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What, behind the windmill?

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Russian spies have essentially successfully infiltrated the CIA.Russian cold war used a tactic called subversion. 

Essentially, you keep pushing an ideology hard enough, for long enough, people begin to parrot the same thing. Group consensus leads the the herd in the direction the leaders direct it,

We have chosen teams instead of choosing ideas, and it has turned people against each other.

Russia won the cold war. We need our country back

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do the monsters think when people cant afford to drive, buy food, housing, and cant pay for utilities, that the populace isnt going to loose their marbles and minecraft everyone? 

french revolution 2.0?

conversely, do the elites hope this happen so that they can shoot protesters, enact martial law, and roll out UBI and Social Credit systems?
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>>1592 (OP) 
what? im really high rn
Why give UBI to people after you shoot them?
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>Give UBI to people
>They collect money
>Kill them
>Collect their money
>>1592 (OP) 
No because rich people wont be effected.
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Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine because I can't read site rules:

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, I got banned for it. Write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents because why wouldn't you feed the jews shekels?
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You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet. By weird internet, I mean dicks in my ass. A copious amount.
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What shud i blow up fam?
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you glow like moten iron poured on the masked courpse of a monkeypox victim
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OP here was just trying to fake a bomb threat to get out of work
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in general, are we losing?
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>>1652 (OP) 
You mean canada? yeah you're doing pretty shit lmao
94chan will rise to greatness. someday.
>>1652 (OP) 

a fucking leaf lmao

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Why do trannies support mass immigration?
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They love brown cocks in their butts.
Self destructive tendencies.
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Self destructive tendies
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I’d be remiss had I not admit that I’ve been reluctant over posting this, but the more I’ve delved into the matter, the more I found it shaping the very worldview around me, and it’s only proven more and more viable over time,. To my mind it encompasses the entire underground subversive movement, and it seemingly centers around one man,..I’ll probably leave alot of space between the lines, but the only way I could possibly begin to explain this is in chronological green text, so here goes nothing:
>The Beatles were never organic
>The Beatles were a complete and total psyop.
>The Beatles were a direct product of the Tavistock Institute.
>None of their music was written or recorded by them aside from vocal contributions.
>It was admitted that John and Paul entered into a blood pact in the early 60’s just prior to their rise. 
>The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are shilled as a duality,..the former catering to the more wholesome, family oriented demographic to lure them in.
>the latter adhering to the more wayward, rebellious population.
>handlers release The Beatles first pre-written arrangements
>shilled all over corporate media
>music scene blows up in England
>album sales skyrocket, charts are topped.
>literally saving the entire tanking jewish money lender British economy at the time.
>word spreads
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page 31 et al
john lennon was a jew - lennon, lenin - geddit? nasal voice sleepy look nose made jokes about jew manager epstein (!), ringo a jew of course, so 3/5 jews who knew?
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he married a chink, so probably true
also "imagine" which is a jew's wet dream

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>>1575 (OP) 
>>1575 (OP) 
funny how they tried to sticky and force it and nobody cared, it was memoryholed day after.

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>stream links
>His "manifesto"
this thread is for documentation purposes ONLY and I am not ingratiating this abhorrent behavior.
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you're both noisy faggots
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stfu nigger
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no u
>>1318 (OP) 
The good pol

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Gtfo back to your shithole

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QANON Counter Intel Drop#3 Mines Bigger Than Yours

this link sucked and was gay, america's greatest idiot is better
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OP, you're a faggot
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QANON Counter Intel Drop#4 Fake Pizza

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