperborea bread?
anyone read The Coming Race? i'm interested.
Its more believable than the official Holocaust narrative for sure.

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We've found something we all can agree on that this degeneracy shall not stand.
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What the fuck has that got to do with weed being legalised?
Are you an idiot or are you an idiot?
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>help I've got the reefer tremors
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>/pol/'s exclusive source of education on drugs
Drug free my fucking anus. Every political party has ties to drug use or trafficking in some way or another. Fucking Raegan was a hypocrite. He hustled out crack to support war in 'Nam.

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How does /pol/ feel about the federal legalization of marijuana in the US? I'm of the opinion a lot of the worlds problems could be solved if we do it on a global scale, but I fear it would be awfully difficult to implement.
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>>4856 (OP) 
((( Weed )))
>someone replied to a reply to their post
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Hey now, no replying to people on /pol/!
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It may be difficult to implement, but there are plenty of investors and champions who will rise up to the challenge. Difficulty is not a bad thing, the challenges we face with the legalization (such as DUIs, date rape cases etc) are addressed by our people, naturally, and the adjacent effect is that it stimulates the economy.

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I posted this today


and got banned so a mod or someone could post and control the exact same thread


4chan has been contaminated beyond belief.

Usually I wouldn't care, but that thread made some important predictions and it's just super sketch that they would ban me and remake my post. Anyone else experience that?
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So what's the deal with this site? Found it searching for some Hunter 
Biden details.
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We're gonna eat you alive, boy
Old internet. I'm trying to correct the timeline.
I originally ran 94chan from 2008-2012 as an 18 year old girl. Other than that, every other altchan sucks cocks for allowing degeneracy.
Last edited by ihm
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You're like kang the conqueror but not evil

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Which rebbes do yov recommend reading?

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>Introduced the income tax
>First president to segregate the federal government
>Got the US into WWI
>Sedition Act of 1918
Why does anyone like this worthless excuse of a president?
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>>4743 (OP) 
Well, I didn't care or think about him at all before reading this thread, but now I like him because he makes people seethe from beyond the pale

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